Thanks for Waking Me Up

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

   My father passed away when I was four. My mother, a widow with four small children, was forced to be the man of the house as well as the mother. She had a very aggressive personality, and this only increased my feeling that women are the same as men. She never remarried. I grew up rather proud of mom’s aggressiveness and capabilities.

   At the age of 20 I married an easy-going man who adored me. Because it was so easy to influence, I did just that and influenced him to my sorrow. I ended up doing almost all of the chores around the house, even the ones that he should have done.  I honestly believed he was lazy and not interested in the home. Like my mother, I ruled the roost. We had only one child, a daughter. Years went by and I was taking over all the jobs around the house.

   A couple of years ago I began having menstrual troubles and thought I was going through the change. Doctors found that I had many tumors inside my female organs and last year I had a complete hysterectomy and ovariotomy. I was afraid now I was an “it.”

   I happened to have a very wise daughter who had recently become engaged. She brought me a book to read while I was recovering. The title was “Fascinating Womanhood.” I read it twice. It was with a great deal of pain, sorrow, and remorse, mingled with happiness that I read this book. I was glad my husband was still alive so I could try to make up to him for the years I had spend being the man of the house.

   Now I am more feminine than I was before my surgery. That book is so right. At first I thought it wouldn’t work with my husband, but it has. Now he mows the lawn, vacuums the cellar, takes out the garbage, and does all the heavy or masculine work I thought I had to do before. I only wish I had known about Fascinating Womanhood before.

   My husband does see a change in me. He thinks it is due to better health. I have not told him about Fascinating Womanhood. The psychological influence on me is something you would find hard to believe. I now have some lacy, frilly blouses in my closet and only wear slacks when I work in my flower garden. It is nice to know I don’t have to do even that.

   My husband and I have so much to share now I pray to God that He lets us have many happy years together where I can be completely feminine and enjoy his masculinity. I find that God really meant that women be feminine. It is a joy to at last be free from nervous tension and devote my time solely to wifely pursuits. I wish you could see my hubby. He is spontaneous and happy. Thanks for waking me up in time.

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  1. AS says:

    Its really refresing to read your story and I’m so happy for you and your Family that God has given you a fresh start….with every difficulty God sends ease….I can see that in your story.

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