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This blog page has been launched to promote femininity and female empowerment, and to raise visibility of Fascinating Womanhood: an international femininity movement and guide to help women make their marriage into a lifelong love affair in the bestselling book written by Helen B. Andelin.  

There is Nothing Like a Dame

Richard Forsyth

From South Pacific, (1958), A South Pacific Enterprises, Inc. Production

From South Pacific, (1958), A South Pacific Enterprises, Inc. Production

~ By Dixie Andelin Forsyth

   There was an academy award winning musical years ago called “South Pacific”. It featured a song that a group of lonely sailors sang that went something like this:

   “We've got sunlight on the sand. We've got moonlight on the sea. We've got mangos and bananas we can pick right off the trees. We've got volleyball and ping-pong and a lot of dandy games. What ain't we got? We ain't got dames! There is nothing like a dame. Nothing in the world. There is nothing you can name that is anything like a dame. There are no drinks like a dame. And nothing thinks like a dame. There are no books like a dame. And nothing looks like a dame. And nothing acts like a dame. Or attracts like a dame. There ain't a thing that's wrong with any man here that can't be cured by putting him near a girly, female, womanly feminine dame.” ~ From South Pacific, (1958), A South Pacific Enterprises, Inc. Production. 

   Even though some of the words to this song might, to some, sound like the sailors singing might be suggestive--and even though the word “dame” today might sound a bit chauvinistic—the underlying message is still very strong. Men like looking at and being around a feminine woman. They always have, and they always will.

   It just wouldn’t work to have the words be something like “There is nothing like a gender-neutral person”. Or “There is nothing like a manly woman”? No! And there shouldn’t be either!
The importance of being feminine in the way we look, move, speak and act is as important today, perhaps even more important, than it ever was. Men are starving for it. Women need it too, though the meaning of it seems to be lost on too many of us.

   There is nothing wrong with being totally male, and totally female. It is the natural order of things. Anyone who tries to distort this is going against powerful forces.

   Who doesn’t want a deeply romantic relationship with someone who adores them—one that will last their whole life and beyond? If we are to have these celestial unions, we must accentuate the differences between us—not minimize them. It makes us happier. It definitely makes men happier! Fascinating Womanhood principles will teach you the blueprint for achieving the highest level of relationships ever known.

Fascinating Womanhood Success Story - Tablecloths and Childlikeness

Richard Forsyth

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

   A delicious meal will be made to appear more appetizing with the feminine touch of a tablecloth.

   Shortly after I was married my husband and I were putting away our wedding gifts. I gleefully pulled my tablecloths one by one. “This one is perfect for a spaghetti dinner,” I said. “And this one is perfect for the   Sunday roast and this one is ideal for breakfast waffles.”

   My husband took a dim view of my enthusiasm. He came from a very practical home where tablecloths were rarely used and considered a waste of time. He even suggested I see if a store would exchange them for something more practical. Remembering childlikeness, I cocked my head and girlishly said, “But I just have to have them!”, and finished putting them away.

   So, I used them—a different one every day to suit my whims. I waited for my husband’s objections but he didn’t offer any. A few months later while visiting my husband’s family I overheard him say to his sisters, “You should always use a tablecloth so the meals will look more appetizing.” I was so happy he was convinced. And our marriage didn’t suffer in the process of his discovering how wonderful tablecloths are—thanks to childlikeness. 

Fascinating Womanhood Success Story - Mama's Little Girl

Richard Forsyth

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

   A few Sundays ago, I think my husband got up on the wrong side of the bed. He was just plain contrary. On the way to church, he began answering everything I said with “So!” It was disgusting to say the least.

   I got in a huff and said, “Well, if that’s the way you’re going to answer, I’m never, ever, ever going to speak to you again, and this is the last word I am ever going to say.” Then I looked right in his face and said with emphasis, “word”.

   We both laughed and I guess it was effective because my four-year-old, looking on from the back seat said, “Mama’s little girl, isn’t she?” Childlikeness diffused this situation beautifully. Thank you Fascinating Womanhood!

