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This blog page has been launched to promote femininity and female empowerment, and to raise visibility of Fascinating Womanhood: an international femininity movement and guide to help women make their marriage into a lifelong love affair in the bestselling book written by Helen B. Andelin.  

Request for Success Story Videos and Testimonials:

Richard Forsyth

   We have had many who have asked how they can help build the Fascinating Womanhood movement. If you would like to do so, please make a short video sharing either a success story or testimonial on how Fascinating Womanhood principles have helped you, or others you know.  And then contact us for more information on how to submit it. This can really help and inspire other women who are struggling and aren’t sure where to turn. With your permission (please include), we will share them on our website, blog and possibly our YouTube channel (soon to be created). There are thousands of women who can benefit from your experiences. Thanks so much!

With Love,

Fascinating Womanhood Principle - Does Having a Career Mean you Can’t Be a Fascinating Woman?

Richard Forsyth

   The simple answer is, no. You can most definitely live the principles of F.W. and still maintain a career.

   When my mother wrote Fascinating Womanhood in the early 60’s, she had 8 children, none of whom were grown. The oldest was 18 and the youngest was a year old. Her perspective of a woman and a career was heavily influenced by her situation. She wasn’t talking about women who either don’t have children, whose children are all in school or women whose children are grown. There are relatively only a few years where a mother has small children who need her constant daily care, especially today where few have large families.

   The other part is that she was also thinking of her natural protection of women having to do it all. Around that time there were ads on T.V. that advertised the feminist slogan “We can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan”. It loudly proclaimed that women can do everything well no matter the load. It said nothing about any side effects.  At that time, if my mother had to have a full time career with all her other duties, it would have been really hard on her.  As it was, she made all her own bread and squeezed us orange juice every morning.  When F.W. got bigger and she had to travel and do a lot of publicity, most of us were grown and gone and none were really small.

   Many women work full time and raise their families simultaneously. Both jobs are difficult. Lots of women must work for various reasons. When they do, they almost always just work harder and as a result, often suffer from lack of sleep as well as stress.  If you have a sick child, for example, and are up all night, too bad. You can’t take a nap and must just power through your day on will power. You might lose all your vacation days just taking care of young ones who are ill.  We can do it, but there might be a price.  It’s hard to do two difficult jobs well but raising children is not only complicated, its 24/7. We are the ones who give birth to and raise the people of earth.

   In some ways, the subject of whether a fascinating woman can successfully handle a career has more to do with raising children than having a deeply romantic marriage. It’s just that when we do too many things that are not only tough, but cause stress, it could have an impact on our marriage if not understood and handled carefully.

   The principles of F.W. are valuable and can have a huge impact whether you have a career or not. It is not only about being feminine but specifically is about your relationship with your husband. It helps you develop a lifelong love affair with the man you love. You can do this if you are a mother, if you aren’t, or if you are older, your children are grown, and you now use a cane or walker. You can always be a charming feminine woman.

   Certainly, when a woman doesn’t have to work and she has small children, it’s a great blessing to be able to stay at home. But there are SO many circumstances people have. If you stick to the basic timeless principles of F.W. you won’t go wrong. You can be a fascinating woman and also have a career.

Fascinating Womanhood Success Story - He Came Alive

Richard Forsyth

~ By a Reader Who Wished to Remain Anonymous

  Incredible!!!  I am so grateful for Fascinating Womanhood.  The first week I began reading the book back in December, he came to me and said he felt like he was coming alive and couldn't understand it. I was doing the same things I had always "done" in our marriage. He knew I had always put a lot of effort in and he wanted to feel alive the way he was starting to feel, but had felt blocked. I confided I had started to study Fascinating Womanhood. He said, a little deflated, "I'm being manipulated?"  I said, "No, I'm learning immutable laws governing my femininity and how to keep them. You are just feeling the natural effect of that." He told me "I'm on a lover's high!"

Can I be Feminine and Still Successful at my “Masculine” Job?

Richard Forsyth

"And Oh," exclaims Thackery, "what a mercy it is that women do not exercise their powers oftener! We can't resist them if they do."~William Thackery

   I’ve had several letters from women who have wondered if being feminine while working at their jobs actually works against them. This applies to women who are in fields that traditionally seem to require a lot of assertiveness.  Vocations in politics, law, medicine, accounting, the stock market and other such fields seem to require us to be tougher where aggressive behavior is often rewarded and even expected. Women in these professions think they must “put on” masculinity and take it off again when they get home, which is hard to do. Dressing, moving and acting feminine are sometimes seen as a threat to an otherwise successful career. Some have even reported that when they dress particularly womanly, (dresses, skirts, heels as well a makeup and actual hair styles) they get teased by male colleagues. As a result, they sometimes feel marginalized or looked down on.

