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This blog page has been launched to promote femininity and female empowerment, and to raise visibility of Fascinating Womanhood: an international femininity movement and guide to help women make their marriage into a lifelong love affair in the bestselling book written by Helen B. Andelin.  

Why a Fascinating Woman is a Real Woman

Richard Forsyth

~ By Dixie Andelin Forsyth

   Fascinating Womanhood teaches women how to be real women--feminine, kind, and respectful women who understand and admire everyone, including men. Such a woman is charming, has character and is not negative about one of the most important areas in life—loving her husband and children in a genuine and attentive way.

   When a real woman loves her family, she enjoys her personal freedom more as she puts them first.

   A real woman seeks to inspire masculinity in men, but also inspires his kindness, strength and respect for everyone, including women. We have a balancing effect on them, that tends to cause them to adore us but also creates a unique power couple.  

   We don’t need men to be more like women and women to be more like men. In doing so, we belittle both.

   But there are other voices that put forth a feminist as the ideal woman. The problem is:

~Feminists don’t put husband and family first. Careers come first.

~Feminists complain about “toxic masculinity” but assert that women need to become more like men—fierce, competitive and ready to give anybody a “butt kicking” who gets in their way.

~Feminists don’t respect and honor the choices that real women make. They want women to make only certain choices that fit their agenda.

~They are more concerned about equality. For a marriage to be truly successful, it requires the commitment of a real woman to the marriage and family.

~Feminists are victims and dissatisfied and usually angry about something.

~When feminists get divorced, which they usually do since competition relationships don’t last, men are blamed and kids are then used for leverage.

~Feminists always have an agenda and will use whatever weapons they can get ahold of on their husbands as the target.

~Feminists are score-keepers. They don’t give for the sake of love or serve for the sake of serving.
   Fascinating women love their husbands the way they long to be loved and inspire them to be better than they would be on their own. In doing so, we become better and more feminine women ourselves—and thus, happier.

   Fascinating Womanhood has been helping women to be real women for over 50 years.  When you study and apply its many timeless principles, you can have a relationship that truly lasts. The impact of any career doesn’t compare to it. Some think the ultimate glory in life is to impact or change the world. You may not end up in any history book, but you’ll be a beloved part of someone’s history if you’re a real woman.