Childlikeness Success Story

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

Childlikeness Success Story by one of our Fascinating Womanhood followers

On childlike response–

About two weeks ago I was making small talk with Scot. We were discussing a local tick problem, which included the children’s dental hygienist who had removed a tick from her 16 year old daughter that morning, making her late for work.

“So Amy’s an older woman?” He’s a detail guy.

“Well, she’s probably my age.” I replied, assuming he considers me youngish.

His response was an affirmative grunt.

“You think I’m old! You meanie!” I exclaimed, honestly ruffled at the thought. Walking away from the kitchen where we were to our bedroom I began to clean while sorting how to handle the situation. I was offended. Childlike response isn’t natural for me, but it popped into my head to try it.

Scot’s heavy boots thumped toward our bedroom as I continued hanging clothes. He had to leave for work and leaned in to say goodbye.

“You don’t want to kiss an ‘older woman’!” I bristled with a pout. “I should have burnt your breakfast burrito, you brute!” I continued with a stomp of my foot. He smiled and tried to pinch me. (That’s when I knew it was working!)

Tossing my hair I stepped back playfully from his pinches. “I think I’ll just burn your spaghetti tonight, you hairy beast!”

He was giggling by now and reaching for me very inappropriately which made me feel anything but old in his presence.

Spanking him as he turned with the dress I was hanging I told him he’d better get to work. Benefits of childlike response that day:

  1. Tension disappeared, relationship restored; not only that, but chemistry was enhanced bc of the interchange.
  2. He was totally amused and learned coming to me (hopefully will continue to) brings positive response, not sulkiness and pouting which is very natural to me.

3. I got what I wanted which was affirmation he is attracted to me and doesn’t consider me ‘old’. The flirting was fun!4. He learned he would have spaghetti for supper which he loves. (Unburnt, if he behaved. 😉)

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