An Experience with Pandora’s Box

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

I would like to share an experience of how “Pandora’s box” was amazingly emptied. It really did not register with me as being Pandora’s box until afterwards.

If it had not been for chapter three in Fascinating Womanhood, I’m afraid my reaction to all the resentments and complaints pouring out of Pandora’s box would have been quite negative. Even though it hurt deeply to hear all of those terrible hostilities, I was encouraged in that I knew he would not have done so had he not felt secure for the first time in years.

When I realized what was happening, I started laughing after we had gone to bed and my husband wanted to know what was so funny. I explained to him what had happened and why it happened. He told me that, until a couple of weeks ago, he really didn’t there was a chance of having a meaningful relationship, but since then he sees real hope for the first time in three years.

Other successes I’ve had since practicing Fascinating Womanhood are: My husband gave me $1,000.00 and insisted that I go out and buy some clothes. He is buying me a new sewing machine. He has taken me to out to dinner twice and spared no expense. And the one thing I appreciated the most—he paid me a very high compliment in front of our friends. This was very unusual for him in that he always used to degrade me or insult me in front of these same friends.  He is proud of me now and is treating me more like a queen than his cook, nursemaid, and babysitter.

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