I Wrestled with Fascinating Womanhood

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

I first heard of Fascinating Womanhood about a year ago but have wrestled with it continually, seriously debating its effectiveness. This questioning attitude was due to an overall feeling the book left with me that there are few things spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically, that men and women share in common as just plain human beings; that men are men and women are women, cats are cats and dogs are dogs. We are so entirely different from each other that there could be no common ground to express opinions and ideas. I wanted to be accepted as a unique human being and understood as a woman.

The website has offered to me forms of discussions, questions and answers that the book alone did not provide. It has enabled me to accept and apply many of the teachings in the book that were vague to be or unresolvable but that I am certain could have been resolved by attending a class.

Although I had lived much of F.W. during my marriage due to a mother who had these qualities in almost every area, we did have some problems which caused me to wrestle further with F.W. for the value it had to offer. I had a rebellious and self-righteous attitude, and we had fights and my husband was unexpressive. He never complimented me on any of the departments that comprise the eight areas of Fascinating Womanhood, although other people had sustained me with kind compliments in most of these areas. He was always quick and coldly truthful to criticize any imperfections without hesitation or consideration of my feelings. These problems caused me to continue to wrestle with F.W. for its possible values.

Our happiness has greatly increased and it has undoubtedly been due to Fascinating Womanhood. There is one incident which really helped. While sitting with my husband, he picked up my F.W. book and glanced through it, settling on the chart at the end of the book that enumerates the qualities found in the eight departments.

It was almost as though he suddenly realized that I had some qualities which were worthwhile. He noticed the quality of tenderness and said that it was the main reason he loved me.

Can you imagine my inner glow and delight and satisfaction to hear those kind words, especially since he had never put them into words before and told me why he loved me? And then he said he had observed this same tenderness in our 2 ½ year old daughter.

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