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This blog page has been launched to promote femininity and female empowerment, and to raise visibility of Fascinating Womanhood: an international femininity movement and guide to help women make their marriage into a lifelong love affair in the bestselling book written by Helen B. Andelin.  

I Had Lost All Love For Him

Richard Forsyth

~ By an Anonymous Contributor,

   The two courses I’ve taken in Fascinating Womanhood have saved our marriage and been a blessing to our whole family.

   As I was cleaning out my desk this week, I found some notes that I had written down concerning my life just a year ago. I had reached a real low in expecting any sort of future for our marriage. I had lost all love for my husband and wasn’t sure that I had much love for our children. I had even considered suicide during that time.

   I am so grateful to God for leading me into experiences that were stepping stones out of a pit of despair and into a life that is such a joy and is so solidly stable.

   The courses in Fascinating Womanhood, which I fought against at first, helped to change me from a self-centered, independent, self-righteous mother and wife to a new person—with a new perspective in all I do.

   As I have really and truly come to accept my husband, I find that my love for him is amazing. Before taking the course, I was constantly criticizing him.

   After I asked him for his forgiveness and let him know how much I do love and accept him, he has assumed the responsibility as a leader in our family for the first time in our marriage of 25 years. It’s a miracle.

   I am so busily enjoying my attempt to fulfill my role as Angela Human that I no longer have time for nagging, self-pity, or criticizing. Our home finally has an atmosphere of peace, order, comfort, love, joy, and acceptance

   My husband is so relieved and relaxed as he begins to realize that he can depend on my love. He plans more fun things to do spontaneously. He handles all the family finances now. He’s had an electric saw for years that he hasn’t used. Suddenly he has begun to build shelves for me—spice shelves, shelves for my sewing accessories, etc. As I admire and appreciate his work, he thinks up more and more to do. It is the first sign that I have ever seen of his really enjoying doing something creative.

   I am a school teacher, and I have applied many of the teachings of Fascinating Womanhood in my work as a teacher. It works miraculously well in the classroom.  I have never enjoyed the teaching so much. And I have never had a total classroom of children enjoy it so much, regardless of their academic achievement. Actually, no child in my class is failing or will be encouraged to repeat the grade—a first in my 25 years of teaching in primary grades.

   The most wonderful part of my life is that I really love my husband so much and I know that he loves me deeply in return. This is the greatest joy anyone can experience!

   As we women change within ourselves—following the steps outlined in this course, we do not lose our individuality or identity—we finally find it with a sigh of relief and unexpected joy.
It is never too late! It really works!