A Large Miracle by Simple Ways

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

My husband and I were seriously thinking of separation when I started to read F.W. We could not even be in the house together without a fight. We were both miserable—there were children to consider, both our folks, his business, and our years of building a home together to consider. But we were both to the point of not being able to endure life together anymore.

Then I began practicing what I read in the book. When a battle would begin, I would run to our bedroom where I kept the book hidden and read some advice on that particular situation. Then I would come out and be calm and reasonable. Within a few days, a noticeable change had taken place in our household. My husband began to look at me in astonishment, then curiosity, then with awe, then with affection. When he saw my changed attitude, he began to change too.

It is one of those times when a large miracle is brought about in simple ways, and in a short time. We were both so grateful for peace and harmony at last. We are still at peace around here and it’s been about 14 months since I first read the book. There are still some things we don’t approve of in each other, but we have learned tolerance and patience.

This has been the greatest year of growth for the entire family that we have yet known in eleven years of marriage. My husband has not only become a better husband, he has become an incredibly better father. Our home at last has a strong foundation on which to build the kind of life we always dreamed of building together. This is why I continue to tell everyone about F.W. and give the book as gifts to my loved ones and friends, hoping they will find the same kind of treasure in the book I did.

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