The Most Important Things

~ By an Anonymous Contributor

Fascinating Womanhood is the most wonderful experience that has happened to me since I took my wedding vows many years ago.

Fascinating Womanhood tells us that in this crazy, mad world of ours, it is our own home, husband and family that are the most important things in the world to us today—if we only stop long enough to enjoy them.

The only regret I have concerning Fascinating Womanhood is that I did not have this course twenty-seven years ago. I truly feel that I have cheated my husband and y children of many happy times together. I only hope that my children will start their marriages the Fascinating Womanhood way.

I have nothing but praise for this course. I like it, I believe in it. If there is ever anything I can do to further this cause, I hope you will call on me.
God bless each and every one who is, in any way, working for such a worthy cause as keeping marriage holy, the way it was intended.

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