Tablecloths and Childlikeness

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

A delicious meal will be made to appear more appetizing with the feminine touch of a tablecloth.

Shortly after I was married my husband and I were putting away our wedding gifts. I gleefully pulled my tablecloths one by one. “This one is perfect for a spaghetti dinner,” I said. “And this one is perfect for the Sunday roast and this one is ideal for breakfast waffles.”

My husband took a dim view of my enthusiasm. He came from a very practical home where tablecloths were rarely used and considered a waste of time. He even suggested I see if a store would exchange them for something more practical. Remembering childlikeness, I cocked my head and girlishly said, “But I just have to have them!”, and finished putting them away.

So, I used them—a different one every day to suit my whims. I waited for my husband’s objections but he didn’t offer any. A few months later while visiting my husband’s family I overheard him say to his sisters, “You should always use a tablecloth so the meals will look more appetizing.” I was so happy he was convinced. And our marriage didn’t suffer in the process of his discovering how wonderful tablecloths are—thanks to childlikeness.

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