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This blog page has been launched to promote femininity and female empowerment, and to raise visibility of Fascinating Womanhood: an international femininity movement and guide to help women make their marriage into a lifelong love affair in the bestselling book written by Helen B. Andelin.  

Like a Fairy Tale

Richard Forsyth

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~ From an Anonymous Contributor

   Three years ago, a new acquaintance of mine, burst through my front door, exclaiming, “Oh Jaquie! This is the most wonderful book. You simply must read it. It will help you have the most wonderful marriage!”

   Immediately, the bull inside me was thinking, “Who is she to tell me I need a book to help me have a happy marriage? I have a happy marriage. According to national standards, I have an excellent marriage”. But aloud I was saying, “Oh, really? Tell me about it”.

   My friend left the book lying on my kitchen counter. I cooked around it, cleaned around it, and washed dishes around it.  When the water would start splashing, I would think, “Now Jacquie, you’d better put that book away”. But I knew if I put it away, I wouldn’t get it back out and read it, and I knew my friend would be asking me if I had. So, one day in the time that I usually allot to reading the news, I took the most important step of my life except for the decision to marry my husband. I picked up the book, Fascinating Womanhood and began to read.

   I began to read about Celestial love in marriage, love in its highest degree. This was the kind of love I had dreamed of when I was young. But after I married, I realized I had been disillusioned and that it was immature to dream of such love. But here was a book telling me that I can be loved, cherished and adored, that my husband wants to feel that way about me. So I read on and began studying the principles of Fascinating Womanhood. As I began to practice these principles, my life changed dramatically.

   After about 2 years of practicing Fascinating Womanhood, my 17-year-old stepson described our life.  My husband is a doctor of chiropractic and his office adjoined our home. One day I came from the office into our home and our stepson was watching TV and I said, “Don’t watch stuff like that. It’s negative and life’s not like that.” He replied, “You’re wrong, Mother. From what I’ve seen of life, that’s what it’s really like. What you and Dad have here is like a fairy tale.” 

   It is up to us women to make the family strong, and by making the family strong, we make our nation strong. We need to give our children the example of a good marriage, so they will desire a good marriage. We can do this by making the principles of Fascinating Womanhood part of our lives.

NOTE: Our testimonials only come from real contributors, most of whom prefer to remain anonymous. The images we use in association with anonymous stories are just stock supply. We encourage you to share your story so the entire community can grow and benefit. We promise to keep your details as anonymous as you desire. Thank you to all you fascinating women out there who continue to contribute. You are changing the world!