Fascinating Womanhood Success Story - A Prostitute and My Husband

Richard Forsyth

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

   Fascinating Womanhood was, literally, an answer to prayer. I remember when the book arrived at my house. I had been praying that the Lord would show me what I could do to improve myself, wherever I was wrong in my crumbling marriage.

   One day I decided to call an old college roommate whom I hadn’t seen in years. She came over for a visit. When she asked me how my husband felt about the fourth baby I was expecting, I hedged—I knew he was furious about it. I finally broke down and told her he had sued for divorce twice, separation once and that he had gone to one psychiatrist and a marriage counselor.  I had gone to the counselor, hypnotist, our minister, every friend we had and my obstetrician. No one could say any more than either to pray for us or tell us to get a divorce.

   And I had tried so hard!

   Every complaint he had I had done something about. The house was super clean, the children kept quiet and out of the way when he came around. If he said he didn’t like something, I jumped and corrected it. I tried so hard not to act pregnant because I knew how disgusted he was with my situation.

   I had, in turn, mailed him lovely goodbye letters, calling him every name I knew, threatening divorce or never to let him have one. I didn’t answer my phone, had only the children talk to him or run and answer the phone myself on the first ring with the sexiest voice I could muster.  All the tricks women think of usually to handle a man. They brought temporary relief but no change.

   The next day my college friend drove 40 miles to bring me The Fascinating Girl. I read a little in a few chapters and was so excited, I had butterflies.  The next morning, I dumped the children in the car and drove twenty miles to the nearest bookstore to buy both Fascinating Girl and Fascinating Womanhood, seriously damaging the family food budget.

   When I started reading Fascinating Womanhood, I kept it with me all over the house—in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and read it like someone nearly dead of thirst would drink water. My face felt hot and burning when I read about not comparing your man to other men, being happy within yourself, even when he is not, accepting his faults and not trying to change him, looking to his better side. I learned to use childlike anger and how to not allow myself to be stepped on. I learned what criticizing a man will do to him. You can see that I did not understand men at all.

   About a month after I had read Fascinating Womanhood, my husband told me I had changed. He didn’t know how but he sure liked it.

   About four months after that, he spilled out to me that in his utter misery and in our situation, he had picked up a prostitute and had been living with her for three and a half years. She was ugly, uneducated, sick, divorced three times at the age of twenty-four, alcoholic, and wouldn’t hold down a job—other than being prostitute. She had given her only son to her parents to raise.

   But she was fascinating. My husband was like a God in her eyes. His enemies were hers, his friends were hers. She made him feel important and accepted and understood.
When my husband confessed his affair to me I temporarily forgot all about Fascinating Womanhood and completely lost control of my temper. I broke a glass door and ended up getting beaten. My husband left the house, went to a motel and took about two bottles of pain reliever and called his mistress for comfort. Even after he came home and calmed down, he went on secretly seeing her for a couple of weeks.

   But I kept that image before my eyes of taming the terrible tiger with kindness and patience, and eventually the rewards were what I had been praying for the eight years of our marriage. When I began to learn the difficult lessons of how to be fascinating, apparently, the bottom fell out of my husband’s relationship with the prostitute—in fact, these were my husband’s own words.

   I don’t mean to say that these changes were easy to make. My husband had become “addicted” to this woman and I had to be understanding, loving and mop his brow when he lay in bed and shook because he hadn’t talked to her for three days. When he would lapse into moods, or end up referring to her in his conversations, I had to find inner strength and happiness to carry me over and sometimes I would truly give way to despair.
During this period when my husband was trying to rid himself of his “addiction”, he brought home a Bible and started reading it. I was so thrilled. About seven weeks after his confession to me, we were baptized together into our church.

   My husband’s Bible reading continued at a phenomenal pace and he kept growing and growing. He has an understanding of God that few men ever have.

   He has completely built his own business and in five years, he has prospered to the point where he told me he has $200,000 in the bank.

   Thank you for Fascinating Womanhood. I also thank God for sending your message to me and to my family!

