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This blog page has been launched to promote femininity and female empowerment, and to raise visibility of Fascinating Womanhood: an international femininity movement and guide to help women make their marriage into a lifelong love affair in the bestselling book written by Helen B. Andelin.  

Jobs We Usually Leave to Men

Richard Forsyth

~ By Dixie Andelin Forsyth, 

   Recently I began thinking about the careers that even the most radical of feminists don't clamor for. They don’t want equality or sameness here. These jobs require a lot of masculine strength and frankly, testosterone. This is power we don't need, or even want in most cases. We have enough feminine power on our own. We don't have to be everything to everyone.

   Women can intellectually do anything as well as a man. We can hold political office, run businesses and homes; lots of other things. We may not be able to equal men in all physical tasks, but why would we want to?  Some careers require unique masculine abilities that are both difficult as well as dangerous. Here is a brief list of some of the world’s most dangerous jobs, all dominated by men. And it’s a good thing too. We need men to take on these difficult and often dangerous jobs. We are equal in value to men but we are definitely not the same. I am grateful men are willing to take on these occupations, aren't you?
Bull Riding: NO. This job is based almost entirely on brute strength and stamina, and it is physically very dangerous. As in most physical jobs, some women may be able to do it, but most are repelled by the idea of purposefully climbing onto an angry animal to see how long the rider can avoid being kicked off. Women are never going to be able to compete at top levels of such a physical sport.

Deep Sea Fishermen: Not only does this career pay poorly but it has a high mortality rate including the risk of being lost at sea. It is also physically demanding and many women will not have the required stamina. In a job where strength and endurance are what separate the worker from a terrible death, women are well advised to seek employment elsewhere. And we’re almost universally glad to.

Flight Engineers: They face a continued risk of a crash and work with huge moving parts that make up planes. Besides working in a physically demanding field, they are at risk of developing more than their share of chronic diseases.

Loggers: At this point, you may see a pattern here of physically demanding jobs where things get dangerous when the employee is not physically prepared. Loggers not only face the possibility of being cut by equipment but also trees falling on them. They must get more out of this than just the money.

Iron and Structural Steel Workers: People in welding jobs, those doing steel-work on high-rise buildings and those indulging in similar sorts of work, are at high risk of death while working. The risk of getting a shock due to faulty equipment and falling makes this career very dangerous.  Next time you go to any reasonably large city notice the beautiful and very tall buildings. They are virtually all built by men who have the physical strength and sheer courage to tackle this occupation. Most women are repelled by these jobs.

Recycle Waste Collectors: These workers risk being bitten by snakes or being attacked by wild animals while picking up waste materials. They also risk being cut by broken glass making this more dangerous than most of us would like. And not appealing to most women.

Miners: Mining is and has always been a dangerous profession. Lack of air supply and the high probability of being trapped underground makes it one of the riskiest jobs in the world. They have to be, strong, have great endurance, and be unusually brave.

Special Military Forces: I only recently heard about this specialty (in the USA) accepting women to their training program. The stamina and strength it takes to become one of these elite military soldiers is daunting for even the best of men, let alone the strongest of women. So far, no woman has been able to pass their strict, demanding requirements. These soldiers are trained to risk and even give their lives in very dangerous situations where physical strength and endurance means not only the individual’s life, but his companion and any others, not to mention the security of his country.

Underwater Welders: Need I say more? Very dangerous even though the pay, I hear is

Jousting: This sport is making a comeback. It’s exciting and beautiful to watch but still remains very dangerous, even for men. There are a few women who attempt it but the risks are not worth taking for feminine women. It takes a lot of physical strength and women have more vulnerable places to be injured than men do. There is a reason it was never a woman’s sport historically.
(Above statistics are from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and also other labor and establishment rights organizations from around the world)
   Many men actually like doing these jobs. The world has enough tough masculine women. We can do almost anything that physically we are capable of. But we don't even come close to men in terms of physical strength and endurance. Besides being dangerous, most, if not all of these careers don’t allow us to access our greatest power base, that of being feminine women.

I Thought I was Happily Married

Richard Forsyth


~ From an Anonymous Contributor, 

   My husband and I have always been “happily married”, but I was beginning to feel something was missing. After 5 years of marriage, the honeymoon was really over.

   I picked at my husband, was bossy, and yelled at the whole family. I had a violent temper, managed all the finances and was downright miserable!

   My biggest problem was love. I had not been taught what love was like. Acceptance was the key word for me. Wow! How I love that man now! No more picking—he’s too perfect. He has his faults, but not many. How wonderful it is to have a man to learn on. He makes the major decisions. Since it’s been this way, he always makes them in my favor and consults me frequently.

   I turned over the budget to him. I had a rough time keeping my fingers out and gave him help from time to time Not long ago, I helped him straighten out the budget (it was a mess) and I was worried and complained that I’d had to hep and how it affected me.

   Not long after that, all our emergency savings were gone and there was just $13.00 left to pay life insurance, car insurance, etc. He cried, “Help!” and I said “Forget it! I’m not going to even go into the den anymore.” I get sick just thinking about finances.

