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This blog page has been launched to promote femininity and female empowerment, and to raise visibility of Fascinating Womanhood: an international femininity movement and guide to help women make their marriage into a lifelong love affair in the bestselling book written by Helen B. Andelin.  

A Single Career Girl Speaks

Richard Forsyth

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

   All the glamour the world has given to the women’s movement isn’t there that much. Our nations working world, especially at the executive level, is negative-oriented rather than positive or creative oriented.  This is due in part to high inflation, excessive government control, excessive litigation, which has driven insurance rates sky high just to name a few.  The feminist movement has also given rises to the concept that a career outside the home will make a woman more organized and efficient. This isn’t exactly correct either.

   Like the homemaker, executives have some unpleasant tasks. Two of my least favorite tasks are: 1) Bidding 80 page contracts government contracts, and 2) Handling very delicate customer complaints which has been improperly handled at a lower level. If every woman could give as much time and thought to their children and husbands as I give to answering and handling problem customers alone, this would indeed transform the world. Right answers and solutions to a problem take much thoughtful consideration and even prayer.  The customer is not always right.

   Working mothers receive dozens of phone calls from their children, but are not there with them when they need their mother’s most.  A recent experience sums it up best: A dear relative of mine died suddenly. A neighbor girl said this dear lady was closer to her than her own mother. While her own mother worked, this lady was always available to help her with her problems. When the girl married and had children of her own, she kept in close contact with her. When I meet my own Prince Charming, I intend to change careers and be a full-time wife and mother, and do really important work.

From Disaster to Peace

Richard Forsyth

~ From an Anonymous Contributor

   Our household used to be a real disaster area a few weeks back. When my husband walked in the door, the older children were fighting, the baby was screaming to eat, and I certainly wasn’t the most pleasant thing he would set eyes on! Things have really changed! We all have to take a short rest in the afternoon and the children have their toys picked up and their hands and faces washed. I put on fresh makeup and do my hair, then change clothes. The table is set and the baby is fed and happy. The children aren’t to tell their father anything they have done bad until after he has eaten. Our meals go so much more smoothly now that things are better organized. I asked my husband to sit in the easy chair in the family room to have his dessert. He seems so relaxed these days and we are a happier family. Thank you, Fascinating Womanhood. 

A Brand-New Marriage

Richard Forsyth

~ From an Anonymous Contributor

   When I was twenty-seven I married a thirty-four-year-old bachelor, a rough, tough naval officer and for the next twenty-seven years he remained rough and tough.  I bent over backwards trying to change him into a tender, loving husband. Nothing worked!

   All through his navel career he was spit and polish…and he looked like a million dollars.  A few years ago, he retired from the navy, and he was also retired from the spit and polish. He would go for days without shaving. When we were invited to a dinner party he could care less what he put on—slightly soiled trousers, a wrinkled shirt—and I would be embarrassed to death. If I said, “Honey, why don’t you put on those dark blue slacks? They are clean”. The fight would be on.  He would bristle, threaten not to go, and I would back down. We’d both go and be miserable. After a few years I changed tactics. I learned to give him that look with a significant sigh, but it didn’t change a thing.

   Then a miracle happened. I took a course called Fascinating Womanhood.  I was in traumatic shock over how wrong I had been in many of my attitudes and responses. During the second lecture the teacher spent two hours talking about the futility of trying to change a man, the wisdom of accepting him just as he is. And suddenly it hit me: My husband is an adult, a highly intelligent man, capable of making his own decisions…a naval officer for years! When I changed my attitude, the miracle happened! I finally realized I had been more concerned about what others would think than my husband’s happiness.

   On my way home, I determined to never again offer suggestions about what he would wear…unless he asked, and not to let it bother me. You can’t imagine what a load has fallen off my shoulders since I stepped out of my role as my husband’s chief advisor. Now my man’s happiness and comfort are ten million more times more important than what the Jones’s say or think. It has changed our going out together from a time of tension and unhappiness to a time of real enjoyment.

   Today he is a tender, loving husband. But he never changed when I tried to change him. When I stopped trying to change him and started working on me, he changed in response to the change in me.

   Never in twenty-eight years had my husband given me an anniversary present, but on our twenty-ninth, we were in Mexico City. He woke me up at dawn and said, “You know, luv, we’ve gotten a brand-new marriage on our hands”, and he gave me a diamond wedding band. Don’t tell me Fascinating Womanhood doesn’t work!

Fascinating Womanhood Success Story - He Turns off the TV Now

Richard Forsyth

~ By an Anonymous Contributor 

   One of my pet peeves is the TV going full blast during meals. But this has been my husband’s wish and I have accepted it. Since the lesson on sympathetic understanding, then doing some of the things we talked about in class, I’ve been surprised at how much the children and I were taking for granted. When I had them set the table, put on clean clothes, and wash up early for dinner, they have enjoyed welcoming their father home more enthusiastically. We all did this three or four nights in a row. Much to my surprise, he turns off the TV now and we talk as families should during our meals. Thank you Fascinating Womanhood!

