From a Happy Husband

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

This is a written testimony from a very contented husband who is so grateful to God for inspiring the author, Helen Andelin and to the course that has completely changed our lives.I could mention a long list of the many ways it has improved our marriage but in interest of time, perhaps it will suffice to say that it has brought forth for the first-time complete communication and therefore we discuss everything pertaining to our family and make all decisions together.

Since the application of this class in our lives along with the book “Man of Steel and Velvet” which I recently read. It’s as if we’ve really met for the first time after eighteen years of marriage.

The biggest impact those two precious books have on a husband and wife is the fact that you can actually visualize and experience the opposite sex’s point of view, thus bringing out perfect harmony.

The biggest downfall in our marital relationship was judging one another from a male or female world.

I will be eternally grateful to the dedicated authors of these timely writings who have made us realize. as sweethearts, we have only just begun to live as we climb towards our perfect, everlasting love.

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