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This blog page has been launched to promote femininity and female empowerment, and to raise visibility of Fascinating Womanhood: an international femininity movement and guide to help women make their marriage into a lifelong love affair in the bestselling book written by Helen B. Andelin.  

Feminine Power - Why it’s not a compliment when a man says we “have balls.”

Richard Forsyth

   The other day I read an article where an A-list male movie star gave a dubious compliment to a women celebrity by Tweeting out “She has balls”, referring to a political stance she had made.

   When I read that, I sort of cringed and began to contemplate why I always have that reaction. It’s supposed to be a compliment right? Then I understood.
Women not only do not have that body part but, we have no need of them, even figuratively. Besides, that word is a bit crass, don’t you think?

   Have you ever thought a “compliment” like that is actually an insult to a woman? Though usually uttered as a positive, it’s like someone said “Hey! You have courage! That’s a masculine trait, like we have. Feminine women don’t have that.” Without “balls”, does this male celebrity assume, even without being conscious of it, that women aren’t brave or strong? I’m not a feminist. Not remotely. But I also take issue with the notion that to be strong, we must possess male physical or emotional strength. There are more types of strength than the masculine or physical kinds.

   Feminine power is not masculine power yet it can be incredibly effective. The key to it is influence, not brute force, armies, sales tactics or money. It’s the power implemented by Mother Teresa, Princess Diana and many other women throughout history. It includes women like us who figure out a little of our feminine influence and use it for good. It can be used for evil too but, we aren’t interested in that. And the results from the misuse of feminine power don’t tend last anyway so who wants it?

   We respect men and their masculinity. As Tasha Tudor said: “….I’m very fond of men. I think they are wonderful creatures. I love them dearly. But I don’t want to look like one”….

   We don’t need or want to act like them either. We are women. We have feminine power and influence. We don’t require and aren’t even good at wearing masculine power. It takes away from our femininity, which we treasure. If we try to be masculine, we’ll only be a very poor imitation of it. So if anyone ever tries to “compliment” you by telling you that you sure “have balls”, they probably mean well but it’s not really a compliment. Know who you are. Know where your influence has greatest potential. You are a feminine woman.

   Love it and live it with Fascinating Womanhood principles.

Fascinating Womanhood Success Story - Hope

Richard Forsyth

~ By an Anonymous Reader

   My husband is still going through with the divorce which he applied for two months ago. It has been 3 ½ months since he left me and told me that he had never loved me. He wanted me to find someone to make me happy.

   We were married 21 years and had many problems and heartaches. Before Fascinating Womanhood, I had criticized my husband and belittled him so much that he became a shell of a man without any potency. 

   Since Fascinating Womanhood, he does things for me without my even having to ask. He even stayed overnight and slept on the sofa. He talked about many things and kissed me more passionately than he ever has. He talked about the car he is buying that I will be able to drive. He said he would take me on a weekend fishing trip and even asked me to go on a two-week vacation with him this summer.

   Although these things are beautiful, I still have to work on my health and to become a much better person. He has to have more time away from me to think things out and get rid of all the bitterness and resentments which have come between us.

   There are no promises, and if I just don’t push him he may be back in six months or even a year. I have faith that things will turn out for the best.

   Thanks to your class, my views on life have completely reversed themselves. I am enjoying life again.

This couple reconciled about two months after the letter was written. They report that they have never been happier.

Fascinating Womanhood – Formidable Women?

Richard Forsyth

~ By DAF

   I recently purchased the latest issue of Vogue magazine. On the cover it proudly proclaimed in large letters, “Women Rule!” I wondered what exactly was meant by that statement.

   The article stated that progress takes strength and vision and that the women who lead and shape our culture today embody these traits, all sharing an indomitable pioneering spirit. They say we have gained a greater foothold on the places that matter from the White House to the executive suites and Olympic podiums. Okay.

