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This blog page has been launched to promote femininity and female empowerment, and to raise visibility of Fascinating Womanhood: an international femininity movement and guide to help women make their marriage into a lifelong love affair in the bestselling book written by Helen B. Andelin.  


Richard Forsyth

   The supposed stated goal of feminists has been to make us equal to men and also to enable women to be strong. It has failed at both goals.  It undermines women, men and all of society.

   There are news stories all the time about women claiming they want "equality". Do they mean equality or, sameness? Obviously, we are not the same. No decent person opposes the concept of equality of the sexes. Radical feminists think equality means everyone is the same, which is ridiculous.

   For example, to expect a 5-foot 100 pound woman to carry a 100 pound pack on her back during military training is not fair when a 6' 180 pound man carries the same weight much more easily. But if they are expected to be equal, they should carry the same weight regardless. This is where sameness and equality break down. Not only is he taller and weighs more, he is naturally stronger than she is, even if he were the same height and weight. Maybe the military is saying to us "You wanted to be in the military and say you are equal (the same); go for it". Most would agree this type of "equality" is not what they had in mind since we are so different (on top of that, we have monthly periods that affect our physical and even emotional strength).

   The other goal--that of empowering women to be stronger has done the opposite. They constantly complain of sexism and discrimination because they are women.  It keeps us in a constant victim status. People who think of themselves as victims are rendered weak.

   In countries such as Saudi Arabia, it takes actual strength to be a feminist since even their laws are against them.

   But in free societies, feminism has created a culture of some of the weakest women in history. Our grandmothers were far stronger than women today. The more ardent the feminist, the less strong she is. Today, too many feel the need to retreat to “safe spaces” and need “trigger warnings” to alert them they may read something that disturbs them. Modern feminists are afraid of life and differences of opinion.

   Recently, a female Olympic athlete said she valued her role as wife and mother more than her career. She got severely criticized by feminists. They regularly use words like “sexist” and “misogyny” that reinforce the conviction that women are weak.

   Women today who are truly strong are those of us who boldly announce that we aren’t afraid to say we want to marry a good man and raise a family. It’s sad we must be strong enough to stand up to those of our gender who would emotionally crucify us for choosing to be a stay at home mother. Somehow we have to defend our right to embrace this career that is harder and takes more creativity and strength than any other paid profession.

   Feminine women, those of us who value ourselves, our husbands and children have the true strength of womanhood. We stand up to ridicule by some of our own gender for being uniquely womanly, different than men but possessing true feminine power, dignity and charm.

   We might work outside the home; we might not. But we don’t think of ourselves as victims or that we need to look like or act like men to be validated.