   So, is masculinity required of us to be successful in many work environments? The answer, of course is a resounding NO.

   “Feminine influence can be devastatingly powerful”. That was said by a man I know who is an attorney and regularly deals with the emotional and verbal brutality that sometimes occurs in our courts. I’ve heard other men echo this perspective.
Don’t underestimate the power of femininity!

   The truth is that women rarely understand men. They misunderstand what moves them and what they find charming or appealing. Men seldom understand it themselves.

   I have heard women say when they dress up spectacularly female for work, their male colleagues have teased them and they feel put down, marginalized. So they have gone back to their more masculine inspired clothing thinking that’s what they have to do to be relevant or be taken seriously.

   The truth? You will never go wrong when you look like, walk like, move like and speak like a feminine woman. This is who you are, not what you do.  It’s also where the base of your womanly power is. Why would you ever want to act like a man?

   Did you know that men often “speak backwards”? That means they frequently say the opposite of what they are feeling in order to protect themselves emotionally and to defocus. In the case of the girls who have been teased when they have gone to work looking girly, the men who paid so much attention to them have perhaps unwittingly betrayed their true reaction…they noticed her. The teasing? They were uncomfortable with the reaction they felt. I’m not talking about anything sexual though sometimes that could also be true. No, the main thing is that they reacted to the way they felt. And it wasn’t that they thought these ladies were lesser or beneath them. They were actually afraid of their feminine power and influence.

   Let’s pretend that Princess Diana were still here and had to prosecute a terrorist in court. Do you think it would benefit her to leave behind her feminine dress, walk, talk or mannerisms to be effective? I don’t. If she decided “Oh. I better go get a man-inspired suit, buy a big clunky briefcase as well as shoes, ditch my  makeup and jewelry and then I will have more credibility.” Would that be a good idea? I think she would do an even better job staying the gracious, charming woman she was, don’t you?

   Femininity has its own power. Never consider leaving it at home or anywhere else. Stay true to yourself.

   Remember the movie years ago “Kindergarten Cop”, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger? He played a hardened policeman who took on the disguise of a kindergarten teacher in order to flush out a murderer. What would have happened if he had tried to act more feminine because women usually dominate that field? It not only wouldn’t have worked but it would have been weird.  His character acted just as masculine as he did as a detective and it worked. It worked in a masculine way and the result was charming.

   You will be much more effective in whatever you do if you are true to your gender. Be a feminine woman, a charming woman. Yes, even a dainty woman. Whatever you do, whether its prosecuting a dangerous terrorist, running for president or even driving a big truck, do it like a feminine woman. You have more power than you have any idea. Female power. Not masculine power. Stay true to it and learn about it.

   By the way, masculine men are at a disadvantage around a feminine woman in adversarial business. If they attack her like they would a man, they feel like a brute. The rules are slightly different for her than for him. Men are used to going after other men but not after women. Masculine women are not hard to attack or put down. Men can feel more justified. This is true in all professions where male toughness tends to be a big thing. There are abusive men who couldn't care less but nothing works with them anyway. 

Can You be Matched with the Perfect Person?

Richard Forsyth

   I have been thinking about dating sites lately.  After watching several advertisements for them, I have begun to wonder if people think being “matched” with the perfect person is the key to having an incredible marriage.  They seem to imply that this is the hardest part.  Get matched with your soul mate and you have it made, right?  

   Well, it’s certainly going to help, but real long-lasting relationships are an ongoing investment that involve sacrifice and, for many women, awakening latent skills and talents that lie dormant.  The key to the greatest long-term relationships relies on not just starting off on the right footing, but nurturing it with the timeless principles of Fascinating Womanhood; and passing this test of time is largely up to us women.  These latent abilities are within EVERY women and we can show you how to re-discover them if you’ve forgotten. 

   Make no mistake; women are center-stage in the issue of long-lasting relationships because we are uniquely suited to the task.  We are naturally more interested in nurturing relationships and we are more willing to endure difficulties.  We are better communicators because we are more in-touch with our feelings and are less inhibited in exploring and sharing them. And communication increases the likelihood of finding solutions, or at least options, to problems.  

