Fascinating Womanhood Vintage Edition eBook (.epub)


Fascinating Womanhood Vintage Edition eBook (.epub)


Sequel to the Bestseller that Birthed an International Women’s Movement!

Over 50 years after the original book, the sequel to Helen Andelin’s Fascinating Womanhood is here. Originally published in 1963, Fascinating Womanhood sold over 5 million copies globally and was translated into 7 languages. As controversial as it was popular, the book also spawned a grassroots movement of classes where women could learn more about feminine influence in relationships and the home—classes that continue to this day in countries all over the world.

Towards a New, Enlightened Femininity
The sequel Fascinating Womanhood for the Timeless Woman sees Andelin’s daughter, Dixie Andelin Forsyth, pick up her mother’s mantle with the aim of ‘awakening an enlightened form of femininity in women, in order to inspire a noble masculinity in men and create a lifelong romance.’ With teachings that lean strongly on relationship roles—focusing on division of labor between task and relationship leaders—Fascinating Womanhood has also been called “the book feminists love to hate” and there’s no doubt that its sequel is set to raise eyebrows, particularly at a time when gender norms and roles are a hot topic.

More Important Now than Ever
While some may wonder whether these teachings have relevance within the context of a modern world, Dixie believes they have never been more important. “Fascinating Womanhood for the Timeless Woman holds the position that most cultures have lost the sense of ascendancy that comes from proper cultivation of femininity and masculinity in women and men, respectively.


Fascinating Womanhood is proud to introduce the long-awaited update to the international best-seller that was translated in to ten languages and sold millions of copies around the world and gave birth to a global women’s movement. Fascinating Womanhood is the original guide for women on how to find true happiness in relationships and marriage. Before she passed away, Helen Andelin asked her eldest daughter, Dixie Andelin Forsyth, to update her work to reflect changes in culture and to help the book reach a broader international audience. Vintage Edition leans more on the essential and practical principles that made the original book so powerful. This edited publication is reflective of the wisdom that Helen Andelin gained over the years following her initial publishing and success; after countless hours in educational settings with her certified teachers and their students, through reader correspondences, from conversations with her daughters, and from her own private contemplation.

Fascinating Womanhood Vintage Edition will teach you:

● Which traits men from any generation find attractive in a woman,

● How to understand men, their needs, temperament and characteristics,

● How to awaken a man’s deepest feelings of love and tenderness,

● The keys to happiness in any successful relationship,

● How to repair and rekindle love in your life,

● How to bring out the best in your man and how to reap the rewards,

● How to be attractive, and even adorable when you are angry,

● And much more! PLEASE NOTE: This edition does not contain the Christian scripture references from the classic version.

By Helen Andelin’s request, this edition is more international, appealing to women of all faiths and cultures. While this book encourages faith in a higher power, it strays from endorsing a particular faith in general.


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