A Single Career Girl Speaks

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

All the glamour the world has given to the women’s movement isn’t there that much. Our nations working world, especially at the executive level, is negative-oriented rather than positive or creative oriented.  This is due in part to high inflation, excessive government control, excessive litigation, which has driven insurance rates sky high just to name a few.  The feminist movement has also given rises to the concept that a career outside the home will make a woman more organized and efficient. This isn’t exactly correct either.

Like the homemaker, executives have some unpleasant tasks. Two of my least favorite tasks are: 1) Bidding 80 page government contracts, and 2) Handling very delicate customer complaints which has been improperly handled at a lower level. If every woman could give as much time and thought to their children and husbands as I give to answering and handling problem customers alone, this would indeed transform the world. Right answers and solutions to a problem take much thoughtful consideration and even prayer.  The customer is not always right.

Working mothers receive dozens of phone calls from their children, but are not there with them when they need their mother’s most.  A recent experience sums it up best: A dear relative of mine died suddenly. A neighbor girl said this dear lady was closer to her than her own mother. While her own mother worked, this lady was always available to help her with her problems. When the girl married and had children of her own, she kept in close contact with her.

When I meet my own Prince Charming, I intend to change careers and be a full-time wife and mother, and do really important work.

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