Men Like Curlers

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

There is a notion among women that men don’t like curlers on their wives. This may be true if they wear them in public or in bed, but most men don’t object to curlers at home in the daytime. “After all,” they reason, “She is trying to be beautiful for me, isn’t she?”

I knew a woman who had been married almost three years without putting up her hair. She didn’t have a hair dryer and her husband was a student—in and out of classes during the day. She was ashamed to let her husband see her in curlers for she felt she looked sloppy and unattractive. So, she left her hair straight and stringy.

Finally, she got so tired of looking mediocre that she decided to curl her hair and face the consequences. To her amazement, her husband commented on how cute she looked in them and it made him feel special because he was the only one who got to see her prepare for her beautiful reveal.

One husband remarked, “I think curlers are uniquely feminine. After all, men don’t wear them, do they?”

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