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This blog page has been launched to promote femininity and female empowerment, and to raise visibility of Fascinating Womanhood: an international femininity movement and guide to help women make their marriage into a lifelong love affair in the bestselling book written by Helen B. Andelin.  

The Magic Touch

Richard Forsyth

Magic in the Relationship.jpg

~ From an Anonymous Contributor, 

   Fascinating Womanhood seems to have a “magic touch” in it for me. Prior to reading it, my life was nothing. I hated myself and blames myself for anything and everything. My hatred towards me was bringing an end to my home, children, and husband. I knew he was not a bad man and I really did love him, but somehow, I gave him nothing to love or live for. I emptied his life and broke his heart. Now, I thank God that he did not leave me, because he had every reason to do so.

   Fortunately, another woman came into the picture. Why fortunately? Because there was nothing else that could have told me I was wrong. It opened my eyes and suddenly I realized that there was a reason for him going beyond our home for satisfaction. Now I realize that there was nothing to it at all, but I cried my heart out. Night after night and day after day I was in tears. The condition was so magnified through my upset and turmoil that I began to imagine things. All I got was a picture of gloom.

   I had not realized that I criticized him from morning until night and that I had not accepted him for what he was. I could not stand his habits, his laziness, his smoking, etc. I wanted to remake him to suit me.

   He became a very emotionally ill person from my behavior. I knew he needed me to support him more than ever. He condemned himself for what happened. He said he was not a good father or husband and never would be. He claimed the children and I did not need him anymore—we only tolerated him. He wanted to relieve us of all these burdens by leaving and then we could be happy.

   Each day, the situation grew worse. Finally, the children were torn by the upset and stress in the home. They were only a bother to us both and we had no time for them. How terrible!
At this stage we began visiting a psychiatrist. He was a tremendous help, but not the answer. Many areas of discussion caused more hurt, but we continued to go.

   By this time I began to pray for our marriage. I had no one to talk to anymore. No one but God. I don’t believe I ever prayed as hard in my life as I did then. And then my prayers were answered. A very close friend of mine told me about Fascinating Womanhood. At first, I was not too convinced—how anything could help. We talked together again and she decided to mail her book to me.

   I read the book and cried more but began to practice some of the suggestions. Many areas were very difficult, but I proved to myself that Fascinating Womanhood did have something worth trying. The taste of a better life was enough for me.

   I could hardly wait for the FW course to begin. If my marriage could be saved, I could not lose. When I took the course for the first time, I noticed, as I flipped through the workbook, that we were to sing before breakfast. I was so unhappy I could not sing at all. There was no song left. Now I can sing again, even before breakfast. If the future is as enriched as the past nine months have been, FW is worth every effort.

   As we studied the chapter on acceptance, I could hardly believe the new me. I could go on and on filling the page with his good qualities. To argue with him now is impossible. If I am hurt or upset about something, I can express how I feel and we can discuss it. I could go on about Fascinating Womanhood and what it has done for me. My thanks to Helen Andelin and her wonderful book and may God bless this work. May it spread to every home of discord and divorce. My thanks also goes out to my instructor. Without her, I would have found it much harder to apply. She gave me the encouragement to stick with it.

   My husband is a happier man now. I wish I could turn back even ten years of our married life to undo the things that were so wrong. I thank God that my prayers were answered when they were and that I can make the rest of our years together happy ones. I often say, “Maybe we are going to be a better family because of what happened.” It is even possible that I would not have been so impressed with Fascinating Womanhood if I had not been  faced with the problems I had to endure. 

NOTE: Our testimonials only come from real contributors, most of whom prefer to remain anonymous.  The images we use in association with anonymous stories are just stock supply. We encourage you to share your story so the entire community can grow and benefit.  We promise to keep your details as anonymous as you desire.  Thank you to all you fascinating women out there who continue to contribute.  You are changing the world!