Fascinating Womanhood Success Story - We Were Newlyweds

Richard Forsyth

~ By Kristen Robinson Westbrooks

   Someone gave me Fascinating Womanhood 20 years ago when my husband and I were newlyweds. I am ever so grateful. Fascinating Womanhood worked for me as a new wife!

   Time went on, children came into the picture (five lovely blessings!! Three girls, two boys!) and I got busy and forgot Fascinating Womanhood. Our marriage and family suffered through difficult times. I was reminded by my sister in law about Fascinating Womanhood. (I had given her the book years earlier.) Picked it up and read chapters 3, 4, & 5, as well as childlike anger. 

   Within a week, we were back to happiness! This book contains timeless truths for us women that really work! Scripture backs the principles up as well, and I thank God for inspiring Mrs. Andelin to offer instruction into Fascinating Womanhood. 

   I want to be an example to my girls to learn these principles as they relate to men; brothers, acquaintances, etc., but more importantly, their husbands in the future. 

   I'm looking forward to being part of this group.

Second Wave Fascinating Womanhood—the Pro-Feminine Movement

Richard Forsyth

~ By Dixie Andelin Forsyth  

   When I was a child, my mother, Helen Andelin, started what we now call the original 1st wave Fascinating Womanhood movement. This was in the very early 60’s. It was a pro-feminine crusade that was in stark contrast to the feminist movement of her day.

   I remember seeing success stories coming in the mail (no internet then). When my mother read some of them to us, I was thrilled that the principles were changing marriages and relationships and helping people around the world. I was witness to some of the many miracles that Fascinating Womanhood principles inspired.

   While the 1960’s feminist movement had some redeeming factors to it such as better laws to protect women from domestic abuse, equal pay for equal work done and improved stalking laws, it also had a very dark side to it that hurt women then, and evolved into a much more evil force today.

   This dark under belly consisted primarily of a basic distrust, disrespect, anger and even hatred towards men as well as introducing abortion rights for women—the killing of a woman’s own pre-born children. These problems have made it impossible for many feminine, maternal and loving women to accept and embrace the movement then, as well as today, regardless of the positive goals it had reached.

   The feminist movement started so long ago, today, is even darker and more insidious with the fight for abortion—even late-term abortion, and selling fetal body parts—on demand and paid for by tax payers. In addition, there is now an attempt to try to make the idea of gender neutrality not only believable but acceptable. And men are still hated and distrusted more than ever with talk of “toxic masculinity” and “destroying the patriarchy.”

   The books, Fascinating Womanhood and my new book, Fascinating Womanhood for the Timeless Woman, are two pillars that truly support women—they are companion volumes that validate and build on each other. Together, they can help women reclaim femininity, inspire masculinity and support women from every nation to create lifelong love affairs that will strengthen families—the very foundation of all countries.

   Our 2nd wave PRO-FEMININE Fascinating Womanhood movement is for all women, no matter your ethnicity, race or religion. Together, using the principles of both Fascinating Womanhood books, we can change the world for the better. Femininity has more power than you can imagine. The hope for peace in this world depends on the stability of our marriages and families. Join us and enjoy being a fascinating and feminine woman!

Fascinating Success Story - He was in a Terrible Mood

Richard Forsyth

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

   “I had a perfect opportunity to use sympathetic understanding on the very first day of my Fascinating Womanhood class. When my husband came home from an unusually bad day at work, he was in a terrible mood, ready to pick a fight over the least little thing.  Instead of being on the defensive and arguing with him as I usually do, I simply told him how glad I was to have him home, and then, since he didn’t seem to want to talk about anything with me, I just left him alone. Instead of asking him to watch our little boy while I fixed dinner, as is the usual routine, I made some comment about his working so hard and needing to rest while I took care of the baby. I did my best to be cheerful, though it was very difficult. However, I won out in the end, for that evening after dinner, for the very first time since we’d been married, my husband didn’t leave the table immediately. He sat and talked to me for a good hour. It was a wonderful feeling—and I felt as if we had really communicated with each other.” 

Fascinating Womanhood has changed my life, marriage and home forever - By a Fascinating Womanhood teacher

Richard Forsyth

~ By an Anonymous Certified Fascinating Womanhood Teacher 

(Want to become a certified teacher?  Contact us!)

   John and I got married while he was in his final year of Vet school. We were madly in love and being married was heaven on earth.  But as time went by, we ran into trouble:
1) I was an IT consultant and was well established in my career. Because I was the breadwinner, I paid all the bills and all financial responsibilities were mine.  I therefore naturally stepped into the male roles of being provider and leader (as John felt I should make the decisions because I earned the money).  My career as IT consultant cultivated a male nature and I had no clue how to express my femininity. 

