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Fascinating Womanhood Vintage Edition - eBook (EPUB FORMAT))


Fascinating Womanhood Vintage Edition - eBook (EPUB FORMAT))

FWV Book 3D Version EPUB 2.jpg
FWV Book 3D Version EPUB 2.jpg

Fascinating Womanhood Vintage Edition - eBook (EPUB FORMAT))


This item is a digital download in eBook form (EPUB).  This eBook is suitable for mobile devices with e-reader applications that support EPUB format.  This eBook is not supported on Kindle® or Kindle® smartphone applications.  For Kindle®, please purchase the MOBI format of this eBook.  

Fascinating Womanhood is proud to introduce the long-awaited update to the international best-seller that was translated in to ten languages and sold millions of copies around the world and gave birth to a global women’s movement. Fascinating Womanhood is the original guide for women on how to find true happiness in relationships and marriage.    

Before she passed away, Helen Andelin asked her eldest daughter, Dixie Andelin Forsyth, to update her work to reflect changes in culture and to help the book reach a broader international audience.  Vintage Edition leans more on the essential and practical principles that made the original book so powerful.  This edited publication is reflective of the wisdom that Helen Andelin gained over the years following her initial publishing and success; after countless hours in educational settings with her certified teachers and their students, through reader correspondences, from conversations with her daughters, and from her own private contemplation.  

Fascinating Womanhood: Vintage Edition will teach you:

● Which traits men from any generation find attractive in a woman,

● How to understand men, their needs, temperament and characteristics,

● How to awaken a man’s deepest feelings of love and tenderness,

● The keys to happiness in any successful relationship,

● How to repair and rekindle love in your life,

● How to bring out the best in your man and how to reap the rewards,

● How to be attractive, and even adorable when you are angry,  

● And much more!

On sale now for a limited time.  Limited supply currently available.  Please contact raf@fascinatingwomanhood.com for bulk orders of more than 5 books. 

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Note: You will need a compatible electronic device for viewing this product, and we recommend that you sign in to WiFi before downloading.  Downloading this product over a cell phone network may result in extra fees being charged to you.  

This is an eBook purchase in EPUB format and is not suitable for Kindle® devices or the Kindle® e-reader smartphone application.  If you would like a version of this book that will work for Kindle®, you should purchase the MOBI format.  

You will receive a link to download your eBook after you complete your purchase and in a subsequent email message to the address you provided.  For mobile devices, you will need to download an eBook reader application before you can upload and view this purchase. 

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The following are some other popular and free eBook reader apps that you can download on Play Store: FBReader, Cool Reader, ReadEra, eReader Prestigio, and Lithium.  Please make sure you have a compatible e-reader for EPUB formatted books before purchasing and downloading this product. 

To load the book on your phone or tablet, follow these instructions: 


For iPhone devices using iBooks

1. Open our confirmation email and look for a link titled: Fascinating_Womanhood_epub. 


2. Click on the link

3. When the following screen appears, select Open in "iBooks"


4. Your book will now appear in iBooks. 


For Android devices

1. Open our confirmation email and click on the link titled: Fascinating_Womanhood_epub. 


2. When your mobile device asks you if you want to download the file, select download.  


3. Once the file is downloaded, you will be presented with options for which application you would like to use to open the book.  Select the e-reader application you prefer. 


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6. You should now be able to read your eBook. 


For questions concerning your purchase, please contact admin@fascinatingwomanhood.com