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Certified Teachers

Officially Trained & Certified Fascinating Womanhood Teachers


   Are you interested in taking an authorized Fascinating Womanhood course? Here you will find a list of our current certified teachers. You can contact any of them to find out what classes they might be teaching or are planning to teach. 

   If you would like to become a certified teacher, please click on the envelope icon at the top and contact us!  We would love to provide support for your program!

      Anyone who presents herself to be a Fascinating Womanhood teacher who is not on this list is not certified and must contact us in order to become so.  We encourage you to only enlist in courses offered by these approved teachers. 



The following individuals are Trained and Certified teachers in good standing.  Our teachers are qualified to teach the principles of Fascinating Womanhood as laid out in approved materials.  For questions, please contact us by selecting the envelope icon at top right of our website pages.  

jen  1.png

Jennifer Cross, MS, CHC

Professional Life Coach, MS Counseling, Trained and Certified Fascinating Womanhood Teacher, Exec Asst. to Dixie Andelin Forsyth

Chicago, IL

Click for More Information: Jenny offers 1:1 mentoring and Fascinating Womanhood Classes to women all over the world via Video Chat or FB Messaging / WhatsApp / or other.  She also conducts In-Person or Online Live and Recorded classes and 1:1 mentoring. Click to learn more at Fascinating Womanhood Online Classes

--Fascinating Womanhood 101 - Beginner 

--Fascinating Womanhood Vintage - Intermediate

--The Fascinating Girl (18 and Up)

--To schedule a free chat with Jenny regarding a class or a becoming teacher Click Here  

charlene favorite.

Charlene Favorite

Trained and Certified Fascinating Womanhood Teacher

Tampa, Florida

Visit The Fascinating Wife to sign up for 1:1 mentoring or to take a live fascinating womanhood class.

Email: thefascinatingwife@gmail.com

Website: www.thefascinatingwife.com


vonda forrest_headshot_2.png

Vonda Forrest

Trained and Certified Fascinating Womanhood Teacher

Southwest Missouri

Certified and Trained Fascinating Womanhood Teacher book a session or contact Vonda on Facebook: "Vonda Forrest"  She offers in-person and group sessions. 



melisa keenan 2018

Melisa Keenan

Trained and Certified Fascinating Womanhood Teacher

Reno, NV

Visit MelissaKeenan.com to join an online class or work with Melissa 1:1

-Life & Leadership Coaching with Quickening Inc.

-Fascinating Womanhood Teacher

-200 HR Hatha YogCoach, Yogi, and intuitive healer

heather Lefoll a mother at heart_PHOTO.png

Heather LeFoll


Trained and Certified Fascinating Womanhood Teacher

Maidstone, Vermont

Website: Mother's Heart Birth Services



Klon Headshot.png

Klon Massaro

Trained and Certified Fascinating Womanhood Teacher

Syracuse, New York

An Independent Certified Coach, Fascinating Womanhood Teacher, Trainer and Speaker - Schedule Your First Information Session

Website: Lead to Achieve Fascinating Womanhood Classes

Email: klonottley@gmail.com

tanya mishell head shot

Tanya Mishell

Trained and Certified Fascinating Womanhood Teacher

Jacksonville, Florida

Provides Online/Skype, telephone, in-person consultations and group classes.

Certified yoga instructor

Email: tanyamishell@yahoo.com

Website: Fascinating Womanhood Relationships






taniesha burke_photo 2018_for website.png

Dr. Taniesha Burke, PhD

Trained and Certified Fascinating Womanhood Teacher

Berlin, Germany

PhD in Family Relations and Human Development/ Masters and Bachelor Degrees in Psychology: Parent Educator and Coach

Website: TanieshaBurke.com - Click HERE to Book a Consultation

janet_headshot 2.png

Janet Nambi Kiwanuka



Trained and Certified Fascinating Womanhood Teacher


Email: nambikjan@gmail.com  


Liezl Erlank

Trained and Certified Fascinating Womanhood Teacher

Pretoria South Africa.

Schedule your first session by visiting her on Facebook: Fascinating Womanhood Classes with Liezl Erlank

marta cartr_head shot_2018.jpeg

Marta Carters


Fascinating Womanhood Country Head Vila Velha-ES, Brazil

Trained and Certified Fascinating Womanhood Teacher

Bachelor's Degree in Arts and Letters Translator of Fascinating Womanhood Vintage into Portuguese

Website: amulherfascinante.com.br
Email: marta@amulherfascinante.com.br


Nisma Rajab

Trained and Certified Fascinating Womanhood Teacher

Saudi Arabia

Teaches in-person and group classes, you can reach her by Email: nisma.rajab@gmail.com



Approved Materials

   The following are materials approved by Fascinating Womanhood as referenced in the Certified Teaching and Ethical Standards Agreement.  

Fascinating Womanhood Vintage Edition

Fascinating Womanhood Vintage Edition Student's Workbook and Teacher's Guide

Fascinating Womanhood for the Timeless Woman (Not yet released)

Fascinating Womanhood for the Timeless Woman Student's Workbook and Teacher's Guide (Not yet released)

Fascinating Girl Vintage Edition

Fascinating Girl Vintage Edition Student's Workbook

All About Raising Children Vintage Edition

Videos produced by Fascinating Womanhood featured on the official website and YouTube channel.