The Last Year Has Been The Happiest of My Life

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

   I grew up in an unhappy marriage. Mom and Dad were always fighting. Many nights I cried myself to sleep hoping and praying that they would stop fighting ad love each otherAs a result of Mom and Dad’s unhappy marriage, I decided that I would never marry. I knew I didn’t have the knowledge necessary for a successful happy marriage and I didn’t want another child to live in the battlegrounds as I had.

   One day about 2 years ago, I changed my mind about marriage and about men’s and women’s roles in life. After years of doing everything I could to discourage boyfriends, I began encouraging them. I stopped competing with men and became more feminine. I even changed my college major to one more suitable for the “new me.” I was happier than I had ever been. I was in love with life.

   What brought about this change? A wonderfully perceptive roommate saw what was wrong with my attitude about life and gave me her copy of Fascinating Womanhood to read. I still have to work hard and there are things that I forget, but the last year has been the happiest of my life.

   I have been married about a year to the world’s most perfect husband. I wonder how I ever thought that I couldn’t make a marriage work. Thank you with all my heart. Fascinating Womanhood has given me my most prized possession—a happy content husband who can’t give me enough.

   As for Mom and Dad, your book is helping them have a happier marriage too. Mom has read Fascinating Womanhood and is working hard to get her marriage working right. Last night Daddy bought her a new stove that she had mentioned she’d like to have. The change in this marriage makes me thrilled. May God bless you and may Fascinating Womanhood come into the hands of every woman in the world.

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