   Fascinating Womanhood teaches and reinforces core relationship skills that, when practiced over time, unleash the true and unlimited potential of your well-matched mate. It builds self-esteem through recognition of your immeasurable worth as a feminine woman.  It teaches the principles of understanding, admiring, and accepting men, and how to make him “number one.”  These are things that men CRAVE, and they are free to give.    
   Meeting someone, whether it’s online, through being matched or otherwise, is only the beginning and it is no guarantee of a blissful relationship.  Practicing timeless principles is the best recipe for achieving a lifelong love affair with the man you adore.

Fascinating Womanhood Examples Series - Childlikeness

Richard Forsyth

The Pillow Fight

   We had just experienced one of those terrible weekends where every flick of an eyelash is misinterpreted and the tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife. So my husband could have the peace and quiet he wanted, I took our 5-year-old to the park and kept her until dinner time then quickly rushed her home to bed.
   Very soon afterward, I dejectedly, resentfully, and tearfully, crawled into bed with my Fascinating Womanhood book. What should I read but the part about sauciness. I didn’t have any idea about how to be saucy and I didn’t have any curls to toss. Try to imagine me sitting up in bed, talking to myself about what I would say and practicing sauciness. I became so involved that I completely forgot about my resentment and began to laugh at myself.
   When my husband came to bed, I popped up with a pout on my face and said saucily, “I hope you have enjoyed your old peace and quiet because I have been utterly miserable.” He was so amused that he picked up a pillow and threw it at me. I threw it back and we had a good laugh. He said he realized he’d been unfair and he would take our child to the park the next weekend and I could have the “old peace and quiet.” Without Fascinating Womanhood, I’m afraid this story would have had a different ending. Through sauciness, there was a happy ending.

NOTE: These examples of childlikeness or, sauciness, can release tension and change the mood to humor and playfulness quickly. It’s charming, feminine and is a part of feminine power that my mother talked about and I also include in my new book soon to be released. As we all understand and practice this response, most everyday hurts and irritations will end up strengthening our relationships rather than straining them.  If you have already read Fascinating Womanhood, you know this skill is not appropriate for all circumstances, including deep hurts, infidelity or abuse.

The Feminist Movement Hurts Women

Richard Forsyth

“Those of us who embrace the feminine know its strength.” 
~ Betsy Cornwell

   I've written about Feminism in the past and it remains a big topic for me, especially as it is more and more relevant each day.  

   At first glance this title about feminism hurting us might seem to not make sense. How does the feminist movement hurt us? Isn’t it all about women’s rights? About helping women? 

   Don’t be fooled by the sometimes cleverly disguised attack on our gender and our femininity. In truth, much of our unique sex, our femininity, is under relentless and continual attack. By other women.  What they really need, but seem to miss entirely, is Feminine Power. I have a chapter on this in my new book coming out soon. These women think they can adopt masculine power and achieve what only feminine power can actually deliver. We don’t wear masculine power well at all. It’s unattractive and ineffective as well.
   Though first wave feminists have helped us gain the right to vote and have equal pay in much more abundance, we have also inherited some of the more insidious problems like distrust of  men and the encouragement of killing a mother’s own pre-born children. I’m confident that the early suffragettes would be appalled at what some women are doing with the movement they started.
   The recent so-called “Women’s March” in Washington D.C. is an embarrassment to all women who value life and the relationships they have with good men. We as a gender are so much better than this.
   I'm not sure how long femininity has been under such direct attack.  Perhaps centuries in some cultures. Reclaiming our true nature will bring happiness and feminine power not gained any other way. Being comfortable as a woman and wholly accepting ourselves is the foundation of the future we need and want.
   Fascinating Womanhood supports a “Pro-Feminine Movement,” not this so-called feminist thing. It’s vulgar, hateful and exclusive. If you don’t happen to agree with them on all their platforms, they attack and marginalize you. We are women, feminine women and proud of it. We support good men, healthy relationships, life and family.

Fascinating Womanhood Examples Series - Childlikeness

Richard Forsyth

The Pout

~ From an Anonymous Contributor

I had my doubts about applying childlikeness for I didn’t think I could do it. Then one day, when I was offended by his thoughtlessness, I just stuck out my lower lip, just slightly, and looked up at him. My husband said “You look so cute when you do that.” And we both forgot what we were upset about. It totally changed the mood.


