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This blog page has been launched to promote femininity and female empowerment, and to raise visibility of Fascinating Womanhood: an international femininity movement and guide to help women make their marriage into a lifelong love affair in the bestselling book written by Helen B. Andelin.  

Update to Vintage Edition Pre-Orders

Richard Forsyth

FWV Book 3D Version.png

Thank you everyone for your pre-orders.  We apologize for any sense of delay in sending the books.  We have experienced some delays in our printing process but we expect the books to be ready to ship this month.  We will update as soon as we can.  Please forgive us, this is our first printing in the modern era.  We appreciate your patience.  

I found Fascinating Womanhood to be a most excellent book

Richard Forsyth

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

   I have just finished reading Fascinating Womanhood. I found it to be a most excellent book. I am glad to have finally found a book that can teach women how to be the kind of women our men need so that they can be the “total man” that God wants them to be. The old cliché of “behind every successful man is a good woman” is true. The tools and know-how to be that woman are now at our disposal through Fascinating Womanhood.

Grateful for Your Practical Advice

Richard Forsyth

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

   I have read the Fascinating Womanhood and Fascinating Girl books and find so much to help me in my life. My brother also thinks they are the most intelligent books he has read on the subject of men.

   We were raised in a very strained and broken family with alcohol illness as a problem. So we don’t have too much experience in loving relationships and yet we want so much to give and receive love.  We are grateful for your practical advice.

   I sent my brother the Man of Steel and Velvet book as he was intrigued after what he himself read of Fascinating Womanhood.  I know these mean a lot of hope for us, so that we can look beyond the frustrations caused by our post mistakes. 

8 Serious Disadvantages of Deciding to Stay Single

Richard Forsyth

~ By Dixie Andelin Forsyth

   I recently came across this article entitled, “8 Serious Advantages Being Single Has Over being in a Relationship.

   Rather than offering 8 advantages to being single, it offers a seriously dysfunctional approach to life. Each point is based on self-serving pleasure and “me first” but it also assumes that any relationship is guaranteed to be turbulent and not worth it.

   They assert you will be happier being single because:

1.      You don’t have to deal with drama
2.      You won’t be unhappy
3.      You have time for yourself
4.      You can focus on friendships
5.      You have freedom
6.      You can have guys (or girls) night, minus the guilt.
7.      No one to be jealous
8.      You don’t have to force relationships with other people. Here they’re talking about having to be friendly with your significant other’s family or friends, even having them over socially when you don’t want to.

   If all people adopted this advice, the human race would cease to exist. No one would want to put in the effort and expense of having or raising children. But also, happiness comes from learning and growing, not just minimizing or even working to eliminate anything that is stressful. The idea that appeasing a “me first” attitude is healthy shows no real understanding of how to be happy.

   The truth is more like this: If you reject the idea of developing close relationships, especially marriage, because of the above reasons:

1.      You’ll be lonely and self-absorbed and you’ll stay immature.
2.      You will be unhappy
3.      You’ll have too much time for yourself. It’s all about balance.
4.      You won’t have any real friends since all your relationships will be superficial. Besides, you won’t have the patience for the “drama” and amount of time real friendships take to develop.
5.      You’ll have a certain type of freedom, yes, but with no one to believe in and support you.
6.      You’ll have so many guys or girls’ nights out it will never seem special.
7.      You’ll be jealous of other’s solid relationships and friends.
8.      Everyone is forced to have relationships with others at some point or another. It’s part of being an adult and you'll never really grow up until you deal with it.

   Whether it’s with co-workers, friends or your own family of origin, unless you’re determined to be a hermit, most people must find a way to get along with a variety of types of people. It’s good for us.

   But perhaps the biggest lie in this article is the conception that anyone can have a happy, fulfilled life with no one in their life they are truly close to. No one to be a witness to their life. The deep happiness and joy that comes from being with, serving and enjoying a deeply romantic relationship with someone you adore is priceless. These relationships aren’t magic. They are based on real principles that work. To live the life this article promotes, cuts out all possibility of ever having the deepest kind of love that exists.

   This is the kind of love that Fascinating Womanhood is dedicated to helping women achieve. It helps us shift from thinking of relationships as burdens, as this article implies, to opportunities to develop your own lifelong love affair with the man you love.  

“Only a life lived for others is worth living” ~ Albert Einstein

Endless Hours of Enjoyable Reading

Richard Forsyth

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

   Your book, Fascinating Womanhood, has brought me endless hours of studying and enjoyable reading…it warms my heart to read your words.

   In fact, I am so thankful that this book fell into my hands and have bought 2 copies for my daughter and daughter-in-law. We are having many, many fascinating hours of worthwhile discussion. I have to get several more copies for young married women…. before it is too late for their marriages to survive!

   Really and truly, my daughter and daughter-in-law agree with me that our husbands look very special to us after studying your book. How refreshing after all that feminist stuff!

The Deepest Kind of Love

Richard Forsyth

~ By Dixie Andelin Forsyth

"It is love, not reason, that is stronger than death" ~ Thomas Mann

   There are many kinds of love; love of God, love of friends and children, even books, pizza, movies; you name it. We use this word to describe our positive feelings about lots of things.

