Fascinating Womanhood Renews a Man

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

About three years ago, my husband had a serious cancer surgery and extensive cobalt treatment. It left his face scarred and changed. Less than a year later, he was involved in a horrible car accident that broke his back, injured his spine, and scarred his face even more. For six months, he lived in a back brace and we weren’t sure what damage had been done. In that time, I became aware of how deeply I loved him and of what a truly fine father he was to our four children. Fearing that we might lose him, I desired to make whatever stay he had here tranquil and full. A neighbor told me about the book, Fascinating Womanhood and because my husband was prone to long, dark moods, I decided to give the book a try. It was such a revelation! God was so good to lead me to such knowledge. I put it into practice immediately.

I found that in our situation, admiration for manly qualities was especially helpful. I think he secretly feared for his loss of strength in the accident and for the loss of part of his beard destroyed with the cobalt. To my amazement, I realized that I could not give him enough praise! The more I heaped on, the stronger he became. I even admired his scars. I told him they were war wounds, truly received in the line of battle; also, that they gave his face a fierce and rugged look. He amazed his friends, neighbors, and doctors especially when suddenly, he began taking over the complete management of the yard. At first, he wanted me to learn to run the power mower, but I refused! In a childlike manner, I told him that it took a whole lot of muscle to run such a monstrosity. I had none and he had plenty. Not only did he start mowing the lawn, but one day, in our front yard, while I stood by oohing and awing, he laid about a fifty-foot strip of cement! And he did it so very joyfully and so proudly.

Had I not read Fascinating Womanhood, in trying to make him happy, I would have kept him an invalid. I am so very grateful to you and to God for leading me to these truths. Thank you.

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