NOTE: These examples of childlikeness or, sauciness, can release tension and change the mood to humor and playfulness quickly. It’s charming, feminine and is a part of feminine power that my mother talked about and I also include in my new book soon to be released. As we all understand and practice this response, most everyday hurts and irritations will end up strengthening our relationships rather than straining them. If you have already read Fascinating Womanhood, you know this skill is not appropriate for all circumstances, including deep hurts, infidelity or abuse.

Fascinating Womanhood Timeless Principle: Why Hinting and Mind Reading Don’t Work

Richard Forsyth

"We adore more than we irritate, that's why we've lasted so long" 
~Cathy Thorne
   Why do we hint for things? I am still guilty of it sometimes.  I think it's because, in our own minds, it sort of seems to "soften the blow" of what we want. It makes me seem less selfish, to me anyway.

   Stop hoping for men to be mind readers. They just aren't.  They aren’t good at it. Unfortunately, most men either don't get the hint at all (they don't even know we've hinted for something) or misunderstand it. They would much rather we spare them the intrigue and just ask. Be a little outspoken in a feminine way of course. Drop the hinting.

   Whatever you do, don't berate, belittle or nag; no one likes that. It's unattractive and doesn't work.

   For example, let's say you are at a store and see a pair of adorable shoes you'd love to have. What do you say? "I sure need a new pair of shoes". How about "I love these shoes. Aren't they adorable?" Then you wait. And get silence or "Yes, they are cute". Period.  If he does say something like  "Do you want them?" do you ever say "Yes. Is it okay?"

   We mean well. But sometimes we interpret his lack of response as lack of love. In fact, he probably has no idea that you're hinting at all. This shows the great difference between men and women in our perspectives.

   The problem with this approach is that it almost never works and often frustrates men who don't get it and would rather you just tactfully say what it is you would like in the first place. Sometimes we misunderstand men and think "If he loved me, he would know what I like. I gave such a huge hint. He had to get it".  Mind reading is what men often think we expect of them.  In reality few, if any, are good at it.   

   Have you ever wanted your husband to fix something around the house and he just didn't "get around" to it? Oh boy.  You can avoid unnecessary hurt feelings, frustration and anxiety when you learn to not be a one-woman home improvement committee. 

   There is a better way. 

The Light Fixture 

   Once, when we were in college, I acquired a light fixture that needed to be hung. It was kind of heavy and hard to manage, so I asked Bob if he would hang it for me. He said "sure" but indicated he didn't have time that day. He was going to graduate school and was very busy.

   I should first explain that he didn't consider himself proficient at home improvement  projects nor did he like doing them. So, days went by and the light fixture sat in the corner of our bedroom, un-hung. I decided to "give him the hint" and put it on the bed on his side hoping he would notice he hadn't yet honored his promise to me. I came in later and it was back on the floor in the corner where I had first put it. I tried asking him when he would have time to hang it and he basically let me know I was beginning to hound him.

   I realized at that point it might be years before he ever felt like doing it. At first I was angry because I really wanted help. It was not only heavy but hard to do alone. Then I decided it was just not worth putting so much energy into trying to get him to do something he wasn't comfortable with. I tried another approach. Knowing it would be difficult without help, I began to install it myself right about the time I knew he would be coming home. I got out a ladder and made sure my attire fit my inner feelings of needing help and wanting to be rescued from this situation. I wore a really pretty skirt and felt very feminine. When he walked in, I was attempting to put a hook into the ceiling to attach the heavy fixture, but it was obviously difficult for me. I am shorter than he is and not as strong. He immediately rushed to my rescue, had me climb down from the ladder (he felt protective), and installed the light fixture himself right then and there. No advance planning.

   For those who might think this was manipulative…remember, the difference between manipulation and good psychology is intent. He felt great helping and protecting me; I felt great being helped and rescued from a heavy task that was really too much for me.

Fascinating Womanhood Examples Series - Childlikeness

Richard Forsyth

I’ll Just Burn Your Pancakes!

   Before breakfast one morning, I was cooking pancakes. My husband was in a cross, ugly mood and finally snapped something ridiculous at me. I stamped my little foot (size 9) and exclaimed “You cross old bear! You great big bully, talking that way to me!” I tossed my head and turned back to the stove. “I think I’ll just burn your pancakes!” I added, glancing over my shoulder with a mischievous look to see if he was watching. He was grinning from ear to ear. The black ugly mood was gone. It took me 4 months to try childlikeness because it seemed so silly. For months I practiced in front of a mirror using the right adjectives.”

