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This blog page has been launched to promote femininity and female empowerment, and to raise visibility of Fascinating Womanhood: an international femininity movement and guide to help women make their marriage into a lifelong love affair in the bestselling book written by Helen B. Andelin.  


Richard Forsyth


   In our ongoing support for mature masculinity, we are going to feature brief bios on men we respect and revere as manly men who are an inspiration to us and others. I am starting it out with a tribute to my husband, Bob. He is not only my ideal of what developed masculinity looks like, but exemplifies this throughout his personal as well as professional life. We welcome any of you who have a story of your own. It could be about your husband, father, son, uncle, or anyone you personally know well. Please include a photo of this masculine hero along with the bio of why you believe he is a masculine man.

Robert  D. Forsyth

   Bob has been my hero and exemplifies what a mature masculine man is like from before we even got married. I could write a whole book about what a great example and wonderful man he is. But for now, I’ll list some of his many qualities of masculinity:

1. He is my hero. He saved me emotionally many years ago by believing in me when I didn’t really believe in myself. He has saved me countless times since.

2. He has male courage. Women have courage and do brave things all the time. But the courage I am talking about is unique to responsible men. Bob has shown valor in the way he takes on emotionally as well as physically dangerous things.

3. He is protective. I love this quality of his. I feel safe with him: physically as well as emotionally.  He feels this protectiveness for both me and our entire family.

4. He shows male leadership both intellectually and spiritually. This also helps me to feel safe in a world that is increasingly more and more risky. I appreciate that he is not only an intelligent man, but a man of deep faith. He values spirituality and doesn’t just depend on himself for many answers.

5. He is perseverant. He doesn’t give up and has a great work ethic. He makes a habit of “rolling with the punches” and is rarely discouraged.

6. He is a good father and role model.  He not only loves and values our children but he cares about them and is an excellent example. He lives what he teaches.

7. He is an excellent provider.  He not only works hard, but values work—and loves it. He likes to feel productive.

8. He respects women. He has always respected our gender. Even in high school, I remember him telling me he didn’t like it when boys played one girl off another when dating. He never talked about one girl to another and never deliberately tried to hurt anyone. He is kind, thoughtful and cares very much how I feel and if I am comfortable.

9. He cares about all people. I’ve had the privilege of working with him the past few years in his practice and am so grateful I have. I’ve seen how he treats all patients, no matter their age or circumstance. He helps people feel comfortable and treats all with respect and dignity.

10. He is both steel and velvet. Bob is a man who can be in charge, but doesn’t crave it. He is strong and always wants to do what is right. But he has a velvet side that can be sensitive while caring though not a pushover by any means.
   Bob is an ideal man, in my opinion. I am grateful for him every day and try not to ever take him for granted.  Is he perfect? No, but sometimes I forget that he’s not.  He is my everything.
   Women have many of these qualities, in a feminine form. But these assets in men are unique to their gender as ours are to us. We need their masculine qualities and they need our feminine ones.

   There are many more men out there who are mature, masculine men. Let us know who you know who’s one of the best!