   Two months later I asked him, “How will we ever be able to manage?”. He said, “Don’t worry about it, I’ve got it all figured out.” He has too, right to the penny.  It took over a year, but it was worth it. I feel great! I could go on forever.

   The happiness we share is the most beautiful and precious possession I have.  I no longer look longingly at those few successful and happily married couples, you know, the ones that glow! I’m now one of them!

Success Story from Iowa

Richard Forsyth


~ From Anonymous Contributors, 

   Our marriage was avalanching toward a sad ending. This after 32 years of marriage and 6 children. My husband went to book stores to purchase Fascinating Womanhood, but it had to be special ordered as they had none in stock.

   He gave it to me after he had read it and underlined what, to him, was so important and obviously my shortcomings. I read it and thought resentfully, “What about my feelings? Don’t they count?”

   The situation went from bad to worse and I rented an apartment. When I came home from work I had time to think and relive my life. I went through a tremendous soul-searching period and just about the time I was ready to accept myself as the blame for most of our problems, I glanced up to see Fascinating Womanhood practically beckoning me to read.

   I began that night to read it over again…slowly and with an entirely new outlook. There is was! Why couldn’t I have seen it before?

   I silently thanked God for His step by step guidance and for your words. I didn’t have to act the part; I felt it, and my life changed.

   I am back home with my husband and we have found that “old love” definitely renewed and we both look forward to a brighter future.

   Please tell all the women out there from me—don’t wait until it’s too late to apply these teachings. There is no age limit for these principles to work. What have you got to lose? Believe me, it works!

A Few Historically Influential Women

Richard Forsyth


~ By Dixie Andelin Forsyth, 

   Feminine power has been understood and practiced by countless women throughout the ages. There are many examples of more modern women who use their feminine power for good. I have listed only a few for you to get the idea of how influential women have always been. Of course, inside the home is where our greatest influence lies as we raise all the people of earth and civilizations depend upon us.  But I found this interesting.
A Few Historically Influential Women
   Most of history was recorded by men and includes details pertaining to politics, wars, and economics. Our history is scarce, but not because we are less important. Many of the greatest women in history have been hidden behind the walls of their homes and have devoted their lives to tasks such as raising children and homemaking—work that rarely makes the news, but which is the foundation of any society. Our greatest story is an untold drama within a drama.

   We put our talents to other use.

   We are represented by our gender in history, just not as frequently as men.  Perhaps many of us have been too busy with other essential matters. The following is a list of relatively few women who used their feminine power to change the world and received some recognition or fame for it. But the majority of us remain out of the history books because of what we do. We are mothers, nurturers, creators and supporters. We are the stabilizing force in families and ultimately countries.  What we do is indispensable.
   To get a little better idea of what some of us have endured and also contributed, let’s look at a tiny sampling of women who have used feminine influence to improve the world outside their homes.
1. Adi Roche - Founded an organization that helps orphans of nuclear disaster.

2. Abigail Adams - Mended the rift between two former U.S. presidents.

3. Azie Morton - Valued education and gave back to her community.

4. Aung San Suu Kyi - Dedicated her life to freeing Burma from an oppressive dictatorship and creating democracy without violence.

5. Carrie M. Thomas - Pioneer and model for women in education.

6. Corrie Ten Boom - Risked her life to help hundreds of Jews escape during WWII.

7. Malala Yousafzai - Speaks out for the rights of girls to have an education.

8. Visaka Dharmadasa - Works to ease the horrors of war in Sri Lanka.

9. Sacajawea - Guided Lewis and Clark across the Northwest Territories. 

10. Robin Lim - Devotes her life to the birth experience so that all humans are born with an intact capacity to love.

11. Queen Emma - Left a legacy of hospitals and schools for the people of Hawaii.

12. Harriet Tubman - Organized the Underground Railroad and helped lead slaves to freedom.

13. Clara Barton - Started the American Red Cross. Known as the "angel of the battlefield."

14. Chi Nguyen - Honored for helping street children in Vietnam.

15. Dr. Hawa Abdi - She is a Somali doctor who built a hospital, risked her life to help others and is a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.

16. Dorothy Humbert - Inspired her family when she went back to college in her 70's.

17. Immokalee Ilibagiza - Inspires thousands of people around the world by teaching her experiences of discovering God during the Rwandan holocaust and learning the power of forgiveness.

18. Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson - African American mathematicians and engineers who worked at the National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) during the space race. They calculated space trajectories for Project Mercury and other missions. Their calculations were critical to the success of many missions.
   This list is small compared to the multitude of heroic women who are our fellow sisters.  It does not include the millions who are not famous but who have risked their lives in defense of others and the ones they love, are loyal, hardworking and pillars of feminine strength. Perhaps you are one of them.

I Have Never Been Happier

Richard Forsyth

Wife Smiling at Husband.jpg

~ From an Anonymous Contributor, 

   I feel a person either wants to make their marriage work or they don’t. After 10 years, I still wanted mine to work so I have tried hard to live Fascinating Womanhood. I read the book last summer and started practicing it.

