Comment I’m Going to be a Lady if it Kills Me!

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

   As I was getting ready to leave after my last class, a sweet lady who had not volunteered a single word during the entire Fascinating Womanhood class came up to tell me how much it had helped her. She said she had had quite a rough life—she had even done welding. After the character lesson, she decided to go on a fast. Then she went to the bank with her husband and he remarked, “Didn’t you eat anything for breakfast?” She said she was on a fast. “I’m going to be a lady if it kills me!” (referring to learning the Fascinating Womanhood principles).  He said, “Well, I guess we will really be saving on our food bill.” But she knew he was very impressed.

   A few nights later, she was watching TV, sprawled out on the floor with her curlers in her hair and her husband said, “Honey, I was just thinking…”. She thought, “Oh dear, I’m such a mess! I’ll bet he’s going to make some nasty comment.” But he said, “We’ve been married for 17 years—how about trying for 18?” Needless to say, she was just thrilled!

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