A Stagnant Marriage Blooms

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

We looked like the model couple on the outside, but there was so much emptiness and hurt. We were not really unhappy, but neither were we truly happy. I had come to abandon my original idea of romantic love in marriage. However, I still prayed occasionally for ways to improve our stagnant marriage.

Shortly thereafter, a friend introduced me to F.W. and loaned me her book. I bought and read the book and since, have spread my enthusiasm to others. My marriage is now so perfect that it is hard to find a chance to practice childlikeness—there are so few moments of friction! Now I enjoy a tender love from my husband which he had never shown before.

A friend who was on the verge of a divorce borrowed my book. Her husband had given her 30 days’ grace before he would leave. He told her to sell their house and said he did not love her anymore, after thirteen years of marriage. She was guilty of many serious mistakes. But she recognized them and was willing to work hard to save her marriage.

Several months have passed now. Although their problems are not over, they have come a long way from their bed of troubles. I know of many other instances here in town, where the advice in FW has been put to good use. How thankful we all are!

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