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This blog page has been launched to promote femininity and female empowerment, and to raise visibility of Fascinating Womanhood: an international femininity movement and guide to help women make their marriage into a lifelong love affair in the bestselling book written by Helen B. Andelin.  

Fascinating Womanhood Success Story - A Prostitute and My Husband

Richard Forsyth

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

   Fascinating Womanhood was, literally, an answer to prayer. I remember when the book arrived at my house. I had been praying that the Lord would show me what I could do to improve myself, wherever I was wrong in my crumbling marriage.

   One day I decided to call an old college roommate whom I hadn’t seen in years. She came over for a visit. When she asked me how my husband felt about the fourth baby I was expecting, I hedged—I knew he was furious about it. I finally broke down and told her he had sued for divorce twice, separation once and that he had gone to one psychiatrist and a marriage counselor.  I had gone to the counselor, hypnotist, our minister, every friend we had and my obstetrician. No one could say any more than either to pray for us or tell us to get a divorce.

   And I had tried so hard!

   Every complaint he had I had done something about. The house was super clean, the children kept quiet and out of the way when he came around. If he said he didn’t like something, I jumped and corrected it. I tried so hard not to act pregnant because I knew how disgusted he was with my situation.

   I had, in turn, mailed him lovely goodbye letters, calling him every name I knew, threatening divorce or never to let him have one. I didn’t answer my phone, had only the children talk to him or run and answer the phone myself on the first ring with the sexiest voice I could muster.  All the tricks women think of usually to handle a man. They brought temporary relief but no change.

   The next day my college friend drove 40 miles to bring me The Fascinating Girl. I read a little in a few chapters and was so excited, I had butterflies.  The next morning, I dumped the children in the car and drove twenty miles to the nearest bookstore to buy both Fascinating Girl and Fascinating Womanhood, seriously damaging the family food budget.

   When I started reading Fascinating Womanhood, I kept it with me all over the house—in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and read it like someone nearly dead of thirst would drink water. My face felt hot and burning when I read about not comparing your man to other men, being happy within yourself, even when he is not, accepting his faults and not trying to change him, looking to his better side. I learned to use childlike anger and how to not allow myself to be stepped on. I learned what criticizing a man will do to him. You can see that I did not understand men at all.

   About a month after I had read Fascinating Womanhood, my husband told me I had changed. He didn’t know how but he sure liked it.

   About four months after that, he spilled out to me that in his utter misery and in our situation, he had picked up a prostitute and had been living with her for three and a half years. She was ugly, uneducated, sick, divorced three times at the age of twenty-four, alcoholic, and wouldn’t hold down a job—other than being prostitute. She had given her only son to her parents to raise.

   But she was fascinating. My husband was like a God in her eyes. His enemies were hers, his friends were hers. She made him feel important and accepted and understood.
When my husband confessed his affair to me I temporarily forgot all about Fascinating Womanhood and completely lost control of my temper. I broke a glass door and ended up getting beaten. My husband left the house, went to a motel and took about two bottles of pain reliever and called his mistress for comfort. Even after he came home and calmed down, he went on secretly seeing her for a couple of weeks.

   But I kept that image before my eyes of taming the terrible tiger with kindness and patience, and eventually the rewards were what I had been praying for the eight years of our marriage. When I began to learn the difficult lessons of how to be fascinating, apparently, the bottom fell out of my husband’s relationship with the prostitute—in fact, these were my husband’s own words.

   I don’t mean to say that these changes were easy to make. My husband had become “addicted” to this woman and I had to be understanding, loving and mop his brow when he lay in bed and shook because he hadn’t talked to her for three days. When he would lapse into moods, or end up referring to her in his conversations, I had to find inner strength and happiness to carry me over and sometimes I would truly give way to despair.
During this period when my husband was trying to rid himself of his “addiction”, he brought home a Bible and started reading it. I was so thrilled. About seven weeks after his confession to me, we were baptized together into our church.

   My husband’s Bible reading continued at a phenomenal pace and he kept growing and growing. He has an understanding of God that few men ever have.

   He has completely built his own business and in five years, he has prospered to the point where he told me he has $200,000 in the bank.

   Thank you for Fascinating Womanhood. I also thank God for sending your message to me and to my family!