   We even use it in a way that actually defines lust, not love. Relationships where sex is the primary ingredient do not need real love at all so are doomed to fade and disintegrate over time. Hormones can be so powerful that a person who thinks they are in love, might in fact only be very attracted to another. When reality of life comes bursting in (as it always does) the “magic” is gone and so is the “love”.  Some have sex with a prostitute where neither care about the other at all. There is also sex trafficking where love isn’t even meant to be a factor. Some women are married off to relatives they don’t even know.

   The kind of love I am focusing on is the deepest kind--incandescent and eternal romantic love; the kind that lasts not only a lifetime but beyond. It can endure separation, death and all the hardships of life. The joy it brings is unfathomable. No joy is more satisfying to both sexes. It binds you together and makes each stronger than either is alone. A masculine man and a feminine woman devoted to each other and trying daily to improve, make the best power couple ever. It doesn’t have to be power as in wealth or position. But a relationship like that reaches through generations, blessing their descendants for years to come. And the feeling that comes with it is incredible. Nothing else compares.
"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams “ ~ Dr. Seuss

Feminine Influence and Power

Richard Forsyth

~ By Kirstin, a Fascinating Womanhood Contributor

   My husband shared something very interesting with me this morning. 

   He was pondering aloud a situation where a husband and wife are having marriage troubles. 
Listening to him describe the feminine power a woman has over a man was so insightful! It was also confirming what Fascinating Womanhood teaches! My eyes were glued to him as he spoke. I felt like he'd read the book, but he hasn't once flipped through the book.

   I thought of the poem in chapter 8, The Leader, pg. 112, as he spoke:

As unto the bow the cord is,
So unto the man is the woman; 
Tho' she bends him, she obeys him; 
Tho' she draws him, yet she follows;
Useless each without the other.

   My husband agonized a bit over how women often try to be a 'team' like horses, while a better approach to getting the 'horse' (man) to move/change is to maybe coerce him with a carrot, as he chose to word it. He said he doesn't feel it's wrong for a woman to use her feminine powers to inspire a man to change, in fact, his words were, he thinks it's the way it should be! He said men in general don't mind a woman using her resources to better the home and family by using her feminine charms to move a man. But he did mention the man's need to have the final say. Which is precisely what Mrs. Andelin teaches, if I'm understanding her correctly. 

   I'd often wondered about this; how would a man feel if he knew I'd learned feminine influence and tried it on him. Would he feel wronged? I never outright asked Scot about this, but was all ears as he volunteered his take on it! I practice Fascinating Womanhood to change me. Interestingly, there have been such outstanding changes taking place in our marriage/family that I never dreamed would be a serendipitous consequence, at times I'm tempted to feel a bit manipulative! I'm happy my husband put these fears to rest one hundred percent as he seemed to give me freedom to be as fascinating as I like! 

   Feminism is a broken model! It doesn't work for anyone, including women!

   Each week my jaw drops at how differently my husband responds not only to me but to our children when I live femininity. 

   As I put him first and his needs are met he is kinder, more patient, more involved, more trusting. Sometimes he is still negative and grumbles but rather than deride him or roll my eyes I accept him at face value, recognize it's possibly because of his high ideals, and try to give sympathetic understanding, or possibly a splash of childlike sass. Which amazingly causes him to square his shoulders and say it's not so bad after all! I guess it's true that when a man senses gentleness and sympathy from his woman it is his reaction to be and feel strong!?!?
He is a different man! Or, maybe, I'm a different woman.

God Made Me a Woman

Richard Forsyth

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

   Three years ago, a new acquaintance of mine, burst through my front door, exclaiming, “Oh Jaquie! This is the most wonderful book. You simply must read it. It will help you have the most wonderful marriage!”

   Immediately, the bull inside me was thinking, “Who is she to tell me I need a book to help me have a happy marriage? I have a happy marriage. According to national standards, I have an excellent marriage”. But aloud I was saying, “Oh, really? Tell me about it”.

   My friend left the book lying on my kitchen counter. I cooked around it, cleaned around it, and washed dishes around it.  When the water would start splashing, I would think, “Now Jacquie, you’d better put that book away”. But I knew if I put it away, I wouldn’t get it back out and read it, and I knew my friend would be asking me if I had. So, one day in the time that I usually allot to reading the news, I took the most important step of my life except for the decision to marry my husband. I picked up the book, Fascinating Womanhood and began to read.

   I began to read about Celestial love in marriage, love in its highest degree. This was the kind of love I had dreamed of when I was young. But after I married, I realized I had been disillusioned and that it was immature to dream of such love. But here was a book telling me that I can be loved, cherished and adored, that my husband wants to feel that way about me. So I read on and began studying the principles of Fascinating Womanhood. As I began to practice these principles, my life changed dramatically.

   After about 2 years of practicing Fascinating Womanhood, my 17-year-old stepson described our life.  My husband is a doctor of chiropractic and his office adjoined our home. One day I came from the office into our home and our stepson was watching TV and I said, “Don’t watch stuff like that. It’s negative and life’s not like that.” He replied, “You’re wrong, Mother. From what I’ve seen of life, that’s what it’s really like. What you and Dad have here is like a fairy tale.” 

