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This blog page has been launched to promote femininity and female empowerment, and to raise visibility of Fascinating Womanhood: an international femininity movement and guide to help women make their marriage into a lifelong love affair in the bestselling book written by Helen B. Andelin.  


Richard Forsyth


            By request I've decided to include some timeless principles that are coming out in the new Fascinating Womanhood book early in 2017. Some who have never read the original Fascinating Womanhood my mother, Helen Andelin wrote in 1963  have expressed an interest in knowing just what magic it is that helps us achieve an enduring lifelong romance with the men we love.  


            All people love to be admired, especially men. Some women mistakenly think that if you verbalize too much appreciation for him it will "go to his head" and he will become arrogant or narcissistic. This is not true.

            Sometimes we get confused because, though we like to be admired too, women long even more to feel we are loved while men would rather have an emphasis on admiration. So lots of times we tell him "I love you" which is fine but honestly, he'd more often prefer admiration.

            The most important part in expressing your esteem for him is being specific and sincere. If you simply say "I admire you" that doesn't do it. He might very well say "What do you admire?" You need to have a specific answer. What do men love to be admired for? 

1. Manliness and Chivalry:  This includes his physical strength and protectiveness. Men long to be admired for taking care of us both physically and emotionally. Let him notice you appreciate his strength, his ability to protect you from physical things but also bullies. Look for even small ways he does this and tell him. 

2. Success in his Field: Men need to be appreciated for how hard they try to be successful in their career. They need to be admired for their aspirations and dreams as well as trying every day to make them come true.  He doesn't have to have "made it" for you to appreciate even the small battles he wins. He might even still be in school. He needs to be appreciated for taking the financial risk and commitment it takes to finish a degree. 

3. Courage/bravery: We need men to be courageous if we are tofeel safe in our country. You can also admire him for his courage in his work and in taking care of you and the family. Men take risks in business and in their careers that can be admired. They do a lot of things that are scary. Admire it. 

4. Character: Men love to be admired for their positive traits of character such as being decisive, honorable and steadfast. Being honest is another character trait that often requires courage. 

5. Sense of Humor:  Keeping a sense of humor in life is a great trait to admire. Life can be hard. A man who is steady enough to have a sense of humor through it should be admired for that quality. 

6. Physical: Men appreciate being admired for physical positives, now they look. If he looks good in a particular shirt or pants, tell him. Be specific. If he is tall, admire it. If he is in shape, tell him. If he has great taste in clothes; you get the idea. This is an area where we love being appreciated for the way we look so it should be easy. 

            Throw out the idea that if you admire him, he will become full of himself. Try it. Often. Remember, be sincere. He will sense if you're not. Besides, if you married him or are even dating him, surely you know lots of things about him to admire. You wouldn't be with him if these qualities weren't there. It's easy!