2) After having our first baby we really ran into trouble as I became a mother – that started mothering my husband.  The distance between us grew so big that I did not know how to close the gap.

3) I wanted John to fulfill his role as Provider and Leader, but again was lost on HOW to allow his to fill those shoes.

4) After taking a sabbatical of my high-profile career when our son was 2 years old, I found myself without identity and worth.
   This was when my friend introduced me to Helen’s book and it changed everything. I learned to accept (and value) John, I learned to appreciate him, I learned what admiration does for a man and that John wanted to be my hero (not only his patient’s owner’s hero), I learned how to make John king in our home not only in words, but in deeds.  We decided that I must quit my career to focus on making the home a happy place, a safe harbor for everyone that returns there after stormy seas during the day became his help-meet in his practice (which did not require too much time of me but added a lot of value to his business and veterinary practice).  By choosing to do this, John stepped into his role of provider and leader.  I learned that the most beautiful thing in a woman for a man is her inner happiness and started focusing on being happy and radiant.  I learned to be a domestic Goddess – not a slave that has to do things but WANT to do things around the house and spoil my family with great food at beautiful set tables.  As I was more Angelic inclined, my human side needed a lot of growth.  I learned femininity means and how to express and embrace it.  And last but not least: I leaned to have fun again through childlikeness.

   I believe that Fascinating Womanhood did not only impact my husband and I, but also our children as they grew up under the example we set.  I believe that Rachel and Daniel will live these principles in their homes one day and so their children.

   Fascinating Womanhood has proven itself timeless, endless in value and impact and precious beyond measure – in my life and many others around me.

Fascinating Womanhood Success Story - Supporting My Husband Changed My Marriage

Richard Forsyth

~ By an Anonymous Contributor 

   “The Fascinating Womanhood course has helped me, especially in learning to support my husband in many ways. We’ve been married twenty-two years. My husband decided to change his job two months ago to go into selling. He took a salesman course. He needed help in making the decision because it would be hard financially. I recalled the lesson about supporting the husband and having faith in him, so I didn’t worry. I left it up to him and tried to encourage him. I heard him tell a friend the other day that he didn’t know what he would have done if his wife hadn’t supported him when he decided to change jobs. Thanks. Fascinating Womanhood!”

Wonder Woman and Fascinating Womanhood

Richard Forsyth

~ By Dixie Andelin Forsyth

   My daughter, Lisa, called me from Korea where she is teaching English. She told me I definitely had to see the new film “Wonder Woman” and that I would love it.

   I am not a huge fan of super hero movies and especially not a fan of feminist-type characters. She assured me this one was different. Then I read online that there have been a lot of women who get weepy when they see Wonder Woman in some of the battle scenes. Why are women not only flocking to see this movie, but why are so many getting teary too?

   It turns out, the character of Wonder Woman is not only feminine throughout, but displays feminine power, though mostly in metaphor form. This is very Fascinating Womanhood. We all know about masculine power, but few really understand feminine power and its importance and influence.

   To me, there are several reasons this film tends to get the emotional reaction it does from so many women.

~Zeus loved the women of his world so much that he protected the remaining ones on a hidden island—safe from the outside world. They were seen as precious. When Diana had decided to leave and go into the world to protect the victims of war, she was told that world didn’t deserve her. A symbol of the value of women.

~Women have a deep and maternal drive to protect those they love. Diana, (Wonder Woman) displays this so well.

~Diana was always sensitive to the needs of those around her. She didn’t put herself first; in fact, she didn’t think much about her own needs at all.

~Women have feminine power, whether it’s developed or not, they can call on when needed. It has an influence that’s truly beautiful and extraordinary. This power is very different from masculine power. Though Diana has extraordinary physical strength compared to mortal men, the story explains that she is the daughter of Zeus and she has trained for years to develop her special skills. When Wonder Woman exercises this unusual power, it is feminine because of the way she uses it—it is driven by love and compassion. She remains womanly and doesn’t feel a need to emulate men.  

~The world is desperate for good women, feminine women, to be the powerful influence they have the capacity to be—to be the stimulus for the world to be better, more peaceful, more loving.

~Men need the influence, power and effect we can have on the world. When we understand and develop our true selves—women who are not only feminine but radiate courage, love and character, we can change this world for the better.  The character of Diana is a great example of this. She is strong—yet feminine. She has courage but uses her womanly power in such a protective and loving way. It is a contrast to the use of male power. Male influence generally involves overt control, leverage, tactics and dominance even when used in a character driven way.  The energy Diana has is much more focused on the love she has for people who need help—she is so womanly and like us at our best.

   There is nothing in the world like the influence of a feminine, loving woman. This is the aim of Fascinating Womanhood—to help us develop our true womanly natures. We can draw on the courage, just like Diana, to do what needs to be done to raise our children, help and encourage the men in our lives, create loving and romantic marriages and provide the impact our planet needs that only we can give.