Love Notes

~ By an Anonymous Contributor My husband had a very insecure childhood. Consequently, he grew up desperately trying to prove himself a man, yet so afraid of marriage and women that he didn’t marry until he was thirty. I, too, was insecure and didn’t know how to be a woman. I tried to treat him […]

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A Single Career Girl Speaks

~ By an Anonymous Contributor All the glamour the world has given to the women’s movement isn’t there that much. Our nations working world, especially at the executive level, is negative-oriented rather than positive or creative oriented.  This is due in part to high inflation, excessive government control, excessive litigation, which has driven insurance rates […]

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Dear Cinderella

By Dixie Andelin Forsyth, 7/12/20 Dear Cinderella, I know your life is hard. Seems like you rarely get a break, and you’re discouraged. Maybe you’ve wondered why you should keep trying. In your weakest moments (we all have them), perhaps you’ve even felt angry and told yourself you deserve better, that your stepmother and stepsisters […]

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