Little Did I Know I Was Cultivating Weeds!

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

With no major marital problems or even very minor ones, this course has left me with the knowledge of a power, which I intend to perfect. I want to to smooth out the days of frustration and confusion that I have always thought were meant to be part of life of two imperfect human beings living together. At these times, I would wonder why all the days couldn’t be as glorious as the harmonious ones we frequently enjoyed. I can best describe it as going from one patch of flowers to the next, but passing through patches of weeds in between…and yet I know that it is possible for flowers to grow in vast fields uninterrupted. Little did I know I was also cultivating weeds! I have always put my husband first, but didn’t realize I was trying to share his role as man and thought it was my duty to share his responsibilities. I can’t believe I have actually given up sharing his role as leader, and how much more he is talking these days, voluntarily. I’ll have feelings of guilt from time to time as life seems to much more enjoyable. However, this is quickly relieved as I remind myself how much happier my husband is, and how much more he seems to enjoy ME! We have a 5-year-old boy and a 3-year-old girl and we feel that one of the greatest things we can do for them is teach them regard for the opposite sex, to teach them their rightful roles and most important, be examples of those roles in living in harmony and superior love. My husband seems to beam at this new realization of what a manly creature he really is. I thank Fascinating Womanhood and my husband does too!

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