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This blog page has been launched to promote femininity and female empowerment, and to raise visibility of Fascinating Womanhood: an international femininity movement and guide to help women make their marriage into a lifelong love affair in the bestselling book written by Helen B. Andelin.  

A Fascinating Womanhood Success Story

Richard Forsyth

By Anonymous

Feminine Wiles and Ways

                I was raised on a farm and worked like a boy, gardening, doing chores, etc. I never had any frilly feminine things as a girl and never thought such things necessary. Perfume, nail polish, eye makeup, frilly lingerie were for fancy town women who never did anything useful or helped their men.

                I married my husband with the idea of making him into something acceptable. I thought he should appreciate my efforts. He had been dominated a great deal by his father and so took a lot of my bossiness without comment. Between his Dad and me he's never really had a chance to be himself. I felt responsible for what he did and he let me.

                I worried about money and church. He blithely spent whatever he liked, writing out checks, going into debt. His family was not religious, mine was. I tried to get him to go to church and he did but embarrassed me by acting bored. He continued a few bad habits he'd promised to break before weremarried. In spite of this we had a pretty good marriage. We were in love and thought our problems were normal ones. But our quarrels grew more frequent and violent. Money was the main bone of contention along with his refusal to give me things I thought rightfully due me.

                Worry over money was making me old before my time. He refused to try to get a really good job after getting fired from an excellent one. I tried to budget on what little was left after his weekly pocket expense and check writing. I bravely chased and bribed creditors. I even left my three little kids and went to work.

                But while I worked, he spent enough on dog food, ice cream, cola, treats for buddies, car repairs, gas, etc. that our rent checks bounced and we ended up nearly three hundred dollars in the hole. The way things were going, separation was inevitable. I had plans to leave him as soon as the kids were in school.

                About this time he became active in scouts at my insistence. Soon we had scouts coming out our ears. He spent so much time with them we hardly saw him. He broke promises of carnivals with me and the kids to go hiking with the scouts.

                I was taking a chorister class once a week and the night of my first class my husband was planning to stay home and paint the floor on my back porch for me. When I got home I found he'd called three of the scouts to do it so they could get their floor painting merit badge. Not only was the floor painted but the walls were spattered. It looked awful and I was furious!

                The very next night a friend told me about Fascinating Womanhood. I know we would have separated by now without it. My husband is a changed man now. I've never been so blissfully happy. Freedom, acceptance, praise, feminine wiles and ways and love; these are my secrets. It's really fun to be a feminine woman. I'm hardly unfulfilled.

                My husband has an extremely good job now and he loves it and is making much more in one week than he used to in two. His love and consideration for me has doubled. It is apparent in all he does. He acts romantic as a school kid. He brings me presents, helps me with the dishes occasionally and our love life is wonderful. I couldn't ask for more!