His Little Angel

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

My husband and I have been married 21 years. I had always thought we had a wonderful marriage, that is, for the first half of it. Then things began to happen. We have seven children whom we love very much, but this was not enough to hold our marriage together.

A friend and sister had been trying to get me interested in Fascinating Womanhood. In desperation, I thought I would try, so I borrowed a book and began reading. To me, it was a revelation upon revelation.

My husband at the time was planning to leave me. I told him I thought he should as we had nothing in common anymore. He was 200 miles a day looking for work which would take him further away, so I had to work fast.

The first night he was home I applied the first assignment—to accept him and tell him so. I told him I would very much like another chance to prove to him that I would improve. He said nothing.

The next night I asked him if he had thought about it and he said, “yes”, but he was convinced it wouldn’t work. He was so discouraged, disillusioned and unhappy that he thought the only thing to do was to go away by himself. I tried to convince him otherwise, but nothing would change his mind.

Well, with my life at an end, or so I thought–I cried the whole night. The next morning, he asked me if I really meant what I had said. I said, “yes”.

He told me that he had always loved me, that he really didn’t want to leave, and that his boss had offered him a raise if he would stay. He held me in his arms as if he would never let me go.

I am remembering our first years of married life when he kissed my feet and called me his “little angel’ and I am wondering how I could have been such a fool to let him down as I have. But I feel very blessed to have been given another chance, and by applying Fascinating Womanhood, I am praying that I will be able to arouse these feelings again in him.

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