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This blog page has been launched to promote femininity and female empowerment, and to raise visibility of Fascinating Womanhood: an international femininity movement and guide to help women make their marriage into a lifelong love affair in the bestselling book written by Helen B. Andelin.  

Resist the Frump Syndrome: Pizza Clothes

Richard Forsyth

~ By DAF

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”   Coco Chanel

   What are "pizza clothes?"

   These are what you wear when you say to yourself and others, “I give up,” and you just order a big pizza and eat the whole thing. 

   This includes dirty, worn out, shredded (not in a good way) pants,  out of shape, filthy and/or holey sweat pants, old stretched out t-shirts, shredded house slippers (worn in public) or other undignified and just plain ugly things. Don’t just slap on a bandana and call it good.

   You might be discouraged or unhappy but please don’t go out dressed in such a manner unless you have been kidnapped and are forced to wear pizza clothes by a really wacky terrorist. 

   Even if you are poor, you can wear clean clothes that are in decent repair.  Dressing like a hobo undermines self-esteem and encourages unfeminine mannerisms. It fosters an attitude of depression, discouragement, lack of any sort of optimism or faith necessary to a successful life.

   The differing reactions from others may make you feel invisible or, on the other hand, add to your feeling of worth. Put some effort into your appearance. It will make a huge difference in your day and your attitude. Don't diminish any of your positive influence or give away any of your feminine power. You deserve it. You can do it!