Fascinating Womanhood Success Story - Men Like Curlers

Richard Forsyth

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

   There is a notion among women that men don’t like curlers on their wives. This may be true if they wear them in public or in bed, but most men don’t object to curlers at home in the daytime. “After all,” they reason, “She is trying to be beautiful for me, isn’t she?”

   I knew a woman who had been married almost three years without putting up her hair. She didn’t have a hair dryer and her husband was a student—in and out of classes during the day. She was ashamed to let her husband see her in curlers for she felt she looked sloppy and unattractive. So, she left her hair straight and stringy.

   Finally, she got so tired of looking mediocre that she decided to curl her hair and face the consequences.  To her amazement, her husband commented on how cute she looked in them and it made him feel special because he was the only one who got to see her prepare for her beautiful reveal.

   One husband remarked, “I think curlers are uniquely feminine. After all, men don’t wear them, do they?”

Fascinating Womanhood Success Story - I Didn't Realize the Power I was Gaining Over Another Man

Richard Forsyth

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

   My best friend and her husband moved from another state to our area. We were overjoyed to see each other again and did so frequently as the months passed. Soon, she began to confide to me her intimate problems.

   After a broken love affair, she married on the rebound to a man I’ll call John.  He was a sailor, funny and handsome. But she despised him. She hated hairy men. His body was repulsive to her. And yet, he was handsome enough, he could have been a movie star and was certainly superior in body build to the average man. She kept thinking of the former man she had loved.
Her husband gradually turned from a happy-go-lucky dreamer full of jokes, to a broken man, losing his hair at 27. She pushed him through college, accepted money from her parents and all the while despised him—at best tolerated him. She realized how terrible she had been but said she could never accept him or admire him.

   Then, last fall we took the Fascinating Womanhood class together. This helped her some and she quite degrading him. She realized how terrible she had been but also said she could never accept or admire him.

   Our two families did a lot of things together. I first unknowingly began admiring him and then with a partial realization admired him and told him so. It is part of my personality to do this, but with our being together so much it had a real drawing power. He dearly loved his wife and had craved her admiration for years—now he was getting the “bread of his soul,” only from the wrong woman.

   I didn’t realize what was happening until our second Fascinating Womanhood course when we had the lesson on admiration and learned that one of the effects is to promote a man falling in love with you. That night, I really became panicky as I fully realized what I had done. John also began to realize that our relationship was causing him to much emotional conflict and that he must do something to cut it off, but he didn’t want to hurt my feelings.

   When I took his wife home one day, he carried some things out to the car and then asked if I would like him to back the car out for me. He seemed to have something on his mind so I let him. But he didn’t get out of the car and began to talk.

   It was a personal conversation and I was uneasy, but every time I suggested he got in, he began to talk about something else. He put his hand on my shoulder and then on the back of my neck as we were talking. Finally, after 35 minutes and knew his wife must be too. He kissed me and gently said, “Good-bye.”

   I drove home confused. After going to bed I became progressively nauseated and remained so all night. I tried to re-hash the evening but every time I thought even of John’s name, I became so ill I felt I would die. But if I thought of my husband, I felt uneasiness. I kept feeling sicker. 
Somewhere in the early hours of the morning I finally said, “God, I beg of you, please take away this emotional involvement with John. I can see it’s not in your plan for me.”

   In the morning, John called. We decided where each of us had failed and decided on a separation of our families.  John said he was sorry for his actions but added, “I couldn’t help it.”  I knew what he meant. He was a man with a hungry soul and I had fed his soul. Truly, Fascinating Womanhood is a power. But a woman can bring only sorrow by using it on someone else’s husband. I thought I could round out his life by giving him something he was missing, but it sure doesn’t work that way.

   Fortunately, the Lord turned this incident to good. When his wife realized she almost lost him, she began to appreciate what she had. She forgot about the man in the past that she loved, and began to feed John’s soul. And the nausea I felt—I realized was caused by guilt. It is a nausea of the soul. When combined with the nausea of the body it gives a sensation of doom that makes one want to call on the rocks and mountains to fall on you and get it over with.
Thank you Fascinating Womanhood, for teaching me these principles.