NOTE: These examples of childlikeness or, sauciness, can release tension and change the mood to humor and playfulness quickly. It’s charming, feminine and is a part of feminine power that my mother talked about and I also include in my new book soon to be released. As we all understand and practice this response, most everyday hurts and irritations will end up strengthening our relationships rather than straining them. If you have already read Fascinating Womanhood, you know this skill is not appropriate for all circumstances, including deep hurts, infidelity or abuse.

Fascinating Womanhood Success Story - Miracle in Scotland

Richard Forsyth

~ From Anonymous

   Dear Mrs. Andelin, Where does one begin to thank you for saving my life? Your book, Fascinating Womanhood not only has saved my life but the lives of my husband and three children. We didn’t even have the weeds, but rubble and garbage to stumble through. Now we have the flowers in glorious Technicolor.

   We were married for seventeen years when I received your book. I read it over and cover to cover in two days, sobbing most of the time as I discovered what a selfish, ignorant fool I’d been. I then went to each of my family, starting with my husband and asked for forgiveness. I asked them all to help me be the kind of wife and mother they needed. Needless to say, the kids thought I’d flipped since they were used to Mom being the last word. My husband responded with sympathy, understanding and reservations.

   I took the book chapter by chapter and put it to work in our life daily and as the days turned into weeks and then to months, a miracle took place in our family.

   I won’t go into detail of the before and after I want you to know we thank God for sending your message to us. I could go on for pages sharing with you all of the thoughts of how Fascinating Womanhood has affected my life. You seem like an old friend now.    

Third Ask Me Anything - February 11th at 6:00

Richard Forsyth

Just a little reminder that our third Ask Me Anything with Dixie Andelin Forsyth is tomorrow at 6:00 pm CST at our Facebook page.  

If you have any trouble finding us, just search @TheRealFascinatingWomanhood on facebook and you should find us at a page that looks like this:

  You'll want to look for an image much like the red and white image included in this post. Simple comment on the image to ask a question: DAF will be there, live, and will answer as many questions as she can.  Please remember that this is an "Ask Me Anything," but the AMA will be moderated and questions/comments should be respectful.  

We're looking forward to seeing you there!

Fascinating Womanhood Timeless Principle - Fascinating Womanhood Principles Save Marriages

Richard Forsyth

Dixie Andelin Forsyth

Dixie Andelin Forsyth

   I recently read an article from Woman's Day entitled,  "14 Signs that your Marriage is headed for divorce." Take a look at the list they came up with.

1. You've uncoupled.  (The meaning of this is kind of vague and could mean lots of things. But basically, you are not close. This could happen for many reasons.)

2. One partner refuses refuses to try.

3. Lack of respect in the relationship.

4. You're no longer a team.  (This one sounds a lot like number 1.)

5. An unfaithful spouse keeps his ex-lover as a friend.  (This one stinks!)

6. No compromising in terms of each other's wants and needs.

7.One is a serial cheater. (Possible deal breaker).

8. You disagree about having children.

9. No longer communicate with each other.

10. Fall off in frequency and quality of intimacy.

11. Fighting more frequently than normal in the past (what is normal?)

12. Either party spends too much time on the computer.

13. Change in manner in which your spouse handles money.

14. One partner daydreams about being single or with someone other than the other spouse.

    I have been recently going through some of our success stories in the files. You know, there is not ONE of these "signs" that a marriage is headed for divorce that F.W. hasn't been able to help turn around into an extraordinary success. Not one "sign" has proven to have gone "too far" to be saved.  Over the years, all of these problems have come to our attention with one woman or another. 

   The power of the timeless principles in Fascinating Womanhood are truly amazing. Even if you just  begin to practice, F.W. will start to make a big difference in your relationship. There is no guarantee, but if you read any of these above problems and think it's too late, please know there are women who have overcome these challenges and have gone on to have romantic, devoted marriages.

   Study basic Fascinating Womanhood principles with emphasis on understanding men, making him number one, reclaiming femininity and emphasizing the differences between you and him. As you also add  charm and character development you will see a powerful impact on both of you as you work on yourself. 

~ By DAF

Fascinating Womanhood Success Story - Armed Truce

Richard Forsyth


~ By Anonymous

   “My marriage was like so many, an armed truce. We had vowed ‘for better or for worse’ and it had been mostly for worse. My husband never wore his ring and spent little time with me or our two children. He made it very clear that he didn’t need me at all. His father had often yelled at and beaten his mother so my husband went the opposite direction. He seldom spoke and never touched me.