   Then it said Vogue has always celebrated “formidable” women. Formidable? I know basically what that word meant but looked it up just to be certain about its exact meaning. It means “Inspiring fear or respect through being impressively large, powerful, intense or capable.” Just as I thought.  I have no wish to be called “formidable” and I doubt you do either. Please. The first thing I think of when contemplating the word “formidable” is a battleship, or maybe an armored tank.

   Women have all kinds of intellect, courage and ability. But mistakenly believing that our greatest strength lies in taking on any form of masculinity not only diminishes our innate femininity but it marginalizes the real power we have. Vogue, it seems, does not understand feminine power. It’s strange as well as sad because, it’s run by women. They seem to be confused about the real center of their influence.

   The women they celebrate have accomplished a lot. They are athletes, actresses, novelists, even political figures. They are smart, beautiful and successful. They all have some power, yes, but what they are noted for isn’t even the greatest kind of power they have access to. The kind that can truly change and shape nations. The kind that you possess, though it might be still in embryonic form. 

   Feminine power is wielded through our feminine influence, character and example, not through money, brute force, fame or glamour. It involves character, understanding men, charm, our great capacity to love and much more.   It may take longer to produce results at times, but those results can endure long after our own deaths. Don’t underestimate it. Feminine power is a great strength—and we don’t compete with men for it.

   For example, Mother Teresa influenced millions and still does today though she has been gone over 20 years. She didn’t wield armies, wasn’t particularly beautiful and didn’t command a big salary, yet she spoke before presidents and kings. She did become famous but that was never her intention.

   The women of Women Wage Peace (WWP) are trying to bring peace to the Middle East through faith and love, not money or formidable influence. They are steadily making progress. It is born out of the love of their children and their children’s futures.
   When the real history of mankind is fully disclosed, will it echo the sounds of gunfire or the shaping sounds of lullabies? The greatest armistices made my military men or the peacemaking of women in homes and neighborhoods? Will what happened in cradles and kitchens prove to be more controlling than what happened in congresses?

   Each of us holds within us great potential female power, unique to us. We don’t have to compete with men for it, nor does it work that way. We might be famous, rich, beautiful and successful. All these things are fine but never forget it isn’t where your greatest potential strength is. It lies in understanding and developing your full feminine potential.

(Look for more on feminine power in the soon to be released book “Fascinating Womanhood for the Timeless Woman” by Dixie Andelin Forsyth).

Fascinating Womanhood Success Story – The Leaky Roof

Richard Forsyth

~ By an Anonymous Reader

   Fascinating Womanhood lets us stomp our feet and shake our heads. Oh, this is fun!
Getting husbands to do things has been next to impossible, so I thought. By being impatient and nagging, I accomplished nothing! I became a “fix-it-man” in our home, mowing lawns, painting, plug fixing, furniture moving, etc.

   After many days of rain our living room roof leaked along a ten foot section, so trying to let go of the man’s role, I got pots, pans and baking trays and lined the leak along the living room floor.  The family couldn’t cross the room without stepping between the pots and pans. It was hard not to complain or nag and even harder not to go up and repair the roof myself. I bit my lip and held my tongue, which was a record for me.

   That night, I was awakened by what I seemed to be a loud noise. I leaped out of bed, not turning on the lights and rushed into the living room. I stepped on the edge of one of the larger pans of rain water, splashing cold water up my leg and all over my night gown. Thanks to Fascinating Womanhood, I remembered I wanted to be loved and worshiped and not to nag.

   I went outside to check the noise and, finding nothing, returned to the living room, stepping onto another pan, splashing cold water up the other leg and again on my gown. Thanks to Fascinating Womanhood, childlikeness was filling my brain.

   Carefully, I walked back to the bedroom, switched on the lamp and there lay my sweet husband peacefully asleep. I called my husband’s name gently. After awakening him, I stomped my foot, shook my head and said “This is for the wet leg and a dripping nightgown.”

   Startled, he asked what was going on. In a pathetic, appealing voice, almost crying I said, “I’m dripping wet with rain water from a leaky roof.” I said no more. He was too shocked to say another word.