Fascinating Womanhood Success Story - Fascinating Womanhood is a Miracle

Richard Forsyth

~ From an Anonymous Contributor

   I borrowed Fascinating Womanhood from a friend and it’s a miracle. In three days, my life has changed so dramatically I can’t believe it. It’s fantastic.

   In the past few years, my husband of 22 years and I and our five children have not been happy. Last year we separated for three months but got back together for the sake of our children.

   And yet, it was because of the children that we fought. Now, after reading Fascinating Womanhood, I see how wrong I was. I was doing it my way and fighting him. Since the revelation, I’m happy for the first time in years, literally. I’d gotten so depressed I’d even considered suicide. Now I want 50 more years with my wonderful husband.

Fascinating Womanhood Success Story - Earth Shaking Results

Richard Forsyth

~ From an Anonymous Contributor

   I have always been happily married (14 years) and have a marvelous husband, so as I read Fascinating Womanhood I was thinking how this could help my friends, Jill and Marsha. Then it seemed to easy and like magic that I thought it best to put it to work. Well, let me tell you, I could hardly believe the response. I thought perhaps two areas were overstated a bit, so I tried them. And my husband reacted exactly as you said he would. I stand back amazed at the simplicity of F.W. yet the profound truths are nothing short of earth-shaking.

   Needless to say, it is hard to be quiet about something that can change marriages into happy, loving units with two partners working together, rather than opposing each other. The very same week, I read Fascinating Womanhood, three women came to me, saying they were ready to walk out on their husbands, like they’d “had it.” Now I had something concrete to give them. I know you’ll believe me when I say that one of the gals three weeks later farmed out her children and she and her husband went on a weeks’ “honeymoon.” The second realized she was guilty of self-righteousness and two weeks later there was giggling back in their home. The third gal wouldn’t try one thing, and her marriage is still on the rocks.

Fascinating Womanhood Success Story - We Were Like Newlyweds

Richard Forsyth

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

   Two years ago, my husband and I were barely speaking to each other. I just couldn’t seem to get him to communicate. When he did say something, it was bound to end up in a big fight!
He was enjoying the attentions of a certain young lady who worked with him. This was not the first time we had had serious trouble. A few years before we had almost gotten a divorce, but decided to give our marriage another try. The first time of trouble, he lost so much weight he was sick most all the time, and I almost had a nervous breakdown. I felt that the same thing was going to happen again and felt my whole world crumbling around me.

   Then I attended a Fascinating Womanhood class. I’ll never forget the first night I walked into the building and met the class instructor. There had been some misunderstanding about the use of the building and since only about five of us showed up, they called the class off. There I stood, on the verge of tears, sure that nothing could help me now, when that sweet little gal, who was to instruct our class, came to me and said, “Why don’t you girls just follow me over to my house and we’ll hold the first class there and straighten out the rest later.” It was a gift from heaven. I was so thankful I burst into tears when we got outside.

   The teacher gave us an introduction to Fascinating Womanhood that night that brought all the hope back to me that I had when I was first married.  I took in every word she said and went home with a determination to make our marriage everything a marriage should be.

   I never got to finish the lessons because, after five lessons, my husband was transferred to another location. But after just three classes, my husband and I were like two different people. We were almost like newlyweds. He brought me presents and took me dancing and most precious of all, he laughed and was happy again.

   I stopped nagging him about his smoking and I took an interest in him personally and began to wear lacy nighties he liked to buy me, that I had always put way back in my drawer to save. I told him, “I don’t know what I am saving these for when I can be wearing them for you. Who else do I want to look beautiful for?” Remembering the promises in the book, I had to laugh happily to myself when, after only four classes my husband came running in the door one night, swept me off my feet and said, “I adore you.”

   I cannot express thanks enough for the opportunity Fascinating Womanhood gives so many women to become women again. Fascinating Womanhood extends a challenge, and to each woman who accepts that challenge comes one of the greatest rewards we can have as women, “The devoted love of our man.”