Thank You

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

I want to thank you for Fascinating Womanhood. You have helped me find my husband’s real love for me. The one thing I have wanted him to do is wear his wedding ring. He said he hated it, and he couldn’t keep it on because it made him feel trapped.  I would find it on tables and dressers, everywhere but on his finger. He knew how badly I wanted him to wear it but he still refused. So next time I found it, I put it away.

One day, my lovely friend and landlady gave me your book and I started to practice Fascinating Womanhood in my life. One evening, about 2 months later, we were getting ready for a party when he asked me for his ring. My heart pounded until it hurt while I was getting it and putting it on his finger. He held up his hand and turned it back and forth admiringly. It is a year now and he has not taken it off. Our love seems to grow stronger every day. I, without a doubt, consider you one of my dearest friends and I thank you with all my heart.

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