   In the morning I was awakened by foot-steps on the roof. I peeked out and there on the roof was my husband making the necessary repairs. When he came in, I bragged on his muscles and how strong he is and that I didn’t really know about repairs like he did. He had a delightful smile on his face.

   About a week later, hurrying down the highway, I noticed my husband’s truck hailing me down. He had been home and missed me. He presented me with a kiss and a gift—the most beautiful, gorgeous white chrysanthemums with red satin hearts in the center of each bloom. I was so thrilled I could hardly say a word.

   You see, he had not been in the practice of giving gifts nor remembering special days. He had not been brought up this way and wasn’t aware of how much women love being remembered. The card attached had a lovely message, “See dear, I don’t forget, Love, Ron.”

   We hold the keys to our own happiness.

Fascinating Womanhood Success Story - I was the Difference

Richard Forsyth

~ From An Anonymous Reader 

   I just wanted to give you my overall feelings about the Fascinating Womanhood course and what it has done for me.

   My husband is a rarity, I believe. He has always, through our 12 years of marriage, told me he loved me, complimented me and has always been a good provider, protector and head of the house. The difference now is with me.

   Although I have been very happily married and would not have traded my married life for anything else in the world, there is now an inner peace and happiness which I had not experienced before. Fascinating Womanhood has helped me see the importance I should place on my role as wife and mother and just how important that role is. Now I can begin relaxing and enjoying my role. I can quit worrying about the things that aren’t mine to worry about. My husband has noticed the change and has told me. In fact, the other day he said, “You look radiant.” I have to give the Lord thanks for leading me to this point in my life. God bless you and keep you.

Fascinating Womanhood Timeless Principle - Feminine Character: Pride and Prejudice

Richard Forsyth

“You have bewitched me body and soul and I love, I love, I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on”~ Mr. Darcy, Pride and Prejudice

   Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite books/movies. It’s so romantic. I love that Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy realized how their own prejudices as well as pride kept them apart. They both quickly judged the other without putting any effort into the relationship. Whenever we form an opinion without adequate knowledge, experience or reason, we are headed for trouble. Happily, circumstances threw them together in many ways. They turned out to be so perfect for each other. But they needed to improve their characters, even though they were basically both good people.

   Do you ever wonder what would have happened if neither Mr. Darcy or Elizabeth had given in to these pre-judgment weaknesses? They probably would have gotten together much sooner, but then, the book would have been shorter. We enjoyed going through the learning experience with them and improving our own self awareness. 

   Part of what they came to love about each other was discovering their noble characters. We saw this in his service to her and her family. Then she, in turn, served him by helping to repair his image with her family. Thank goodness they were open to learning about each other, despite their original animosity.  

   Our feminine nature can help us avoid forming unfair opinions of others. We are more interested in relationships and it’s easier for us to be humble and want to help.  Successfully eliminating these unmerited judgments will make us more of the fascinating women we want to be.

   We all know it’s an advantage not to be prejudiced or proud. The antidote is actually quite simple. The secret was mentioned above. It’s service.  We love those we serve. It’s one reason we love our children so much. We serve them from the moment they are born. We don’t even get a smile from them in return until they are about 4 weeks old. But we love them to distraction. Another root of prejudice and pride is almost always a lack of understanding and empathy for another person or group of people. This can be handled through experiencing loving service.

   Find some way to help someone or a group of people you find yourself feeling a bit prejudiced toward. You’ll be amazed. We all know that the women who say “Men are all bums” aren’t speaking of men you and I know. And it’s not fair to lump all bad behavior into one bag. Likewise, to say all people of a particular race, religion or whatever are lazy, stupid or criminal is not reasonable. 

   If you actually got to know any particular person deeply, while you might not agree with some of their attitudes or behaviors, you would at least have empathy for their perspective or even pain. You would understand how they got to where they are. In fact, you would grow to love them. It’s true.  Love is at the core of being a fascinating woman. Don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t do it perfectly.  You will be successful just by trying because you will improve.

