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This blog page has been launched to promote femininity and female empowerment, and to raise visibility of Fascinating Womanhood: an international femininity movement and guide to help women make their marriage into a lifelong love affair in the bestselling book written by Helen B. Andelin.  


Richard Forsyth

   When I looked up power on the internet it said “The ability or right to control people or things; possession of control, authority or influence over others”. Interesting. This definition is actually a description of masculine power.

   Did you know there is feminine power too? It doesn't even have a definition that I could find. A woman's power is actually exercised through our unique influence rather than by using the masculine counterpart.

   Masculine power isn't about brute force but can include it at times, such as in war. It's also the use of persuasion, using money as leverage and sales tactics. The thing about male power is that it very task oriented and doesn't overly concern itself with feelings.

   Feminine power can be even more successful than male power since its effects are longer lasting. But you must understand it. It involves not forcing things or people to change but rather through influence it causes them to want to change. Very different. It's like having a door opened for you rather than pushing through it.

   Why not just use masculine power? It’s easier isn’t it? Not necessarily, and we aren’t as good at it. We pay a price for marginalizing our own natures. Our influence is used best through our femininity and character. Not selfish manipulation. It is nurturing, caring, empathetic and bonding as well as other essential elements. Perhaps it's so subtle-- this is why it isn’t even recognized as power at all. Yet it is.  And it has the ability to last.

   What power did Mother Teresa have? She didn't command armies or have an impressive expense account. Yet her influence is still thriving today, years after her death. She used feminine power.

   Another woman who exercised feminine power was Princess Diana. She was a lady before she married Prince Charles yet she unintentionally, nearly toppled the monarchy. When Queen Elizabeth didn't immediately come out and make a statement after Diana died, there was such an outcry from the millions of people who loved her, there was talk of getting rid of the monarchy altogether. The people demanded that flags be lowered over Buckingham Palace, something that hadn’t happened when someone of her station passed away. Diana had a profound influence on the world and still does through her sons.

   There are many more examples of women who have been influential through their use of our unique power. This is a whole chapter in the new book "Fascinating Womanhood for the Timeless Woman".

   Let's not forget the great power we have. It is unique to you as a woman. We can accomplish much more when we learn and exercise our feminine influence than when we take on most aspects of masculine power.  It isn't as lasting and doesn't work as well for us.