Now He Brings His Work Home

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

I have benefited tremendously from this Fascinating Womanhood course! My whole attitude towards my husband, children, and homemaker’s role has changed. I realize that my husband has always been a terrific guy and I have never appreciated just how lucky I was to be married to him. We have four beautiful adopted children and a lovely home. My husband is successful in his own business. I thought I had a rather happy marriage. Well, average anyway. Yet many times I was unhappy and discontent with my role in life. It seemed my work was never done. I realize now that I could spend most of the day thinking about the clothes that needed washing, and the floors that were dirty—the finger marks on the walls, etc. I ended up with everything half done and me very discouraged. How on earth did other women keep their houses so clean, cooking terrific meals and always looking so good? I rated myself a big “zero.” In contrast, my husband worked hard, enjoyed it and always looked good. He did everything well. I was a sloppy housekeeper and a sloppy wife in appearance. Oh yes, I was feeling very sorry for myself.

Then my sister-in-law heard about Fascinating Womanhood and urged me to attend a class with her. I found it the wisest thing I have ever done. I started admiring my husband and praising the way he provided so well for us. I commented on the long hours he worked, the big responsibility he had in caring for us, and how nice and trim he always looked. What do you know! I got a compliment on my dinner one night. Then he started to bring some of his work home to do at night in the kitchen with a cup of coffee and talking to me while I folded clothes. We began actually spending our evenings together and talking like we did when we were first married twelve years ago. Another evening, another compliment on my dinner. Best of all—no more criticism from him. My household is running so much better now. I list six things I must do every day and I get them done and don’t worry about the rest. I take time to freshen up toward the end of the day before my husband returns home. Since I started taking this course, my bathrooms have been retiled, wallpaper for them is on order, and my husband has spent the last weekend building an upper bunk in our travel trailer to accommodate our growing children, a project he has intended to do for the past year. Whether these deeds were accomplished because of Fascinating Womanhood, I don’t really know. But it’s interesting that they have all been done while I’ve been practicing Fascinating Womanhood.

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