It’s Like Being Born Again

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

Fascinating Womanhood has helped me put my life together and make my marriage strong “As the Rock of Gibraltar” …a marriage made in heaven. All through our marriage we had been fighting and arguing about minor things. I was very bossy and domineering and treated by my husband like I was his mother rather than his wife. I never realized that I was gradually, year after year, robbing him of his manhood. My husband was infatuated with another woman for almost two years. She was only 20 and he was 41 and she worked at his office. He acted like a silly schoolboy. My first reaction when he finally admitted there was someone else, was to shout and scream and call her every name in the book, which only made him run further away. During that first year, I played right into her hands. I was a “raving bitch.” (No other word described me.) I almost ended up in a mental institution, went to a psychiatrist and made my life and the lives of my three grown children hell on earth. My husband never left home. We shared the same bed but that was all. He drank heavily and was out every night. She was so brazen that she called him at home and when I heard how soften and sweetly he spoke to her on the phone I almost died from a desire to have him talk that way to me. Then I started to read books and magazine articles and started to see that I had a lot of changing to do myself. During the second year of my nightmare, I got a copy of Fascinating Womanhood and started to put it into practice. I would do anything that would change things. It took a long time to gradually win back my man from a 20-year-old girl, but win him back I did. I had experience, family, and morality on my side, a factor most girls who run with older married men don’t realize is their biggest competition. She made him feel young again, but her immaturity in contrast with a “fascinating older woman” I had learned to become, finally broke down that relationship. She became the one who was frantically trying to hang on and I became the new and exciting “fascinating woman”. Two years have gone by this month since we started on our road back to a strong and exciting relationship. It’s like being born again. Now, in our middle forties with two of our children out of the house and our baby almost 18 and almost out of high school, we are like two high school kids, holding hands and more in love than ever. Down with Women’s Lib! It is the ruination of married life and today’s woman.

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