   Just a half year after buying a new home, he was transferred 2, 200 miles away. The children and I stayed behind to sell the house. He went on to get a new house. I was to live in what HE picked. I was not considered at all.

   One lonely day I was pouring out my heart to a friend, telling her what I had decided to do. I can’t count the times she said ‘That’s not what you should do!’ or ‘That’s not the way to handle it!’ I got mad at her, but undaunted still she persisted with F.W. and more F.W. I called her a Fascinating Womanhood fanatic! I decided to give it a try. What did I have to lose?

   My husband flew home on weekends. I planned all week. It is a good thing he left Sunday evening for my self-control lasted about 2 day. Over those two days I pretended that things were as I wanted them to be and acted the part. When I met him at the airport I went early, parked the car and went to the gate. (Usually I met him out front). I dressed my most feminine. I built myself up to a breathless pitch. When I saw him coming, I ran to meet him and flung my arms around him telling him I was glad to see him and that I had missed him. Everyone in the area was looking. One would have thought he was returning after a year as a prisoner of war. He had always shunned any emotional display, even in private, calling it disgusting. Now he didn’t say anything but was touched. In the car I sat close, kept my mouth shut, my hand lightly touching him and with my eyes ‘drank’ him in. He was overwhelmed.

   That was the beginning. Three weekends later he suggested I leave the children with my mother and join him for a week to select a house from several he had seen.

   On that trip I expressed admiration for the beauty of the area, searched for the good and delightfully enjoyed it. I was the epitome of understanding. But the high point of the whole trip came one evening after we had decided to build.

   We were staying at the home of a bachelor friend of his. I was doing the dinner dishes while my husband was showing the bachelor (who was very desirous of marriage) our plans. My husband began saying over and over things like ‘So you want to get married. Boy, you don’t know when you’re well off…look at the headaches a wife can bring.’ 

   At first I took it as a joke, but soon it wasn’t funny anymore. As I scrubbed one plate I thought ‘If I hear him say that once more, I’ll really tell him.’ But then I thought ‘What have I read in F.W. about anger?’ I gave it a try. I turned around, stomped my foot and said ‘You big hairy beast! I am never going to like you again, ever!!’ and I walked out of the room, turning as I went to glance over my shoulder with a tiny smile. I don’t think he saw it. He was grinning from ear to ear. ‘Did you hear what she called me?’ he asked out host. ‘Did you hear?’

   I found myself sitting in the bedroom thinking ‘great, but what now?’ My husband had never in eight years of marriage apologized for being inconsiderate of me. Yet not two minutes later he entered the bedroom, sat down beside me and said ‘I’m sorry and didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. Will you forgive me?’ I’d have forgiven him anything at that moment. I enrolled in F.W. classes.

   A couple of months later I received my first birthday card from my husband. It was special, not only because he remembered it, and even got the date right, but because he had selected a tiny card showing a cute hairy beast, suitcase in hand. It said ‘Happy Birthday, Lovingly, your Hairy Beast.’ He had actually looked for a special card.

   It is now five years later. They have been the best five years of my life. There are many things I could tell but one highlight stand out above the rest. Our third child was born. It was an emergency c-section. My wonderful husband who truly can’t stand sickness of pain was with me every minute. The day I left the hospital the nurses told me they (all of them) had voted my husband the most loving, tender, romantic husband they had ever met. And he is!

   Our marriage isn’t perfect. There are still some things which cause me pain. I have a long ways to go, but I know that when I am perfect, he will be perfect too. My prayer is that every woman could know and accept Fascinating Womanhood.”

Fascinating Womanhood Success Story - Grumpy Hubby (Childlikeness)

Richard Forsyth

~ From   Anonymous

   "When my hubby is grumpy and grumbly and snapping at me, my first reaction would have been to snap back, be rude back or tell him how he ought to treat me (I know, it sounds bad writing it). But now I use the childlike anger and I'll turn with my hands on my hips and stomp my foot and say, "You big grump bear, be nice or I'm going to feed you tuna or burn your pancakes," or something like that. I always start with a little pout and then a little smile so he sees the humor and not the angst. He always softens, smiles and rearranges his mood. But for me, I love it more! I don't hold onto the anger or frustration or resentment. Instead I feel lighter and happier! It's not always easy but I like the outcome more.