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This blog page has been launched to promote femininity and female empowerment, and to raise visibility of Fascinating Womanhood: an international femininity movement and guide to help women make their marriage into a lifelong love affair in the bestselling book written by Helen B. Andelin.  


Richard Forsyth



   You’d think, with so many books out there on self esteem and psychology, that all women would feel valuable. But we don’t.

   In the past 100 years, in spite of the feminist movement that claims to be working for the benefit of women, our gender has been even more marginalized; often by others of our sex. We are every bit as valuable but so very different from men. The attempt to blur our gender with masculinity has left us even more confused about who we really are and our immeasurable worth….just as women.  In my new book “Fascinating Womanhood for the Timeless Woman” I have a chapter entitled “Your Immeasurable Worth”. I’d like to share a few of the highlights that are unique to us. 

“Sometimes it’s necessary to re-teach a thing its loveliness” ~ Galway Kinnell

1. We are the world’s mothers.  This is one quality that is totally unique to us. We don’t just give birth to every person ever born but overwhelmingly, women raise earth’s people from the lowliest to the most powerful political figures or scientists. Whether you ever have a child or not, this sacred gift connects you to all other women.

2. We are nurturing. Thank goodness for this one. It’s very important in mothering to be able to nurture. We do this really well since it comes naturally to most of us. Fortunately, this trait carries on throughout our lives and we are able to extend our warmth to others in the form of humanitarian work, caring for the poor, our neighbors and even strangers.

3. We are protective. This is another quality that we have in spades. It is also a great one for raising children but carries on throughout our lives. We are protective of our loved ones, our friends and those we see in need.

4. We love romance and the idea of being in love. Why is this valuable?  Being in love and developing a lifelong love affair with the man you adore benefits not only yourself but even society. Strong marriages and families are the backbone of any country. The fact that we love romance and being in love is a huge motivation for us to work on ourselves and become better at being great companions. Besides, it’s one of the greatest experiences anyone can have; being in love.

5. More of us have strong character. Most women are interested in doing what’s good; what’s right. There are many wonderful and strong men of character but statistically, there are more of us with this quality. We tend to be humble as a gender. Maybe it’s because the job of mothering requires so much humility. We get used to doing things that are thankless though necessary. The world needs more people who are honest, hard working and want to do the right thing.

6. We like to make our homes beautiful. Men can be good at this too but more women are willing to put in the work necessary to thoughtfully consider how to arrange a room, where to hang pictures and create the homey atmosphere we all love to live in. We love pretty things. The world is so much better off with feminine women around.

7. We have courage. Men have courage too but theirs is of a different kind than ours. Feminine courage manifests itself when we take on tough tasks in spite of knowing we start out smaller and not as physically strong as our male counterparts. It takes great courage to give birth, to give up our most youthful years to the raising of children. Just like women in countries such as Saudi Arabia who are brave when they stand up in a chauvinistic society and lobby for women to be able to drive or get an education. Women in western cultures evidence courage when we take on detractors to our femininity. There is a lot of that nowadays. I admired the Olympic gold medalist who had the courage to say she valued being a mother even more than her career.

8. We are sensitive. This is a great strength for us. It allows us to be perceptive and responsive to others’ needs quicker than those who tend towards insensitivity. Men can be sensitive too; but more of us are. Can you imagine a world without feminine sensitivity?

9. We are good at multi-tasking. This is a great one. More women are able to do several things at once. We can talk on the phone, listen for the mailman, keep an eye on the oven and stir a pot all at the same time. This is part of our unique feminine brain structure. It’s a whole chapter in my book. It’s really interesting.