   Next time you are tempted to think unkindly of someone, try serving them.  Invite them to dinner or make something for them like cookies, bread or soup with no strings attached. That means, if you don’t even get so much as a “thank you” you’re still okay. Find a way to serve them in some way and you might be surprised. You’ll feel less prejudiced towards them even if they don’t respond as you hoped.

“Prejudice is a great time saver. You can form opinions without having to get the facts”~ E. B. White


Do I Take Him for Granted?

Richard Forsyth

   Sue was a beautiful woman. Everyone who knew her though she had it all--a handsome, successful husband, two attractive children and a stunning home. She also had a great marriage. She and her husband Jason went on regular dates and loved spending time together. Yet, like many women, she took him for granted in many ways.

   One day, he didn’t come home. He was tragically killed in a car accident. Sue’s life changed forever. She grieved the loss of her beloved husband deeply and found it extremely difficult to adjust to life without him. She realized very quickly how much she had taken him for granted, even though their relationship was very positive. 

   She began to notice other women and how they would complain about their husbands. They didn’t like this or that annoying habit or thoughtless behavior. She realized she had been irritated by some of her husband’s routines. He used to leave his wet towel on the floor of the bathroom, which irked her and seldom put his shoes away.  Sue confided to a close friend she would give anything to have any of his weaknesses, even more, if only she could be with him again. 

   It’s easy to take someone for granted. We all tend to do it once in awhile, especially with the ones we love most. One of the unique secrets of Fascinating Womanhood is that a byproduct of our feminine behavior actually helps us lessen the tendency to take him, or anyone we love, for granted. We do this as we learn to make him number one, understand and admire him and truly appreciate his strengths—not just focus on his weaknesses. We also learn to be grateful for him every day because we not only know him, but feel lucky to have found such a wonderful man.

   How do you treat the man you feel lucky to be married to?  When you know something is valuable, you take care of it. What did you see in him when you said you would marry him? Is any of it still there? Perhaps the weaknesses you now see seem in the forefront. But perhaps his faults were always there; you just saw his strengths. Perhaps his positive qualities are still there.  Does the fact that you see some faults diminish his core value? Not at all. After all, your mistakes don’t diminish yours. 

   We all have to work in order not to take those we love for granted.  One of the great beauties of learning and living the principles of Fascinating Womanhood is that it helps you take others for granted much less. As we see the beauty and true value of those we feel affection for, we will bring so much love into our relationships. And to ourselves. Not taking others for granted brings great peace as well as joy.

Fascinating Womanhood Timeless Principle - Chemistry Alone Doesn't Last

Richard Forsyth

~ By DAF

"Physical attractions are common. But a mental connection is rare. You need substance to your sexy"~ Anonymous

   Lots of people place great stock in "chemistry" in a relationship. We talk about "sparks flying," an instant connection" or "bonding" with another person. Ever heard of "love at first sight?" Chemistry is important but is only the very beginning of potential for lasting, deep celestial love. It signals a possibility for it; it doesn't herald it or form the substance of it.

   Chemistry occurs in the beginning of teen crushes that come and go like the waves of the sea. Some people say they have no idea why they "fell in love" and will fall out of love just as easily. They imply it's like magic; it comes and goes at will without any act or thought on anyone's part. Have you ever heard: "I can't help who I fall in love with"? 

   There’s that word "love" again. What it actually means is something more like, "I can't help who I find attractive," but nothing really more. It's often a chemical response. Your body can have this reaction in the absence of love. It may just be a temporary Oxytocin rush. 

   There is no such thing as "love at first sight." Not deep romantic lasting love anyway. What is felt is more like infatuation, the potential promise of a deeper love. Life-long intimacy doesn't hit you like a boulder and then one day just disappears. When chemistry is the main glue that holds a relationship together, it can't last when the enduring part of love is left out and not nurtured. Nurturing includes serving the other person, sacrifice and actually getting to know the other person's heart and soul. It is strengthened by successfully going through hard experiences together.

