A Whole New Life

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

I was one of those semi-liberated women who thought marriage should be on an equal basis. Boy, did I ever get my eyes opened! When first reading this book, I was turned off, thinking “It’s old fashioned and will never work” and “Why do I have to do it all? Why can’t he try harder?” Our marriage was on the brink of divorce. In fact, I had already filed but really wanted to stay with my husband because down deep I still loved him.

Whole avenues of happiness opened up for me when I applied a few tips from Fascinating Womanhood. My husband simply “ate up” the little things I tried. He was mistreating the children and being unkind to me because he hungered for appreciation and the knowledge that he was the leader of the household. At first, it was very hard for me to keep my “big mouth” shut when he ordered the kids around. But it was unbelievable how fast he quit when he saw I wouldn’t put him down. This past month he has taken the kids to the mountains twice for picnics. Before, this just wasn’t done—I did it all! Last night he brought home treats to both children. Before “You don’t get something for nothing” was his motto.

At times, he still tests me to see if I will react to things like I used to, but when I don’t, his treatment of me changes to one of respect and kindness! Now he tells all his friends what a “wonderful wife” he has.
Fascinating Womanhood….thank you!

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