Fascinating Womanhood has changed my life, marriage and home forever

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

John and I got married while he was in his final year of Vet school. We were madly in love and being married was heaven on earth. But as time went by, we ran into trouble:

1) I was an IT consultant and was well established in my career. Because I was the breadwinner, I paid all the bills and all financial responsibilities were mine. I therefore naturally stepped into the male roles of being provider and leader (as John felt I should make the decisions because I earned the money). My career as IT consultant cultivated a male nature and I had no clue how to express my femininity.

2) After having our first baby we really ran into trouble as I became a mother – that started mothering my husband. The distance between us grew so big that I did not know how to close the gap.

3) I wanted John to fulfill his role as Provider and Leader, but again was lost on HOW to allow his to fill those shoes.

4) After taking a sabbatical of my high-profile career when our son was 2 years old, I found myself without identity and worth. This was when my friend introduced me to Helen’s book and it changed everything. I learned to accept (and value) John, I learned to appreciate him, I learned what admiration does for a man and that John wanted to be my hero (not only his patient’s owner’s hero), I learned how to make John king in our home not only in words, but in deeds. We decided that I must quit my career to focus on making the home a happy place, a safe harbor for everyone that returns there after stormy seas during the day became his help-meet in his practice (which did not require too much time of me but added a lot of value to his business and veterinary practice). By choosing to do this, John stepped into his role of provider and leader. I learned that the most beautiful thing in a woman for a man is her inner happiness and started focusing on being happy and radiant. I learned to be a domestic Goddess – not a slave that has to do things but WANT to do things around the house and spoil my family with great food at beautiful set tables. As I was more Angelic inclined, my human side needed a lot of growth. I learned femininity means and how to express and embrace it. And last but not least: I leaned to have fun again through childlikeness.

I believe that Fascinating Womanhood did not only impact my husband and I, but also our children as they grew up under the example we set. I believe that Rachel and Daniel will live these principles in their homes one day and so their children.

Fascinating Womanhood has proven itself timeless, endless in value and impact and precious beyond measure – in my life and many others around me.

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