   Some people say you must have sex with a person to see if you are compatible. Sex is the least important part of a relationship; it puts the cart before the horse, it’s like putting your underwear on top of your clothes. Human beings aren't so different that you must find out if you "work" together sexually or else a disaster is imminent. 

   If you don't have a foundation of intellectual (you actually know the person), emotional (you like the person) and spiritual intimacy (you share the deepest meanings of your lives), then trying to create a relationship built on a foundation of physical chemistry won't last. It cannot survive the ravages of time, health problems, and the endless challenges life presents to everyone. 

   For true romantic love to exist and flourish, it must be grounded and sustained on the foundation of character and the levels of intimacy, the last and least important being physical chemistry. It's not that sex is unimportant but it's not the most important thing. 
When your love is appropriately founded and developed, chemistry will not only endure but deepen over time in spite of all the difficulties you will face. In other words, it gets even better.

   With Fascinating Womanhood you can go way beyond chemistry. You will have all the feminine  tools you’ll need to develop a lifelong love affair with your husband. 

Resist the Frump Syndrome: Pizza Clothes

Richard Forsyth

~ By DAF

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”   Coco Chanel

   What are "pizza clothes?"

   These are what you wear when you say to yourself and others, “I give up,” and you just order a big pizza and eat the whole thing. 

   This includes dirty, worn out, shredded (not in a good way) pants,  out of shape, filthy and/or holey sweat pants, old stretched out t-shirts, shredded house slippers (worn in public) or other undignified and just plain ugly things. Don’t just slap on a bandana and call it good.

   You might be discouraged or unhappy but please don’t go out dressed in such a manner unless you have been kidnapped and are forced to wear pizza clothes by a really wacky terrorist. 

   Even if you are poor, you can wear clean clothes that are in decent repair.  Dressing like a hobo undermines self-esteem and encourages unfeminine mannerisms. It fosters an attitude of depression, discouragement, lack of any sort of optimism or faith necessary to a successful life.

   The differing reactions from others may make you feel invisible or, on the other hand, add to your feeling of worth. Put some effort into your appearance. It will make a huge difference in your day and your attitude. Don't diminish any of your positive influence or give away any of your feminine power. You deserve it. You can do it!


Fascinating Womanhood Timeless Principle – Will it Hurt My Marriage to Work Outside my Home after my Kids are Older?

Richard Forsyth

~ By DAF

   Women ask me frequently if it will hurt their marriage to work, even after their children are a little older or even grown and gone. The answer is, it doesn’t have to.

   In my mother’s book, she indicated that having a job or career outside the home could significantly hurt or diminish your ability to live the principles of Fascinating Womanhood. Knowing her as well as I did, I believe she said that primarily as an attempt to protect women, especially mothers, from having to “do it all.” 

   We all know that when women work outside the home, in full or part time jobs, we almost always have to handle double duty. We still accept the greatest share of raising children, taking care of our homes and shopping, plus running errands. Being a mother is a full time job in the first place. Marriages could be affected when our nerves are strained and we have too little time for self care. There are many variables. But what about after the kids are in school or are grown and gone?

   Most women have lots of highly productive years after kids have left home. Some situations require us to work and bring in extra income. The act of working outside the home doesn’t have to be contrary to living Fascinating Womanhood. 

   The key is in living the principles.  

   Always make your husband number one.  Understanding men and admiration consistently have a positive impact. Also, femininity, accentuating the differences and charm  don’t have to disappear because you work for pay. Stick to the timeless values and you won’t go wrong. 

   We live in a time where many feminists have taught their sons that women not only can get jobs outside the home, but should.  I have heard some men and women say they were taught that to be a stay at home mother is to be lazy: watching TV all day and eating junk food. Those children are now grown and have families of their own. Their perception of a wife and mother is often distorted and results in mixed messages. These include things like, “It’s easy and takes little intelligence to raise children and run a home” on top of “pull your weight;” even though women usually pull more than their weight, especially if she is also employed.  

