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This blog page has been launched to promote femininity and female empowerment, and to raise visibility of Fascinating Womanhood: an international femininity movement and guide to help women make their marriage into a lifelong love affair in the bestselling book written by Helen B. Andelin.  

Men's Studies? Or... Androgyny Studies?

Richard Forsyth

    One of our wonderful teachers, Nikki Hunter, sent me an article about a college that is offering “Men’s Studies” as part of their curriculum. I got excited at first because I assumed it was supporting men being more masculine; just what we need! A perfect complement to us being more feminine.
    After reading it more carefully, Nikki and I both realized it actually was promoting a “broader definition of what it means to be male”. In other words, more of the now stale sameness disguised as “equality” between the sexes. Seriously?
    The word” equality” is often used, just like “pro-choice” to put a positive spin on something that is actually disturbing and dysfunctional. In the case of pro-choice, what sounds like support of all women in their right to freedom, in reality is acceptance and even encouragement of a mother to have her own unborn, defenseless baby killed. What is really meant by equality is, in fact, the attempt at sameness. Sameness?  As though we need more of that.  If articles on equality actually were written to say what they really mean they would say something like, “men and women are the same; they are interchangeable”. There would be more people who said “What? That’s ridiculous”. We are not the same. Not remotely. 
    All we have to do is look around to see androgyny everywhere, both in attitude as well as dress. I’ve never seen so many people where it’s impossible to tell if they are male or female. I’ve also never seen so much unhappiness, broken marriages and shattered relationships. Clearly this philosophy of androgyny doesn’t work.
     What we really need is more femininity and more masculinity. More women who are actually proud and happy to be women, embracing all the adjectives that go with it; charming, dainty, girlish, delicate…all of them! We have our own areas of strength that are different than men’s. We need more women who love their husbands and families and who are a positive influence in the world. Feminine influence is a great power that is largely not understood or even known today. As Nikki eloquently stated, “The power, strength and glory that is unleashed by living as womanly women, far surpasses any power of feminism”.
 We need men who are masculine and protective, who enjoy providing for their families and who are willing to go to battle for us when needed. 
The article goes on to say men would be so much better off if we could eliminate their deaths from violence (such as in war?). Just how do they propose this will be achieved? Of course we would all love for no one to have to die prematurely, let alone in conflict.  Unfortunately, we will always have war in the world as long as people are evil and want to prey upon others. We need men who are willing to fight these battles, who are mature and physically and emotionally strong; men who care for us and protect us where we can’t. Our relative physical weakness compared to men’s is not a matter of opinion, but fact.  We rarely (if ever) hear of a man being raped by a woman.
    At Fascinating Womanhood we support men being masculine and women being feminine. It’s the only way marriages can be truly happy and families and countries survive.

*The above photo had a quote beneath it that said “This is what every human should be”.