Fascinating Womanhood Vintage Edition Student’s Workbook


Now available in a new and updated edition!

This book is a physical workbook – available in limited supply – to be used along with Fascinating Womanhood Vintage Edition in self-study or in a formal course with a certified teacher. Inside, you will find exercises, questionnaires, self-evaluation tools, examples, and more!

120 pages with illustrations, exercises, questionnaires, and more. Coil bound and printed on premium paper, with clear plastic cover and black plastic backing.

Table of contents:

1. LESSON ONE – Rate your marriage / Celestial Love / The Ideal Woman.

2. LESSON TWO – Accept Him / Admire and Appreciate Him

3. LESSON THREE – Man’s Pride – Sympathetic Understanding

4. LESSON FOUR – Man’s role: Guide, Protector, and Primary Provider

5. LESSON FIVE – Make Him Number One – Deep Inner Happiness – Character

6. LESSON SIX – The Domestic Goddess

7. LESSON SEVEN – Femininity – Feminine Dependency – Radiant Happiness – Radiant Health

8. LESSON EIGHT – Childlikeness

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