In the Clouds

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

I never thought I would have a success story to write because my whole life and marriage have been more or less a fairy tale.
We met when I was fourteen and he was fifteen—went together from then on and fell in love. In 15 years of marriage we had only one vacation and that was only a couple of hundred miles away. But I didn’t mind because I was raised to work hard.

We had a very secure marriage and were very much in love, but not as romantic as I would have had it. But I kept at it, sometimes feeling like I was working at it more than he, admitting to a self-righteous attitude now and then. But then I discovered and read Fascinating Womanhood.

We have had religious differences, but I took your advice and quietly tried to live and let him live. This may seem like a small step, but he is now becoming more interested in my religion. He even asks a few questions.

Last week our anniversary was coming up, our 15th, and I had thought some about it, but two days before it, he asked me to please come here and sit down and close my eyes. He then handed me something paper and gave me a huge hug and a kiss. The paper turned out to be two tickets to Hawaii. On top of that, he had seen to every detail including seeing to it I was greeted with a lei, the care of our two boys was all prearranged, and all I had to do was pack.I was so overwhelmed that I laughed and cried and was really in a state of shock for two days.This was especially marvelous due to various circumstances over the last several years.

Financially it must have been a big decision to make, since I know he needed the money in his business to make things smoother for him.

I really thank Fascinating Womanhood for these wonderful happenings. These are the outstanding events, but the little things are too numerous to mention—all the endearments. It seems like all I am doing is sitting back and letting him spoil me, and when I tell him so he beams and just says I deserve it. Our relationship is more beautiful than I could possibly describe on paper. In fact, I have so many things that could each be a little success story—it really makes you feel like you are in the clouds.

This has not happened because everything in our lives has run smoothly. We have been through so much that we have had to work to keep mentally above it all and to keep the outside factors from getting us down. We have had to acquire a whole new mental attitude, through knowledge and keeping each other in mind through it all. It is surprising how it can lift you up when you are trying to lift someone else up.

We have always felt that what doesn’t improve will deteriorate, so work at improving everything.

I could go on and on, as I believe in this whole philosophy so fully and believe if you don’t think it’s working, it’s because you are failing at part of it. If this whole philosophy is used sincerely—it will work and you will know success in your marriage.

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