Can FW Really Save Your Marriage?

   I have hundreds of messages from ladies attesting to the effectiveness of FW. My mother had stacks of success story letters tied together with string, some of which I have inherited. FW has been known time and again to help women save their floundering relationships, so we know that it definitely can work. It works in the sense that living (or working on living) these timeless principles will result in you developing your own character, femininity, boundaries and understanding of the men in your life. When you have these components running smoothly, you will find that your relationships are deeper, richer and more rewarding; and relationships are the single most important factor in personal happiness. So, can FW improve your life? The answer is a resounding YES.

   But will living these principles and making them a part of your very soul result in a lifelong love affair with your man?

   Absolutely. I can guarantee to you right now, sitting at my computer, having seen a lifetime of what this Timeless set of principles can do, that you will have that wonderful marriage you seek when you study and fully understand the philosophy and apply it in the way it was meant to be applied. Fascinating Womanhood teaches you what not only makes females irresistible to the male of the species today, but has made us irresistible, indispensable and priceless to them since the beginning of time. That’s why we say these principles are Timeless. Throughout time, they have always been true and effective, but lately have become all but lost and forgotten. We hand you the keys to success (in the most natural and intuitive sense) as a woman, and it’s up to you to develop your unique character and apply the principles as they were meant to be applied. Just make sure to understand this important warning:

   In your quest for a lifelong love affair, there is one crucial ingredient that must be present: a partner with generally good character who is open to the idea of a wonderful future with you.

   We always say in FW that we can’t change another person, only ourselves. The FW philosophy didn’t come about as a method to reform the people in our lives and shape them into what we want them to be. It was developed to help us become the best WE can be, despite the negative influences around us. As I mentioned above, what your success in creating a lifelong love affair hinges on is whether you are married to a basically good man (not one who is perfect by any means, just one who is trying, makes mistakes but is willing to work on improving things). If this good man wants a lasting and loving relationship just as you do, you’re on your way. But even then, it’s important for you to distinguish carefully between the desire to teach, reform or control and how that desire contrasts with your greatest asset: your ability as a woman to influence those around you. Remember, you can influence good people to be better but that is not control.

   To be an influence means to have an important effect on someone or something. If someone influences another person, they are affecting a person or thing in an indirect but significant way. Influences can be positive or negative. But what we’re talking about here is your ability to have a positive influence on those you love, like when your mother influenced you to want to make bread for your family like she did for hers. Or when your loved ones see you always honor your commitments, and they want to be more like you. Or when your friend influences you to try a more flattering hairstyle. It’s not manipulation. People decide to change based on being around others who are role models in some or many respects. It puts the responsibility, but also the power, on ourselves to change for the better.

   When I think of the powerful influences I’ve had in my life, I think first about my parents. My mother’s work ethic was stellar. I don’t think I can ever match hers, but I do try every day. She taught me so many things, such as the importance of good hygiene and cleanliness, the value of creative problem solving, and the power of good character. Even though she has passed on now, her influence is still at work in my life. And so is my dad’s. These types of influences are what can make us great examples to our descendants, even generations from now. Manipulation can’t ever do that. Neither than force or control. Those things simply do not work long-term.

   If you’re with a man who has no interest in doing his part to develop a long-term marriage; a man who lacks basic character and interest in becoming the best he can be, you might not be successful when it comes to your marriage. But here is the good news: living the principles of FW, you’ll still reap the positive reward of the changes you make in yourself. We have laid out a plan that can make you a happier person, a better friend and companion, and someone who leaves a beautiful and lasting mark on society. Whether a lifelong love affair is realized in your life or not, you have what you need to be a truly remarkable woman who is remembered for generations.

   Fascinating Womanhood is always a good idea. It will help you be more at ease with who you are; because you are playing to your strengths. It will teach you to accept others at face value, which will in turn free you from the endless cycle of trying to work on others “for their own good”. It will help you develop femininity as well as your own character, which will help you make better choices for yourself and treat everyone else—especially that special man—in a way that will enrich all involved. FW will help you be a better mother, friend, daughter, and person. And when your man is ready, you absolutely will be able to develop the lifelong love affair with him that you desire. You have all the Timeless keys you need right in your pocket.

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