   Here’s another one: “Women need to put career and children first”. That leaves your husband marginalized and invalidated. How many jokes are there about the husband being one of the kids and in the way?  Fascinating Womanhood teaches that your relationship with your husband should always be number one. Everything else follows from that. It’s hard to do that, plus children, plus your home, all the while handling full time employment.

   We need to work to correct this faulty perception taught in their childhood by their own mothers. Priorities have to be set and after all, we aren’t super human. Meanwhile, we need to be tolerant and understanding. Changes in perspective take time and experience.  If you find you need to work for any reason, whether your children are young or gone, you can still be a fascinating woman. You will have to get very good at multi tasking and perhaps scheduling your time but your F.W.  attitude might just be what makes the difference.

Fascinating Womanhood Success Story - I Hated Marriage and Wanted a Divorce

Richard Forsyth


~ Anonymous Reader Submission

   “I’m not very good at expressing myself but I must tell you how Fascinating Womanhood has changed my life. My husband and I married very young. I wanted so badly to be a good wife, the kind you read about in the love stories. I wanted to be fascinating and loving and soft. Only I came from a family where my mother hated housework, cooking, kids—everything womanly. I had no one to copy or to show me how to be who I longed to be. I didn’t fit in my mother’s world or in the feminist world. I looked at marriage with both wishfulness and fear.

   I wanted marriage but I wanted a special kind of marriage, one where outsiders could just feel the love surrounding my family. I didn’t want the kind of marriage I found with all my neighbors and friends with the wife yelling at the man what to do, always yelling, screaming and demanding her way. I wanted more than just a man and woman living under the same roof. Only I felt that maybe the only people who live like this are the ones in children’s bedtime stories.

   Then I met my husband. He was young, but he had good basic qualities and soon he had my heart. I thought with this boy I could have the kind of marriage I dreamed of. Anxious to be a wife, homemaker, and mother we started a family right away. I got pregnant within a few months, just in time to see my dreams all falling apart.

   My husband spent most of his time with the boys. When he was home he was always drinking, yelling and slapping me around. He never asked me to do anything. He ordered. I feared him and almost hated him but I came from a family who believed: ‘You made your bed, you lie in it’. I had nowhere to go and a baby due any day. I felt helpless, trapped, and a complete failure as a woman.  Where had things gone wrong?

   When my baby was born my husband started to change, and I could see part of that person I once loved return. He was a fabulous father, but things didn’t change between us. He still slapped me around, wouldn’t come home every night till ten or later from being out with the guys, and would pick fights when he was home. This went on for four and one-half years. I hated being married. I hated being a mother, and I hated men. I wanted a divorce. My dream of marriage was just that, a dream. I tried so hard to be a good wife. How had I failed?

   One day I was reading the paper and saw an article about Fascinating Womanhood. They described a marriage just like my dream! Maybe, just maybe, I could fit in with them. Maybe they could help me find who I am. I had hit bottom. How I hoped this was my answer to my prayers. I was so hopeful I rushed down to a bookstore to buy a copy of F.W. weeks before classes began. Once I started to read, I knew this was the answer to my prayers! And I decided to start then to live this way.

   All this time I had blamed my husband for our bad marriage. How wrong I was! Bit by bit I started to change, not him—myself! I bought some new, feminine dresses in soft colors with full skirts, let my nails grow, put a perm in my hair. So much for the outside. Now I had to change the inside. I started looking at just my husband’s good points. He was a good father, generous with money, a hard worker, and a good leader. I could go on and on, and I did—to him.

   When I got up in the morning I tried to look at the good things that would happen that day, such as the pretty wild flowers growing , or the beautiful sunset. I thought o f the little things I could do to make my husband happy such as cooking what he liked or writing love notes to him, telling him about the things he’s done or said that made me happy. When he wanted to talk , I made a point of forgetting all else to listen to him, even if it meant turning off the dinner, or stopping folding the clothes. I did these and much more, trying to show him in all ways, at all times, that I accept him as he is as a man and a leader.

