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This blog page has been launched to promote femininity and female empowerment, and to raise visibility of Fascinating Womanhood: an international femininity movement and guide to help women make their marriage into a lifelong love affair in the bestselling book written by Helen B. Andelin.  

Elections and the Pro-Feminine Movement

Richard Forsyth

        In America, it is often taken for granted that if you support women’s causes, you are a feminist, a liberal or a socialist.  Of course, political parties always try to demonize their opponents, and there are certainly at least would-be champions of feminine causes throughout the political spectrum. 

     Today, America is in the middle of a heated political election.  Many viewpoints are being discussed, but one issue in particular resonates with Fascinating Womanhood. Who is truly representing women’s interests?    

     Is it in the interests of the average woman to pay more taxes, to have a bigger government that makes more decisions for her life, to increasingly surrender decision making to nine un-elected lawyers (SCOTUS) in the capital instead of letting local elected government decide through a democratic process, to support increasing disregard for the law of the land in favor of fad politics?  Or is it in the best interests of the average woman to support lower taxes, more freedom to choose, and yes, more responsibility for those choices?    

     We believe that a strong government that can be trusted can be of great benefit for the average woman.  But do you really trust your government?  Is it worth surrendering freedom for temporary convenience that may enslave and bankrupt generations of our children to come?  Does anyone really deserve anything for free, especially at the cost of seizing it by force from another person who likely worked hard to earn it?   

     We support your right to vote your conscience, and we encourage you to be involved in the political process.  But we also encourage you to think deeply about what and who you are voting for; and not just for you today, but for your families and communities in the future. We believe that women are highly capable and make wonderful leaders at home and in the public or private professional spheres. We have no need to act like (or look like) men to be counted equal. Be as girly and feminine as you please, there is nothing weak in it--this is in fact the source of your God-given strength!

      Never support a politician who would limit your freedom of dignity or your place in society and the home. Be wary of any politician who excuses unfaithfulness in marriage, who argues against your capacity for self-determination, who urges that you need less freedom to be a good citizen, who does not encourage dignity and femininity for all women!

     At Fascinating Womanhood, we support the Pro-Feminine movement; the ideology which stands for equal opportunity, not forced outcomes; the notion that women do not need to evolve to be valid; that feminine women have as much a right to respect, dignity, and self determination as anyone else. This is not the traditional feminist perspective. We actually like men and love being women! Ask your politician if they support the Pro-Feminine movement today!  If they don't know what that means, please direct them here.  


- FW Committee