A Light Came On

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

I could never understand why my husband never returned the love and affection I felt for him. I am attractive, intelligent, good personality and a good homemaker. I just knew if I told him how much I loved him and spoke up for what was right, he would love me back.

I worked and at times made more money and received more promotions than my husband. I was always giving advice and disputing my husband’s wishes. If he didn’t do the masculine chores around the house I pointed this out and compared him to others who did, and then did them myself bitterly. I was always ready with a litany of how neglected I was to anyone who would listen and finally made him feel everyone was against him and he was no good.

Because he had built up such a “wall of reserve” I accused him of not loving me and I was suspicious of every move he made. This finally made my husband so unhappy, nervous and insecure that he left me saying he wasn’t sure he loved me because he wouldn’t be so negligent and a poor husband if he did. (Direct quotes from his mouth).

He came back after about 3 months, but only because we spoke up and said we needed him. I began to realize that I had alienated him from our family. I took care of the money, the children, the house—everything. He played golf, worked 14 hours a day and was involved civically. I had too much pride to ask him for anything.

Even after he returned and I did begin to realize I was the one who had been wrong, I still didn’t really understand what was wrong with our marriage. I knew we loved each other but just didn’t know what was wrong.

After reading Fascinating Womanhood the light came on and I felt like shouting it out to the whole world. My first few experiences have amazed me. I don’t think I ever complimented my husband’s masculinity. I think we were rivaling each other.

I have just begun and know I have a long way to go to convince my husband that I trust, admire, and accept him but I have no more doubts—I know I can with Fascinating Womanhood. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have already thanked God every day for what he has revealed to me through you.

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