   My husband is still wondering what kind of pill I am taking. “Whatever it is” he said, “I hope they don’t run out.”

   I know and believe that Fascinating Womanhood principles work. My husband hasn’t spoken a cross word to me for months. He comes home earlier than he has in years. Being a sales representative, he can manage this, yet in the last six months, his earnings have increased each month. He can’t seem to do enough for me. I could go on and on.

   I have never been happier or had a happier family. I read once that a person only has a few minutes and a few days and a few years to spend time making their family happy. I know if you throw that away, in the end, you have nothing. Thank you, Fascinating Womanhood.

Success Story From Colorado

Richard Forsyth


~ By an Anonymous Contributor, 

   As far as my husband was concerned, I felt I had been grossly short changed, and was floundering and frustrated.

   Today, the grass is greener, my work is lighter, and our economic problems eased because I have a wonderful husband! Yet he is the same man I had yesterday! 

   Thanks to Fascinating Womanhood!

I Had Almost Given Up on my Marriage

Richard Forsyth


~ By an Anonymous Contributor, 

   Before taking Fascinating Womanhood, I had practically given up on my marriage. In fact, two days before my first class, I had consulted a lawyer about getting a divorce from my “unbearable” husband. He drank too much, had no interest in us, and each weekend would take off to some extravagant city and spend his entire paycheck.

   When he learned I had seen an attorney, he begged me with tears in his eyes not to leave him. “I’ll change, I’ll do anything!” he pleaded. Finally, I was satisfied, for he had promised to change.

   Then I had my first Fascinating Womanhood lesson on accepting him at face value. I had to admit that I make mistakes too. Could the fault be partly mine for not accepting him?
I went home and told him I accepted him the way he was. I said I had made a lot of mistakes in our marriage and would sincerely try to do better.

   A wonderful, though shocked expression appeared on his face and he said, “You mean, I can go spend all the money and you won’t care?” “If you still want to after I’m fascinating, go ahead,” I said with a smile. Things were better already.

   He hasn’t gone out one time since I’ve been practicing this philosophy! I still have a lot of work to do on all phases of it, but our marriage has become better each week, with each lesson. I only hope I can keep improving and may eventually earn his celestial love. Thank you for showing me the way.

He Shook Beside Me

Richard Forsyth


~ From an Anonymous Contributor, 

   After 20 years of marriage, I began applying Fascinating Womanhood. When I told my husband one evening that I accepted him at face value, he was so moved that he shook beside me. I also pointed out some specific manly traits that I admired about him.

   From this point on, he has wanted me to go out to the barn with him and talk while he milks the cows and has taken me to the lake to look at the moon. I have been able to turn the money worry over to him. It has been a terrible thorn in our marriage for years. 

Vintage Advice from Helen Andelin (Plus a Success Story)

Richard Forsyth


~ By Helen Andelin, 

   We keep stressing acceptance since it is so important to a happy marriage. Without acceptance, the rest of Fascinating Womanhood is like “sounding brass”.

   When acceptance is sincerely applied, it brings about the most fantastic wonders. When not lived, it can cause the relationship to be “out of commission”. It is like putting sand into a machine.

   The trouble is that a woman can accept her husband one week, and then the next week she peeps into the door of his faults and before she knows it, she is out there again, looking at his bad side and losing her Fascinating Womanhood charm along with it. At this point it can be pretty discouraging for she will feel like she has to start all over again. Here is how one woman bounced back.

Bouncing Back Again

   It was final exam week at the university just prior to my husband’s graduation. It had taken him seven years to complete college as he had to stop and work full time every so often to support our growing family.  He held jobs while attending school also and held positions in church as well as carrying out home responsibilities. He had had many moments of feeling sad and discouraged. He couldn’t see his accomplishments. All he could see was the time it had taken him to get through college.

   I hadn’t helped much. The only time I praised him was when he had problems, and then I didn’t do it in the right way. I thought I was helping by pointing out his mistakes and ways to do better.

   One the day my sister-in-law enthusiastically told me about Fascinating Womanhood, I started reading it chapter by chapter and applying it to my life.

   When I got to the first assignment---to accept a man at face value, I was just thrilled because it told exactly how to do it and what to say instead of just “do’s and don’ts”.  I read it over and over again and when my husband came home I was all worked up about it, yet so nervous I was almost trembling.

   I told him I was glad he was the kind of man he is and that I could see I hadn’t understood him in the past, admitting I had made many mistakes and that I was glad he wasn’t putty in my hands, but had the courage of his convictions.

   It was just like turning on a radio. His expression changed and his whole being seemed to be affected. He started radiating happiness instead of misery.  He treated me like a queen. He even started opening my car door for me!

   The other day, he took me to our dream home site and told me what wonderful plans he has for me and our family (we have five children). He is in summer school now and thought he would only be home twice, but he has made it home every weekend. He told me I was the loveliest wife in the world.

   Thank you so much for making me the person I’ve always wanted to be. I feel like a queen in my castle again!