   It is up to us women to make the family strong, and by making the family strong, we make our nation strong. We need to give our children the example of a good marriage, so they will desire a good marriage. We can do this by making the principles of Fascinating Womanhood part of our lives.

The Years That the Locusts Had Eaten

Richard Forsyth

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

   Marriage, for me, at age twenty was an arrangement in which I could begin to change my new husband into the man I wanted him to be and get out of it all that I possibly could. I had been taught that marriage is a fifty-fifty proposition and that I was to do all that I could to be sure my part of the proposition was secured.

   Seven stormy years later I began to view the shambles I had created, a very unhappy belligerent husband who had retreated into himself and children that also reflected the home situation. I began to ask the Lord what was wrong, and slowly but clearly, as I searched the scriptures, I began to see the wonderful role that God had created for the woman in being a helpmeet for her husband and of his place of leadership in the home. Mental assent was given to these truths, yet how to put them into practice eluded me.  Some improvement was made in our home situation, but my husband remained behind his wall and after a long period of time, I became very discouraged and began to doubt the truths I had previously learned.

   At this point, I heard of the Fascinating Womanhood course, feeling that this would perhaps give some of the answers I longed and prayed to know. Within six weeks, I sought to put into practice what was being taught and saw my husband begin to shower attention upon me, so by the end of six weeks our life together was sweeter and richer than it was on our honeymoon.

   Whereas before I was occupied with his faults, now these same faults somehow were the points I could actually admire, finding myself in the freshness of a new love for him. He began to tell me that he loved me for the first time in years.  Since then our life together is continuing to improve and grow in love and fellowship. For the first time, I feel satisfied and fulfilled as a woman with much thanksgiving for the wonderful gift of womanhood God has given to me and to all women.

   It is written in the book of Joel, “I will restore to you the years that the locust has eaten…and you shall eat in plenty and be satisfied and praise the name of the Lord your God that has dealt wondrously with you.” (Joel: 2:25,26) I can say with all confidence that this promise is being fulfilled in my life as, by the strength of God, I continue to put into practice the principles in the scriptures and amplified in Fascinating Womanhood.

A Whole New World Opened Up

Richard Forsyth

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

   I was married at age 18 and at the time thought I was mature and a wonderful wife. It was nice to be so young and so sure of myself. But, as the years went on, I began to get faint inklings that maybe I had a few things to learn. We had a happy life together in spite of my inability to handle squabbles and heartaches.

   In the spring of last year, I was introduced to Fascinating Womanhood, and a whole new world seemed to open up to me. I happily practiced its principles and went out of my way to make my husband happy, and found myself happier than I had ever been and the goal of celestial love becoming more and more a reality.

   One day, I really backslid! I was watching TV while the children ran and yelled and my husband tried to talk to me. I forgot about being fascinating and yelled for everyone to “shut up.’ That did it! My husband jumped up and stomped out of the house. Realizing what I had done I went after him, but he made it known that I wasn’t welcome when he drove off.

   I apologized and put everything I had learned to work on him. Within a half hour I accomplished what used to take days, and we spent a lovely evening together, riding in the desert, talking and loving each other.

   I will always be grateful to Fascinating Womanhood for that evening, because it was the last year we ever had together. My husband was critically injured the next day. As I sat by his bedside hoping and praying, I was so thankful we didn’t part on a sour note. I used this time to again put Fascinating Womanhood to work, and told him how important he was to me, how brave and masculine he was and how much I loved him. He lived thirty days. Now I am a widow with very tender memories and thankfulness for the few very, very special months we had and the joy we knew thanks to Fascinating Womanhood. 

What Does He See in Her

Richard Forsyth

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

   There was a woman in our neighborhood who had everyone puzzled. She was not beautiful, was overweight, and always dressed a little dowdy.  There wasn’t anything about her that was above average, at least that anyone could see on the surface, yet her husband seemed to adore her. What on earth was it? This had everyone wondering.

   One evening, I was in their home about dinnertime. She was busy in the kitchen putting the final touches on dinner when her husband came home from work. This happened to be payday. He came into the kitchen, kissed her, and handed her his paycheck. She immediately stopped what she was doing, put her arms him and said, “I know how hard you work and you have worked for this…for many long hours.  Thank you for providing us with so many comforts, and making it possible for me to stay home and care for the family.”

   But this was not enough. She went into the living room where the children were all playing on the floor.  She made them all stop and stand up. “Look,” she said as she held up the paycheck. “See, your father has worked hard to earn this money. Now Jane, this means you can have a new pair of shoes, and Johnny, you can have your bicycle fixed”. The father stood there beaming. Now only did his wife appreciate him, but taught their children to. In his eyes, she was a beautiful woman.

   I’m not sure she did this every payday, but I know that here was a home where the man was appreciated for his daily efforts.  And I know that this ordinary woman was not so ordinary. She knew how to appreciate a man and this is why she was beautiful to him.