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This blog page has been launched to promote femininity and female empowerment, and to raise visibility of Fascinating Womanhood: an international femininity movement and guide to help women make their marriage into a lifelong love affair in the bestselling book written by Helen B. Andelin.  

My Nemesis

Richard Forsyth

     I waited the other day for a man to finish his routine on an exercise machine at the gym.  He left it calibrated to a weight far heavier than I could lift, but he was much older than me.  He was very thin and bent forward as he walked away with a cane.  I initially felt a little wounded that he could out-lift me, but later laughed about it all.  My husband teased me a little by referring to the man as “my nemesis.”   

     I was reminded by this experience that even though I am in good health and work out, I am not as strong as most men, even ones quite a bit older than me.  I believe this is true of most women.  Women can become quite strong through exercise and diet.  But when compared to men's physical strength, most women can’t really compete.  

     But we don’t need to be alike.  Women are strong in their own unique ways, and it’s good that men and women are different.  We complement each other and we really don’t need to compete.  

     Don't fall in to the temptation to compete in areas you are not meant to.  Embrace your femininity!