My Little Speech—Acceptance

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

Trying to tell my husband that I accepted him and that I admired him for standing up and sticking to his convictions was a very hard thing for me to come out with. First of all, I am not the kind of person to say something like this, and secondly, I thought I would start to giggle. I tried three or four times to do my little speech, but always ended up turning and walking out of the room. Finally, I was going to do it no matter what kind of mess it turned into. So, I walked into the room and started, and once I started I realized that what I was saying was really how I felt. This was one of the main reasons I fell in love with my husband. He did stand up for what he believed in, and did not let me get away with walking all over him.

Well, the look in his eyes was just unbelievable. Never can I remember such a look. He had so much pride in his eyes, and it was not for himself, it was for me.

About a week later he took me out to dinner and made two comments—one hurt, the other felt great. He said for the first time he felt I really cared, he had never thought I cared what happened to him. Secondly, that he never loved me more than he did then.

What more could a woman ask for? Isn’t that what we all really want and makes it all worth it?

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