He Was in a Terrible Mood

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

“I had a perfect opportunity to use sympathetic understanding on the very first day of my Fascinating Womanhood class. When my husband came home from an unusually bad day at work, he was in a terrible mood, ready to pick a fight over the least little thing. Instead of being on the defensive and arguing with him as I usually do, I simply told him how glad I was to have him home, and then, since he didn’t seem to want to talk about anything with me, I just left him alone. Instead of asking him to watch our little boy while I fixed dinner, as is the usual routine, I made some comment about his working so hard and needing to rest while I took care of the baby. I did my best to be cheerful, though it was very difficult. However, I won out in the end, for that evening after dinner, for the very first time since we’d been married, my husband didn’t leave the table immediately. He sat and talked to me for a good hour. It was a wonderful feeling—and I felt as if we had really communicated with each other.”

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