Happier at Home

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

   I had felt saddened and even guilty for some time because my greatest personal satisfactions were not found in my home. I enjoyed my family and household responsibilities but somehow, I felt they were things to hurry through so I could find time for the “real individual me.” My little fames and glories came mostly through church service or in public callings. With five lovely children and a sixth expected soon, I felt strongly that home should be the place where my most rewarding triumphs should be taking place. So, I was ready and anxious to take the Fascinating Womanhood class when it was held in our area. It was the answer!

   Through the dissecting of Angela-Human I found the areas that had held me up and the places where concentration must be heavy. I gained confidence in trying little new things around the house that I had thought at one time to be silly and unnecessary.

   The family sensed immediately that I felt a new interest in our home and they took time to boost my efforts to continue. My husband thoroughly enjoyed my new capers in trying to understand him and though we had always had a marvelous relationship, it too began to grow more meaningful and deeper. I am finding that my home really can be the place that fulfills the “real me”.

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