   I have been living Fascinating Womanhood for a year and a half now, and you would never believe we are the same couple. He takes me out to lunch, fishing, and almost everywhere he goes. Lots of times we just go for drives or window-shopping. And where before he never bought me presents, even on my birthday or Christmas, now I get presents just because he loves me. Now he enjoys buying me clothes and things for the house. Would you believe we are even thinking about having another baby, an absolute no-no just eighteen months ago! Thanks to Fascinating Womanhood, I don’t dream of a beautiful warm, friendly, and loving marriage. I’m living it.”

Fascinating Womanhood Success Story - He Didn’t Recognize Me

Richard Forsyth

~ Anonymous Reader Submission

   “Fascinating Womanhood is so foreign to my nature that it was difficult to apply. I’m loud, obnoxious, and dominating. My husband and I separated. Now I see why. Then I didn’t. The children were the ones who suffered most. I have a teenager who was absolutely crushed by it. My husband left for another woman, left his job, everything for her. I couldn’t understand it.

   Then a friend gave me Fascinating Womanhood to read. I let my hair grow, let my nails grow, lost twenty pounds, and bought dresses. I’d always been heavy with short, slicked, black-brown hair. I went from a fourteen to a perfect size nine. I bleached my hair like it was when I was young and got a new feminine hairstyle.

   When my husband came to visit he didn’t even recognize me. The children and I applied Fascinating Womanhood. The funny part is that everything I said was the truth. I hadn’t realized what I had. He really is a marvelous man. I just never told him that before.

   The other woman—he gave her up in a week. He has never needed her since. We are very happy and so are the children. Fascinating Womanhood has saved so many lives. I also think my husband’s life is much improved, and I have really benefited.

   I quit work so we could have more time together. I don’t know any knowledge that can change a person’s life so much, can cause so much happiness for so many. I want to thank the author. I owe her so much”.

Happy International Women's Day from Fascinating Womanhood!

Richard Forsyth

   Women are the world's nurturers.  We are the relationship builders and defenders. We bear the world's children and, for the most part, raise them.  We are the binding agent that makes families possible and we keep them running in the worst of times.  

   We motivate our men and provide powerful influence when they need us.  Without us, they would be lost. 

   Outside of the home, we bring our unique feminine perspective to leadership, professional work, all kinds of common and even dangerous labor, and we stand up for what is good and right. 

   We bring beauty, class and grace to the world.  We bring gentleness and courage.  We bring humility and a reminder of what is pure and sacred.  

   We are truly the best of the best that the human race has to offer.  

   We are the gatekeepers of civilization, for without us the world would fall in to anarchy and despair. 

   Thank you women, wherever you may be.  We know what you do and we love and appreciate you for it. 

   From all of us at Fascinating Womanhood, to you women out there, happy International Woman's Day!

In Love and War: A Fascinating Woman

Richard Forsyth

By Nikki Hunter, Authorized Fascinating Womanhood Teacher

   Have you ever happened to notice a woman who has several characteristics of a Fascinating Woman on a television show or in a movie? Though there are several shows and movies in which women display one or two characteristics, it is rare that we see a woman have so many that she is nearly the embodiment of Angela Human! Today I had the joy of catching such a show! It was an episode eight from season six of M*A*S*H*. It’s titled “In Love and War”, and I recommend that any Fascinating Womanhood fan watch it!
   I don’t want to give away too much about the episode, so think it will suffice to say that a Fascinating Woman captivates Dr. Hawkeye Pierce. She exemplified the qualities of: Femininity, Worthy Character, Inner Happiness, and even some Childlikeness. She is one of the best examples, perhaps even the best, that I have ever seen on a television show of a Fascinating Woman living the Sweet Promise.

