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This blog page has been launched to promote femininity and female empowerment, and to raise visibility of Fascinating Womanhood: an international femininity movement and guide to help women make their marriage into a lifelong love affair in the bestselling book written by Helen B. Andelin.  

The Real War on Women

Richard Forsyth


~ By Dixie Andelin Forsyth, 

   We hear all the time about a “war against women”—glass ceilings, equal pay, leaning in, abortion on demand, toxic masculinity and pressure to be more like men, etc.  Some of these matters are valid but are not the foundational problem. In reality, the core of this war is something quite different.

   The three major subjects of this war primarily target:

   The Family
   The real war has to do with a concerted effort to convince women to believe they need to be more masculine—which, if we do that, ends up making us less feminine and more like second class “men.”

   There is a war on femininity, the value of women, our role as the gatekeepers of civilization, motherhood, and our families. Being a feminine woman is linked to being weak, uneducated, even less intelligent.  Feminine is who we are at a core level. To be a true feminine woman, we must be brave, strong, and intelligent. We give birth to all the people of the earth, even the most powerful and great. We also raise most of them, in our own homes, daycare centers, and in early childhood education classes. 

   Motherhood is a big target in this war. Women who want to nurture their children and create a happy home as a wife and mother are made fun of, ridiculed and mocked by those who have no respect for women. Many of these people who taunt us are other women who claim to be very open, loving and pro-woman. They seem to only accept women with their twisted point of view.

   Families make up the foundational building block of civilization. Nations can’t endure for long without healthy families with loving parents who provide a safe home environment. They must also provide an atmosphere for children to grow up learning how to be good citizens who have strong moral character and understand the need for honesty, respect, and honor in this crumbling world. Paid care-givers can’t, and don’t, provide what healthy families can provide, nor were they ever meant to take on this responsibility. They will never love our children the way dedicated parents do—in fact, they might not even like our children. There is no guarantee.

   The other major area of this war is an ongoing attempt to try to take away or neutralize our gender—to make men and women the same, rather than separate but valuable partners, one masculine and the other feminine.  This toxic philosophy undermines women as well as men and destroys families. It’s often skillfully done by encouraging people to feel guilty about not accepting, as normal, dysfunctional behavior that can’t work on any long-term basis.
Further undermining femininity, any society that is willing to tolerate, and even applaud, a national magazine that proclaims a man as “Woman of the Year” is, in effect, saying that there isn’t a single woman in the country worthy of the title. So, they must choose a man, who, through surgery and hormone therapy, poses as a woman.  The underlying message is: “Men have always been better than women. Now, we are even better women than they are.” People who promote this inadvertently support these individuals with mental disorders. They undermine the first building block of society, the family.

   Years ago, my husband had a patient—a boy who thought he was a lizard. His parents would find him slithering around through the bushes and his tongue would dart in and out, mimicking this reptile. What would have happened to this child if his parents were encouraged to treat him as though he were a lizard? The real issue was an autistic spectrum disorder and with help, this child had a better chance of having a life.

   The answer to all this confusion and dysfunctional behavior in real war on women, is for us to focus on three things: 

   ~ Re-claiming femininity.

   ~ Inspiring masculinity in the men around us.

   ~ Building on this foundation with the timeless principles of Fascinating Womanhood, we            can do our part to create lifelong love affairs with our husbands. We can then have a solid        foundation for building healthy, dynamic families.

   Women are the gatekeepers of civilization. When we get back on track, the power of femininity can heal not only marriages, but nations, and the world.