   If you’re not familiar with the Sweet Promise in FW, it was briefly written of in the chapter “The Feminine Nature” and explained as thus (quoted here with permission):

The Sweet Promise

   “Although men are fascinating by vulnerability in women, there’s a balancing quality they appreciate. A man needs the assurance that, with all of your feminine dependency on him to take care of you, protect, and wait on you, that somewhere hidden within is your ability to meet an emergency. He needs to know that in times of urgent need, you would have the womanly courage, strength, endurance, and ability to solve difficult problems, that you would not, in this case, be helpless. This is known as the sweet promise. It should be somewhere within your character, and he must perceive it is there.” - Helen Andelin

   The woman in the episode is also an example of Fascinating Womanhood for the Timeless Woman’s Feminine Power. Her strength and compassion towards her fellow villagers bettered everyone’s lives, and most likely even saved some of them.

   The effect that the main female character in this episode had on Hawkeye is the effect that many thousands of women who apply several FW qualities have on men in their lives! If you’ve lost that effect, it’s a safe bet that you’ll find it again by brushing-up on the FW traits you’ve let slip. If you’ve never had that effect on a man and want to, keep reading and watching the FW website for updates about new, up-to-date FW books and materials that can guide you to great success and the deepest of happiness in love!

   I hope that you enjoy this episode of M*A*S*H* if you get the chance to see it! Have a fascinating day full of the amazing joys of, and great happiness and fulfillment found in, being a Fascinating Woman!

I Didn’t Love Him Anymore

Richard Forsyth

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~ By An Anonymous Reader

   “George and I have been married for 16 years. The joy I expected in being married ended with ‘I do’. I was sure that if were just tried, we could have a beautiful marriage, even though no one we knew had this kind of relationship. The trouble was George would not try. I read everything I could get my hands on. George would not read it or allow me to read it to him. I would leave magazine articles about marriage around. All to no avail.

   I went to a psychologist six times. He told me ‘I never give advice but if I were you, I would leave him. You will not live more than 10 years if you remain with him.’ But I could not believe that divorce was the answer. Besides, we have 3 children. Besides, I had made a vow for ‘better or for worse.’

   George did not hit me or anything like that and he was faithful to me. But he totally ignored me and the children. He would not give me 5 minutes of his time. He was busy with his work and his own interests. He would not help with the children. If he tied a shoe lace when they were small, he acted like a martyr. He would not take me any place of buy me anything. Money was not for spending except for outright necessities.

   He would get angry at me over little things which would crush me. This hurt so badly. By threat of divorce, I forced him to go to a marriage counselor with me. This really helped change a poor marriage into an okay one. But, there was no joy, happiness or sparkle.

   After 6 months I realized I no longer loved him. It was dead, killed by so many years of neglect and hurt. Can you imagine what it is to clean house, cook and take care of the children of a man you do not love? But George always said he loved me. This was difficult to understand.

   I would remember the lovely friendship we had before we were married. What fun we had together. How we adored each other. I would wonder what happened. I’ve wondered why I married him. Thousands of times I’ve wondered ‘Why did I do it?’

   Last summer a friend loaned me F.W. That very day our marriage began to change from good to excellent. I had thought if he would only change. But it was I who needed to change. I had been trying to change him. I belittled him, criticized him, bossed him in little ways and I was playing mother. I did not admire him (poor guy) and I did not concentrate on his good side. I concentrated on his bad side with a magnifying glass. But I was not all bad. I did keep myself clean, pretty and was a good mother, cook and homemaker.

   After reading F.W. and started to admire him, I felt sort of silly and clumsy. I am not very good at it but that does not matter. He is so hungry for it, it doesn’t matter how I mess up or goop it on. He loves it. I have always met his physical needs: sex, clean clothes, food and clean home. But I have not been feeding his soul. I didn’t know about it. Isn’t that pitiful? Now I try to feed his soul a minimum of 3 times a day. 

   George is delighted with the change in me. Recently he said ‘I can hardly believe I have the kind of wife I’ve always wanted.’ He has taken more interest in the children. He is opening up. He is not stingy. My love for him is coming back. Thank you, Mrs. Andelin, for F.W. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”